Addiction Research & Theraphy


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Addiction is a state of mind or behavior that perpetuates the individual to stick to it irrespective of consequences. It is a psychological, neurological and behavioral disorder that demands among other things a constant medication, patience, counseling and behavioral therapy.

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Addiction Research & Theraphy

  1. 1. Healing Emotions to fight Addiction - OMICS Group Medical Conferences
  2. 2. 187th OMICS Group Conference 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy August 04-06, 2014 Chicago, USA
  3. 3. According to Dictionary, addiction is a state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to do something that is psychologically or physically a habit of repeating it to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
  4. 4. The previous conferences on Addiction Research & Therapy (2012 & 2013) which were held at Las Vegas, USA have explained Strategies and New therapeutic aspects in Addiction treatment that have gained so much of interest for eminent scientists all over the world in treatment and rehabilitation. The conference explained about various addiction sources making us understand the alteration caused by addiction in human behavior and psychological activities. Also explained various aspects of Addiction research from genetic to behavioral and treating to health care responsibilities. Addiction Therapy-2012 & Addiction Therapy-2013 was successful collaboration of highly affiliated research innovates and clinical practitioners to make it a remarkable event with hundreds of participant.
  5. 5. Realizing the gravity of the situation and overwhelmed by the response to its 1st International conference on Addiction Therapy, OMICS Group geared up to conduct 2nd International conference on Addiction Research & Therapy during 22-24 July, 2013 at Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA. Addiction Therapy-2013 conference has been appreciated with a huge gathering from more than 30 countries.
  6. 6. Addiction Therapy-2014 focuses on the latest advancements and recovery strategies in Addiction research bringing together a large International population belonging to various addiction based research & therapeutic institutions, leading universities, government organizations and rehabilitation centers at the same stage. This three day conference, providing a perfect platform leading scientists, researchers, decision-makers and other players to that provides a unique opportunity to gain the latest addiction recovery developments and its application in health diagnostics and clinical research.
  7. 7. Now it is the time to attend 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Addiction Research & Therapy which will serve as a catalyst for the advancement of research in the field of Addiction Therapy by connecting scientists within and across disciplines at sessions and exhibition held at the venue, creating an environment conducive to information exchange, generation of new ideas and acceleration of applications that will benefit Addiction research society in the coming future.
  8. 8. This Addiction Research & Therapy 2014 event will operated by the editors of
  9. 9. Conference Highlights • Addiction Treatment: The Psychiatric Approach • Addiction and Human Health/ Addiction Disorders • Drug Addiction and Neuro-Toxicology • Alcoholism and Behavioral Changes • Personalized Medicine: Knowledge Use or A Health Abuse • Marijuana & Opioids Addiction Therapy • Neurobiological Approach Concentrating on Addiction Research • Current Research Aspects on Addiction • Advanced Research Techniques in Addiction Treatment • Addiction Rehabilitation Therapies • Evolutionary Impact on Addiction • Science of Addiction: Drugs, Brain and Behavior • Neurology and Addiction Behavior • Addiction Treatment: Clinical Aspects & Case Studies • Animal Model Practices to Strengthen Addiction Research
  10. 10. Contact Us 5716 Corsa Ave. Suite 110, Westlake, Los Angeles CA 91362-7354, USA Tel: 1-650-268-9744 Fax: 1-650-618-1414 Toll free: 1-800-216-6499 (USA & Canada) 1-800-651-097 (Australia) Email: addictio