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This guide is for HackForums, TheTechGame, and any RS forums. If you do NOT get 100+ Subs per day, you can kill me. ;)

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Youtube guide

  1. 1. So, how to do it? Go to referral link, Id appreciate if you used that one prior to registering), sign up. By signing up you already get 50 free credits, which will get you ~40 views, likes and subs! Add your YouTube video, on the "keywords" enter your YouTube videos name so it would appear on the suggested searches box after a time. Next, click on "Allocate credits" and add all you have. Thats it! Your video should be starting to receive views, likes and subs soon! To receive credits: Click on "Download Viewer", once its downloaded extract the archive, run it, enter your UserID (can be found on the main page) and click on "Start Watching"! If you want more credits, log in to your YouTube channel, click on the Settings tab on the viewer and tick "Auto like" and "Auto sub".
  2. 2. Note: you must have Adobe Flash player for Internet Explorer installed, or else it wont work. Thats about it! You can see on the main page how much your credits are currently worth. Once it reaches $10 you can cash out! TIPS: To maximize the credits, I suggest leaving this on a VPS or something. The viewer is 100% stable, so it doesnt need babysitting and wont crash. I suggest ticking the Auto-Sub and Auto-Like, because that will triple your gain.Click here to check out the site!Note: To join, click the banners! Before you get mad, it is a referal. For making this thread and lettingyou know about this site, itd be like giving back to the person who helped you out, right? If you dontfeel like using it, remove my name from the end!NOTE**:You do NOT need to "Exchange" your points, they automatically do it as you go! Amazing,huh?Hey guys, my friend was on here when I TVd him awhile ago. I decided to Bookmark it a few days ago,and tried it out. Its a bit like EnhanceViews, except its not!The place is called Eazysubs, and let me tell you-its quite simple. Lets start off with Sub4Sub! The Sub 4 Sub system is quite nice. There is no need to wait. When you click on the tab towards the top, it will show a whole bunch of peoples name that says sub. Just click "Sub All" And it will subscribe to everybodys name below. As you may know, you can only sub to 35 people at a time.
  3. 3. Youd know this if you were a Sub 4 Subber! This is a great feature, as you dont have to wait a minuteper subscribe. Note, when you go to cash in your points-you do get them slowly. But Id rather get 500 subs slow than have 10 fast, right? Next topic!Watch 4 Watch, I personally dont like it. Only because I dont get as many views as fast as I would if Iwere to use EnhanceViews. Its a bit annoying. You have to click on the "Play" button, no matter what. Even if you click the Autoer on, it still wont do it automatically. Id just stay away from it! We all know what Like 4 Likes are. The thing that you press when you watch a Justin Beiber orRebecca Black videos, right?! /Kidding. Seriously, It is very similar to the Sub 4 Sub feature, click "LikeAll" and it will Like up each video, with no lag to you. You can only do 30 video likings per hour, sadly. I like this!Once again, this is like the Sub 4 Sub feature. The only difference is that you can only do 4 per hour. I suggest doing EnhanceViews instead for this! Next section. I will not talk about this as it does not work. What it does is give your channel more views, which doesnt really matter anyways does it? We want people to watch our videos, not our channel! Another one similar to Sub 4 Sub, except you cant click "Friend All". You can only Friend 10 people per hour, which isnt terrible. Another great feature by EazySubs!This one is a tad bit different. Towards the top you can choose which section you want your points to go to. Id pick Subscribers, but its your choice! What this does is watches a Featured video on theirsite, you gain 2 points instead of one. Bad thing is, you can only watch 10 videos per DAY. Bam. Sucks, right? Click here to check out the site!
  4. 4. Note: To join, click the banners! Before you get mad, it is a referal. For making this thread and lettingyou know about this site, itd be like giving back to the person who helped you out, right? If you dontfeel like using it, remove my name from the end! This has got to be the BEST Subscriber place of all time. It took me from 700 subs to now 3,400 subs within a week. I swear to god. O.o My Statistics as of 4-28-11:
  5. 5. My Statistics as of 5-2-11:My Statistics as of 5-10-11:
  6. 6. Ok, explanation time:When you sub 1 person, you gain a point. Note: Just click on one persons name so when it reloads,just keep clicking. The "All" function does not work. If you go to "Vid HQ" You notice when you like someone, you gain a point. This point can either go to Subscribers, or likes to your video. It simplydepends on luck. But I choose to do Subs and Vid HQ, simply to greater the chance of gaining more subs. Feel me?