The San Patricio Battalion
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The San Patricio Battalion



Did you know that there is a large Irish presence in Mexico. We are dead shit serious! Even the famous Zorro was based off of an Irish man who seduced women and was a hero to the Mexican people. Not ...

Did you know that there is a large Irish presence in Mexico. We are dead shit serious! Even the famous Zorro was based off of an Irish man who seduced women and was a hero to the Mexican people. Not only are there many Irish in Mexico, but Mexican history kind of makes them super bad-asses.



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  • There isn't a large 'Irish' presence in Mexico. This is an 'Irish Mexican' presence, just as in the U.S. they are not 'Irish' if they are U.S. citizens and native born, they are of course Irish Americans. The only Irish live in Ireland and if a Mexican citizen and native, even if Irish descent, are of course Mexican - not Irish
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The San Patricio Battalion The San Patricio Battalion Presentation Transcript

  • THE SAN PATRICIO BATTALION The Mexican War 1846-48
  • “ The most unjust war ever waged by a stronger nation against a weaker.” Ulysses S. Grant
    • The largest territorial war in this hemisphere; which may be why it is not taught in U.S. schools.
    • The San Patricio Battalion (or Battalion of St. Patrick) was so-called because the majority of the men were Irish Catholic, although there were Germans, Scots, and even an English physician in the group.
    • The had their own battle flag which was composed of the Mexican coat of arms with the eagle, the cactus and the snake, as well as the image of St. Patrick. The flag was of green silk and also had emblazoned on it the words, Erin Go Bragh.
    • The image seen here is that of a Mexican commemorative coin which honors the battalion.
  • San Patricios fought in every battle except Chapultepec. Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterrey, Buena Vista, Veracruz, Puebla, Churubusco. They were decorated for valor at Buena Vista, and captured at the surrender of Churubusco.
  • 85 were captured. 48 were hanged. The rest were whipped and then branded with cattle irons.
    • Although contrary to the Rules of War at the time, the San Patricios were whipped with 50 lashes, branded with red-hot irons, then sentenced to hard labor for the duration of the war. Major John Riley was branded twice because the first one was upside down.
    • The history of the San Patricio Battalion was the product of six years of research using Mexican and Irish documents as well as American records. This is the only version of the San Patricios’ story which is actually supported by research in Mexico and draws from contemporary Mexican military records.
    • Although the original is now out of print, a revised edition is available in a Kindle edition on Amazon.
  • On the set of “One Man’s Hero” with actor Tom Berenger.
    • The movie version of the San Patricio story was filmed in Durango, Mexico. The Churubusco bridge as well as the Convento where the major battle took place were all replicated on the site. The final hangings of 30 of the San Patricios at Mixcoac were also filmed here.
  • ONE MAN’S HERO starring Tom Berenger.
    • Although a romanticized version of the story, the historical elements are correct. There is also a great documentary called “The Soldiers of St. Patrick” that unfortunately is not available in the U.S.
  • Among the names listed are ancestors of Shaun Cassidy and myself, Roger Hogan and Thomas Cassidy, who like the others gave their lives to defend Mexico against “the unjust North American invasion.” Plaque honoring the San Patricios, in the Plaza de San Jacinto, San Ángel
  • Mexican and Irish stamps commemorating the San Patricios 150 th anniversary. 1847-1997 In addition, the San Patricios are commemorated with large gold lettering in the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico City, along with Hidalgo and the heroes of Mexican Independence.
  • Molly Malone and the San Patricios
    • This is a fictionalized version of the San Patricios. It follows the adventure of one Irish soldier as he leaves the North and joins up with the Mexican Army.
    • The book received the Ojo del Lago Award for Fiction in Mexico, and the battle scenes were described by a Mexican Brig. Gen. Clever Chavez Marin as “incredibly accurate militarily as well as exciting to read.”
    • This book is also available on Kindle.
  • THE SAN PATRICIOS. Music by Ry Cooder and the Chieftains.
    • This new album, released in 2010, honors the San Patricios Battalion and is very popular throughout the world.
    • Chicago Irish Heritage
    • Cinco de Mayo Parade
    • Mission
    • Using cultural understanding to promote peace, harmony, and tequila
    San Patricios Enterprises Tequila San Patricios
  • Questions Learn more about Irish Tequila [email_address] Learn more about the Irish Soldiers