Guided Tour: Oxford Language Dictionaries Online


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Guided Tour: Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

  1. 1. Oxford Language Dictionaries OnlineThe world’s most trusted dictionaries Guided Tour
  2. 2. Oxford Language Dictionaries OnlineThe world’s most trusted dictionaries Chinese Welcome to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online – instant access to Oxford’s top-of-the- range, fully-searchable bilingual dictionaries French plus unique online resources for language learning. German 1. Search French/English (slide 3) 2. Using the Chinese dictionary (slide 8) Italian 3. 4. Oxford Language Web (slide 9) Tools and Resources (slide 10) Russian 5. 6. OxfordWords blog (slide 12) Word of the Day (slide 13) Spanish www.oxfordlanguagedictionaries.com2
  3. 3. Performing a SEARCH or BROWSE using the English to French dictionary Choose the language you would like to translate by selecting from the icons, or drop-down menu 1. Select the search tab for quick and advanced search options 2. Select the browse tab to navigate the dictionary alphabetically using the ‘word wheel’ on the left of the screen3
  4. 4. Performing a SEARCH using the English to French dictionary 1. Type the word into the search box and press ‘Go’ 2. For accented characters, either type directly into the search box or use the virtual pop-up keyboard4
  5. 5. …this is the headword Listen to the audio pronunciations in both British and American English …these are the context clues to help you pick the right translation …this is the translation …and these are the examples5
  6. 6. Change the way the entry appears by showing or hiding examples, idioms, and phrasal verbs… Expand or collapse the entry using full view or outline view …or expand and collapse individual senses View full pronunciation table6
  7. 7. Switch to French from English by using the arrows Print, email, cite, and link to an entry Check the ‘More on this word’ box for contextual grammar and usage notes, verb tables, and cultural notes Double-click or highlight a word to look it up instantly in English or French7
  8. 8. Using the Chinese dictionary Search by radical Highlight or double-click on a phrase and select ‘split into words’ to see which are multi-character words8
  9. 9. The Oxford Language Web See at-a-glance translations in up to 13 languages for thousands of dictionary entries by clicking on the Oxford Language Web tab Select from the drop-down menu to link directly between any language, without going through English • Explore multiple languages simultaneously • Discover surprising similarities and differences between languages as you compare them side by side • Learn key vocabulary easily - get quick translations of over 7,300 words in 13 languages9
  10. 10. Tools and Resources Quick access to extensive Tools and Resources available from every page10
  11. 11. Browse through the wide range of Tools and Resources including… Grammar and Vocabulary help for each language …sample letters and emails, and games11
  12. 12. Read the OxfordWords blog atwww.oxforddictionaries.comFind articles about words, language, and dictionaries,plus English grammar and usage tips, interactivefeatures, games, competitions, and more…
  13. 13. Keep in touch and find out more • Sign up to the Word of the Day for each language and post to your social media sites: • Sign up for email alerts to be the first to know about each update: • Follow us on Twitter @OxfordWords • Visit the Librarian Resource Centre at Promotional material Short Introductions Live Demos Logos and banners13