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SmartCard Forum 2011 - Converge security
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SmartCard Forum 2011 - Converge security


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. HID Global Converge security Petr Klupka SmartCard Forum 2011 Prague 19.5.2011An ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Last year we talked about …
  • 3. Corporate cards ecosystem
  • 4. The HID Crescendo Card Multi-application smart card Contactless 13.56 MHz Smart Chip: Magnetic Stripe - iCLASS® - MIFARE® Contact Smart Chip 125 kHz Proximity Logical Access /PKI
  • 5. Convenience and security HID customers are enjoying ease of opening doors with contactless cards for quite some time iCLASS, Prox and Crescendo on the Desktop™ bring that same convenience to opening Windows® based on strong two factor authentication
  • 6. This year .. • About HID Global Introduction • HID offer • What is new • Some news in detail • SummaryAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 7. About HID Global ASSA ABLOY HID Global • Global leader in door opening • Part of ASSA ABLOY’s Global solutions Technologies Division • Dedicated to satisfying end-user • Global leader in solutions for needs for security, safety and the delivery of secure identity convenience • Top recognized brand in the • Operations in more than 50 countries access control industry • More than 10 percent of the world worldwide market • More than 1,900 employees • Approximately 32,000 employees • Sales of more than $5 billion USDAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 8. Global Presence Haverhill, UK Galway, IE Cardiff, UK Walluf, DE Erfurt, DE Minneapolis, MN Granges, CH Linz, AT North Haven, CT Fremont, CA Denver, CO Irvine, CA Shenzhen, CN Hong Kong, CN Leon, MX Bangalore, INMalaysia Singapore Sao Paulo, BR Buenos Aires, AR • Headquarters • Distribution and Programming • Irvine, CA (United States) • China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India • North Haven, CT, (United States) • Manufacturing • Brazil, Argentina • Ireland, Switzerland, UK, Germany • India, Malaysia • Minneapolis, MN, North Haven, CT (United States) • Ireland, Switzerland, Germany • Sales and Support • Hong Kong, Singapore, India • Research and Development • Irvine, CA, Minneapolis, MN (United States), Mexico • Fremont, CA, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN (United States) • Brazil, Argentina • UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria • UK, Germany, Switzerland An ASSA ABLOY Group brand PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 9. HID Global’s History 1991 Formed as Hughes Identification Devices, a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Became a subsidiary of Palomar Technological Companies, changed name to HID 1995 Corporation 1996 Acquired Sensor Engineering, adding Wiegand technology 2000 Acquired by ASSA ABLOY AB Acquired Fargo Electronics, adding card printing technology Launched HID Connect 2006 Merged with ASSA ABLOY sister company Indala Formed HID Global 2007 Acquired Integrated Engineering, adding flexible MIFARE-based reader technology 2008 Merger of HID Global and ASSA ABLOY Identification Technologies Group 2010 Acquired ActivIdentity, a global leader in intelligent identity assuranceAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 10. ActivIdentity Acquisition • In December 2010, Assa Abloy acquired ActivIdentity to expand HID Global’s logical access offering and create a unique portfolio of converged physical and logical access solutions • HID Global and ActivIdentity have a shared reputation for leadership and innovation in secure identity, and identity authentication/credential management • Converged solutions will enable a single smart card to support multiple authentication methods and enforce policies, providing multilayered security across company networks, systems and facilities • Enables existing and future commercial and government customers to meet their security and compliance requirements with the industry’s broadest range of user authentication productsAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 11. HID Offers
  • 12. Our Core Businesses BUSINESSES APPLICATIONS PRODUCTS Physical access control • Cards Logical access • Readers Secure issuance Identity and Access • Networked access Management (IAM) solutions • Card printers • Software eGovernment • Transponders Cashless payment • Inlays Identification Industry and logistics • Reader modules Solutions (IDS) Animal ID Global partner program • Reader modules • Developer kits HID Connect • Tags • Fobs • InlaysAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 13. Identity and Access Segments Segment Products Physical Access Logical Access Secure IssuanceAn ASSA ABLOY Group brand 13PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 14. So what is added?
  • 15. Security Convergence Issuance & Digital Identity Access Rules Management IT (LACS) & Auditing Processes Issuance & Access Rules Management & Auditing Processes Issuance & Physical Identity Access Rules Management PACS & Auditing Processes
  • 16. ActivIdentity Products extends HID offering ActivIdentity 4TRESS™ AAA Server for Remote Versatile Access Authentication ActivIdentity 4TRESS™ Authentication Server Authentication ActivIdentity Smart Card and USB Token ActivIdentity OTP Token Devices ActivIdentity Software Token Credential ActivIdentity ActivID™ Card Management System ActivIdentity ActivID™ Batch Management System Management ActivIdentity Identity Registration System ActivIdentity ActivClient™ Security Clients ActivIdentity SecureLogin™ Single Sign-On CoreStreet PKI Validation and Responder Appliance Validation CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client and Server Extension (Physical) Access ActivEntry Control ActviEntry Mobile
  • 17. Some ActivIdentity products in details
  • 18. ActivIdentity Versatile Authentication Products New! ActivIdentity 4TRESS AAA ActivIdentity 4TRESS Server for Remote Access Authentication Server (AS) Secure remote access solution for • Multi-channel authentication solution for mobile workforce customer-facing applications Server software designed for securing remote access to networks, • Server Software and Appliance packaging web applications, via Checkpoint, • A broad range of authentication method Cisco, Juniper, Citrix.. supported – OATH, EMV CAP, PKI, SMS, password,… One technology solution – OTP Authentication with Portal access EMV payment card web access via mobile remote access
  • 19. ActivIdentity Strong AuthenticationDevices Portfolio smart card smart display card display card USB token mobile soft PC soft token token Pocket , Keychain and mini tokens hardware token Web soft token
  • 20. ActivID Credential Management Products Issue and manage certificates and keys on smart cards and smart USB tokens New! ActivIdentity ActivID ActivIdentity ActivID™ Card Management System (CMS) CMS Appliance • ActivIdentity ActivID CMS enables • Local government and small to medium issuance, post-issuance and management enterprises of smartcard devices and credentials. • Targeted at 50 users to 10,000 users • National Government and large enterprises • Embedded PKI, Database and Hardware • Targeted at 1,000 users to 1M users Security Module • Deployed with external CA, Database, HSM • Support for enterprise authentication • Highly customizable, 3rd parties can add certificates new devices, credentials and application integrations20
  • 21. ActivID Card Management System Advanced Edition: How It Works Remote access ActivIdentity Hardware User PKI database 4TRESS Security LDAP CA AAA or AS Module Server operator issuance Windows and Network login ActivIdentity update/ ActivID Card help deskemployee self service Management System post issuance digital signature suspension / Identity Management Badging system mass badging service bureau termination badging ActivIdentity System ActivID Batch Management System encryption smart card printer PACS System physical access ActivIdentity Solutions
  • 22. ActivIdentity ActivID CMS ApplianceHow to simplify it logical access ActivIdentity HSM Active Directory CA database IDM 4TRESS AAA Server encryption badging ActivIdentity ActivIdentity employee self service ActivID Card operator ActivID CMS Management System Appliance help desk digital signature ActivIdentity Solutions physical access
  • 23. ActivIdentity Security Clients ActivIdentity SecureLogin ActivIdentity ActivClient Single Sign-On (SSO) ActivClientActivClient SecureLogin Mobile • ActivIdentity ActivClient is a smartcard • ActivIdentity SecureLogin SSO enables client middleware password automation for automatic access to • It allows business applications to business application communicate with smart cards • Ideal together with Strong Authentication and USB tokens. • ActivClient for Mobile is a client middleware for mobile platform (blackberry)
  • 24. Summary
  • 25. Expanding Our Ecosystem Identity Physical Assurance Access Issuance Enrollment Authentication Multiple Applications Logical Access Secure Enablement Identity Management Solutions Government Converged ID SecurityAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 26. Current Combined CapabilitiesEnablement Enrollment Issuance Authentication Management• Requirement • Data capture • FARGO direct to • Authentication • Credential s and risk • Photo ID card and services management assessment software retransfer card • OTP tokens systems• Solution printers • Biometrics • Trusted • Security feature architecture device • Laser engraving authentication controlled design enrollment • Photo ID software devices processes• Card design • Card • Wall mount and • Networked services personalization kiosk readers access• Custom card services controllers • Desktop and construction • Encoders and mobile readers • Trusted device• Covert and programmers management • Embeddable forensic card • Secure Identity readers • Authentication & security Objects risk features • Client software management • Digital keys and • SSO software certificates Professional Services An ASSA ABLOY Group brand PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2011 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 27. Summary • As a trusted industry leader, our global customer base includes businesses and organizations in virtually all market sectors • Broadest solutions portfolio delivered via trusted HID & ActivIdentity partners enables customers to make the best product selections for their business needs • Current and future product developments reflect HID Global’s history of customer-inspired innovation • Increasing customer value through quality, innovation and superior service is at the core of everything we doAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandPROPRIETARY INFORMATION. © 2010 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • 28. Why with ?  Unique, compelling value proposition.  A company you can trust, be confident in and gives you peace of mind.
  • 29. Petr KlupkaBusiness Development & Sales