BI Forum 2010 - Mobile Business Intelligence


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BI Forum 2010 - Mobile Business Intelligence

  1. 1. Mobile Business Intelligence withNative Experience. Enterprise Grade. Fast.
  2. 2. The Mobile Internet is the Next Wave of Information Technology and Will Dwarf All Previous Waves Mainframe Mini Personal Desktop Mobile Computing Computing Computing Internet Internet (1960-1980) (1980-1990) (1990-2000) (2000-2010) (2010- ) 1M Users 10M Users 100M Users 1,400M Users 5,000M Users Source: Morgan Stanley, The Mobile Internet Report2
  3. 3. The Mobile Internet will have 10x Greater Impact than the Desktop Internet All The Time Everywhere Everyone Information Available 24 x 7 Every Location Becomes Your Office Everyone Who Has a Phone 1Billion PC users 12am 6pm 6am Manager at Desk 3 hrs X 5 days = Information Access Is Limited 15 hrs/week 12pm to time in office at desk vs. vs. vs. 12am 5Billion cell phone users 6pm 6amInformation Opportunities 24 hrs x 7 days = Information Opportunities 12pm Everywhere 168 hrs/week 3
  4. 4. Mobile BI is 10x Better than Previous Modes of BI Mobile BI Web BI Paper BI Portable ✓ ✗ ✓ Interactive ✓ ✓ ✗ 54 Billion pages of reports printed each year in the US alone at $0.02 per sheet = $1.08 billion per year for printed reports Mobile BI can replace all of them4
  5. 5. “Why Now?” New Generation of New Generation of New Generation of Mobile Devices Networks Applications (“Apps”) 3 GCompute Power 3G+ Is Now Mainstream New Paradigm for Functionality• A 2009 smartphone is as • High speed, high capacity • Simple and highly focused powerful as a 2001 desktop • 21% penetration globally • Designed to accomplish one task computer – at half the cost • 38% penetration in US or make one decision very quicklyInnovation WiFi Overwhelming Adoption• Multi-touch interface • Widespread public availability • More than 4 Billion cumulative• GPS, camera, other sensors • Widespread corporate installation downloads from Apple‟s AppStore • Widespread private installation
  6. 6. for iPad and iPhone6
  7. 7. Extend Your Grids, Graphs and Enterprise Reports to Your Mobile Devices7
  8. 8. Extend Your Dynamic Dashboards on Your Mobile Devices Dynamic Dashboards Dynamic Dashboards in MicroStrategy Web as iPad Apps Dynamic Dashboards as iPhone Apps8
  9. 9. Six Reasons Your Mobile BI Apps Will Be Even Better than Your Previous Web-based BI Apps (1 of 2)1. Integrated Mapping 2. Multi-touch 3. BI-specific Gestures Integrating Google Mapping Supporting native Apple Including new, BI-specific, directly into your reports multi-touch gestures multi-touch gestures Tap Swipe Flick Double Tap Rotate Pinch Touch Two Finger Touch & Drag Swipe & Hold9
  10. 10. Six Reasons Your Mobile BI Apps Will Be Even Better than Your Previous Web-based BI Apps (2 of 2) 4. App Integration 5. Sensor-based Query 6. Mobile Info Capture Directly linking to/from Prompt input directly from Remotely capturing data and other mobile Apps mobile sensors initiating transactions Apple Apps Accelerometer Database Bar Code Reader Bluetooth Other Apps GPS Speech Communication Backend Channels System10
  11. 11. MicroStrategy Mobile Delivers Superior Mobile BI Multisense Making information come alive to the user through sight, touch, and sound Aesthetic Enabling designers to create Apps with unique visual personalities Guided Providing Apps with finely-crafted information flow Interconnected Supporting interconnections with other Apps and data sources Contextual Integrating with sensors and inputs to provide context to App11
  12. 12. MicroStrategy Mobile is Multisense Providing a wide range of Tabular Visualizations Variable-Width Fixed-Width Free-Form Documents Grids Grids GridsInstantly display existing Specialized grids Free-form Pixel-perfect formatted MicroStrategy reports designed specifically for positioning of images invoices, manuscripts, iPhone screens and information and other documents
  13. 13. MicroStrategy Mobile is Multisense Providing a wide range of Graphical Visualizations Time Series An Extensive Library of Graphs Visualizations Bubble BoxPlot Chart Bar and Area andLine Chart Line Chart 3D HistogramBar Graph Gantt Line Chart Chart
  14. 14. MicroStrategy Mobile is Multisense Providing integrated Mapping Visualizations
  15. 15. MicroStrategy Mobile is Multisense Using standard Apple Multi-touch Gestures Tap to drill and explore Pinch to zoom Swipe ↑↓ to scroll Swipe ←→ to turn page Tap through workflows Rotate to visualize Tap & hold for tooltips Tap to link Shake to refresh
  16. 16. MicroStrategy Mobile is Multisense Including new Proprietary Gestures invented specifically for information analysis Gesture Page-by Gesture Drilling 2008 2009 2010CaliforniaColorado
  17. 17. MicroStrategy Mobile is AestheticAllowing designers to create any look and feel they can imagine.
  18. 18. MicroStrategy Mobile is Guided Combining many datasets into a carefully-crafted flow of information on the iPad Tap tabs to Long Tap to drill manipulate and anywhere in the explore the data database Tap to pop up Tap & Hold “Info Windows” for tooltips Tap & Select on Tap on a graphdrop-down selectors element to use it as to change the data a data selector view Tap to magnify Swipe to flip information through panels Flick to scroll Swipe to change the long tables page-by view
  19. 19. MicroStrategy Mobile is GuidedCombining many datasets into a carefully-crafted flow of information on the iPhone Tap to Link - Link to other reports or documents Link Prompt - Tap to select and pass data to a new report Screen Cycle - Move through a set of reports and documents Page-by Metric Cycle - Cycle through a fixed set of metrics on a grid Apply Filters - Personalize the data by applying data filters Page-by - Select and analyze different slices of data Drill Drill - Drill to deeper & deeper levels of detail
  20. 20. MicroStrategy Mobile is InterconnectedEnsuring that your App can interact with other Apps, communication channels, and data sources Apple Apps Incorporate Apple App tasks and functionality Collaborate Communication Channels with other people via communication channels Interact with 3rd Party Apps Access External Data Sources Transact with Enterprise Systems Data Sources Other Apps Enterprise Systems
  21. 21. MicroStrategy Mobile is Interconnected Incorporate images and Link to Google mapping appCamera MapsAccelerate query relevance using what you can see Visualize location-specific data, trends, and analysis onaround you maps Barcode Recognition „GPS tagged‟ pictures Tap
  22. 22. MicroStrategy Mobile is Interconnected Link to other apps and to e-mailOther Apps E-MailLink to other Apps passing context directly Link to e-mail system, embedding addresses and content into the message Tap Tap
  23. 23. MicroStrategy Mobile is Context-Aware Context awareness tailors the information flowAutomatic Sensor Input Automatic Role-Based Input Manual Prompt Input Switch Accelerometer Stepper Bar Code Reader Search Level Bluetooth Slider GPS Wheel Speech Date Picker Department Pick Lists
  24. 24. MicroStrategy Mobile is Part of an Enterprise Grade Platform Desktop / Laptop Mobile emailWindows Office Portals Browser iPhone iPad Blackberry Full Spectrum of Full Spectrum ofDeveloper Tools Admin Tools MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Web Web Mobile Enterprise Professional Manager Desktop Command Designer MicroStrategy Manager Intelligence Server Object Architect Manager Integrity SDK Manager Cube Transactional Website Databases Applications Content Databases
  25. 25. MicroStrategy Mobile is Part of an Enterprise Grade Platform Enterprise Grade Characteristics Fast & Easy Development using WYSIWYG Point-and-click design and design templates. Powerful Analytics provide unmatched analytical sophistication against entire data warehouses using data mining, predictive, statistical, financial, and mathematical analyses. Build once, deploy anywhere flexibility from a single service orientated architecture to satisfy multiple devices and clients without additional integration or device-specific translation. Access all Data from across the enterprise, even down to the lowest levels of transaction detail. High Performance across user scale, data scale, and application scale on the fastest, highest performing Business Intelligence Server. Comprehensive Administration consistent with mission critical system operation. Robust Security designed to provide robust data protection using a full range of technologies and security models. Open & Extensible via MicroStrategy‟s SDK and extensive library of APIs. Non Stop Operations using a fault-tolerant load balancing
  26. 26. Mobile Strategy 1: Mobilize Your Existing ReportsExisting Project MicroStrategy Mobile Can Run Existing Grid and Graph Reports Directly
  27. 27. Mobile Strategy 2: Mobilize Your DashboardsDynamic Dashboards Dynamic Dashboardsin MicroStrategy Web as iPad Apps Dynamic Dashboards as iPhone Apps
  28. 28. Mobile Strategy 3: Build New BI Applications Standard BI Apps BI Apps that Include TransactionsStandard Grids and Replenish Inventory Based on predictive analytics Graph Reports Dynamic Place an Order Dashboard Apps Based on latest pricing Upgrade Customer Based on lifetime value Set New Prices Based on supply & demand
  29. 29. Mobile Strategy 4: Innovative New Applications New Business Processes, New Business Models, New Revenue Streams Innovative Customer Innovative Process Strategies Strategies•Direct mobile payment •Remote intelligence gatheringsolutions •Integrated re-supply•“Talking” products processes•Customer loyalty app •Sales training simulators•Mobile coupon / tickets •Upsell / cross-sell advisor•Location-specific offers •Remote testing•Customer forums •Work process monitoring•Customer support interaction
  30. 30. The MicroStrategy Platform Provides the App-Factory that Companies Need to Develop Dozens of Apps“The App Factory” “Enterprise App Store”Fast App CreationConsistent High QualityHigh PerformanceEasily Maintained
  31. 31. An App Factory Accelerates Development App manufacturing is accelerated using powerful design palettes, reusable templates and portable App pages. Empty Finished Canvas App kpi date metric kpi text text text Pre-packaged Templates Branded Templates Portable App Pages Drag-n-Droponto a Design Palette
  32. 32. Deploy Your BI Applications in Just a Few Days Management Dashboard App Merchandise Manager App Hospitality Executive App 3 days 7 days 5 days32
  33. 33. Mobile Business Intelligence for the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerryNative App Experience Enterprise Grade Fast to Develop Purpose-built, workflow-driven Apps that Designed to deliver the higher levels of Fast, code-free App development via quickly and easily guide users through their performance and scalability demanded by MicroStrategy‟s metadata-driven, point- data to discovery, analysis, or decision. mobile Apps. MicroStrategy delivers in- and-click paradigm. Build rich, interactive BI Apps fully leverage mobile device memory, multi-level caching, ROLAP Apps in just days. Speed deployment by capabilities, including the multi-touch analytics, robust security, easy extensibility building once and deploying across interface, sensors (GPS, camera, etc.), and comprehensive administration features platform to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, communications (voice, email, text), and designed for enterprise deployments. browsers, Microsoft Office, or portals. more.33