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OKS Global Wellness


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Life Changing Opportunity, Profit wise Compensation Plan, Upgradeable account through Commission Deduction. 50% Discounts, Matching Bonus P200-P1000

Life Changing Opportunity, Profit wise Compensation Plan, Upgradeable account through Commission Deduction. 50% Discounts, Matching Bonus P200-P1000

  • mga manloloko! ninakaw nyuo lang ang pera ko!!!!!!!!! isinusumpa ko makukulong din kayong lahat ng may pakana ng negosyong ito,!
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  • mga manloloko! ninakaw nyo lang ang pera ko!!!!!!!
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  • ReallY? Hataw kau jan Samar?Great! Kami naman ang magpapahataw sa Cagayan Valley.
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  • Wow! its great for us New distributors to have this very useful tool. Thanks to the Management of OKS Global Wellness Inc. WAPAK! Samar and Leyte Group
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  • 1. Mr. Andiolo P. Mingoy Chairman/ CEO Mr. Armalito Escanillas Mr. Eugenio G. Masagca Finance Director Operation Director/Admin. Mr. Edwin R. Garay Sales and MarketingMr. Zuriel Amorante Director Mr. Manny Moreno System Development Purchasing Director Director
  • 2. .Human Cycle Birth Work Disease DeathPattern
  • 3. Nutritional Medicine Ray D. Strant, M.D .
  • 4. BENEFITS: Intestine Probiotic EnzymeCleanse and Detoxify the colon.Pro-biotic have been found helpful inthe healing of bacterial, viral and fungalinfection.They also strengthen intestinal anddigestive health in several ways.Maintaining the proper balance of pro-biotic bacteria cleanses the body whichhelps prevent diseases. Content:Multi beneficial microbes, pro-biotic Multi-Beneficial Microbes, Pineapple,health drink also produces digestive Papaya, Banana, Grapes, Calamansi,and metabolic enzymes that aide in the Sugarcane, Mango, Orange,digestion of fats, proteins and Mangoosteen, Purified Water.carbohydrates.
  • 5. Benefits: Macro minerals ; Calcium, Magnesium, potassium and many more. Trace Minerals, Omega3 fatty acids including Chlorella Tablets GLA (gamma linoliec acid)  Mucopolysacchrides, Beta carotene, Nucleic Acid (RNA & DNA)  A better source of Chlorophyll (helps removes heavy metals from our offers body).  Contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which boost the immune system, reverses cancer, and other health Has been touted as the perfect whole food. benefits. Complete Source of protein and contains all B  CGF also help repair nerve tissuesvitamins and B12 which is almost never found in throughout the body and excellent forplants. Vitamin C and Vitamin E and the major treating degenerative brain and nerveminerals (with zinc and iron in large amount) disorders.
  • 6. BENEFITS: Heart Grape seed oil extract
  • 7. Studies• Research has shown a wide range of pharmacologic Serpentinaeffects.• In China, found effective in preventing blood clots andre-clogging of arteries post-angioplasty.• Herb activates fibrinolysis (dissolution of blood clots)and has a blood pressure lowering effect.• May inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells.• Studied for its anti-viral activity in HIV and AIDS,found to increase AZTs ability to inhibit HIVreplication.• Studied for E. coli associated diarrhea and dysentery.• Comparative Study in Uncomplicated Common Colds :Study comparing Kan Jang, a fixed herbal combinationwith Adrographis paniculata with Immunal containing Epurpureafound adjuvant treatment with Kan Jang moreeffective in parameters of nasal congestion andsecretion.
  • 8. BENEFITS:  Vitamins E, B1, B2, Vitamin C at 500 Kidney Goji Capsule  Anti- inflammatory agent,  Beta-Sitosterol  Fatty acids 19 amino acids  Cyperone 21  Iron
  • 9.  Vitamin C is required for the synthesis ofcollagen, an important structural component (Sodium Ascorbate)of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, andbone. Non-Acidic Vitamin C Vitamin C also plays an important role in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter,norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters are critical to brain function and are known toaffect mood. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of carnitine, a small molecule that is essential for the transport of fatinto cellular organelles called mitochondria, where the fat is converted to energy Research also suggests that vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol to bile acids, whichmay have implications for blood cholesterol levels and the incidence of gallstones Vitamin C may also be able to regenerate other antioxidants such as vitamin E. One recent study ofcigarette smokers found that vitamin C regenerated vitamin E from its oxidized form. Vitamin C is also a highly effective antioxidant. Even in small amounts vitamin C can protect indispensablemolecules in the body, such as proteins, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), fromdamage by free radicals and reactive oxygen species that can be generated during normal metabolism aswell as through exposure to toxins and pollutants (e.g., cigarette smoke).
  • 10. Treats pimple & other skin blemishes Treats skin allergies Whitens skin Trace minerals Reduces wrinkles Herbal plants Protects skin from UV rays Virgin coconut milk Remove dead skin Aloe Vera Eliminates dandruff Lemon Promotes healthy scalp Promotes hair growth Whitens teetha. Toothache Shampoob. Loose Bowel Movement Facial washc. Burns Mouth washd. Open wounds Feminine washe. Insect Repellant Male organ lotionf. Bactericidal & fungicidal Under arm protector
  • 11. Indication:Effective Relief for HeadacheStiff NeckRheumatismBackachePainful muscleMuscular disorder of common coldsItchiness and insect bitesGood for inhalation, gives more relaxbreathingGood for bronchial protection against freeradicals damageGood for first aid for coughingHelps for muscle relaxant
  • 12. Because you Care About Quality of Life…. Thomas Edison said: “When one recovers from a disease, it is Let your food be GOD who restores him, He works withyour medicine, your medicine be your the agencies of nature, using them as food.” His instruments” Ellen G. White “Counsels on Health”
  • 13. The OKS’ GLOBAL WELLNESS Opportunity Pays you for sharing the Products and Opportunity• Generous Rewards !• Develop residual income!• Build time freedom by leveraging your efforts!• Positively impact the lives of those around you!
  • 14. . PREMIUM PACKAGE PHP3,750 ADVANCE PACKAGE PHP750 3bottle 2bottle 1bottle 1bottle1bottle 3bottle 1bottle
  • 15.  100% value for money. With 100 point value. Up to 50% discount on repeat order. Sales kit Personalize website. ID System 24/7 Online Business Tracking Account. Free Health Check-up thru Iris Analysis. Free Training- Entrepreneurship, Leadership, personality Development. Company Incentives .
  • 16. Get up to 50% discount on your next purchase. PRODUCTS QTY. DEALER’S SRP PRICECafelicious 18n1 10 sachets 150 200Glutha oil 30 capsules 900 1,500Healthy Lungs (serpentina) 60 capsules 450 750Power Herbs 30 capsules 510 850Oks-Cee 30 capsules 150 270Healthy Kidney (Goji) 30 capsules 375 750Healthy Heart (GSOE) 30 capsules 375 750Healthy Cells (Chlorella) 100 tabs/btl. 450 750Oks-Rub 25 gms. 50 80Oks amazind Drops 60 ml. 150 250Blazing Drops 30ml 510 850
  • 17. You get php200.oo cash outright referrals & php750 Infinite worth of product (goji or gsoe) for every new Wide distributor you sponsor avail YOU PREMIUM package You get php50.oo cash 200 & 200 & 50 50outright referrals for every Goji Gojinew distributor you sponsor avail ADVANCE package PREMIUM PREMIUM ADVANCE PAY ADVANCE PAY
  • 18. LEVEL YOU AMOUNT REBATES 1st 3 200 600.00 2nd 9 20 180.00 3rd 27 10 270.00 4th 81 10 810.00 5th 243 10 2,430.00 6th 729 5 3,645.00 7th 2,187 5 10,935.00 8th 5,561 10 65,610.00 9th 19,683 10 196,830.00 10th 59,049 20 1,180,980.00 TOTAL Php1,462,290.00
  • 19. REQUIREMENT: LEVEL YOU PV % REBATES A) Slow learner 1st 3 100 30% 90.00 B) Busy people C) Small capital 2nd 9 100 10% 90.00 D) Shy type 3rd 27 100 3% 81.00 E) No experience in 4th 81 100 3% 243.00business 5th 243 100 3% 729.00 PLAN: 6th 729 100 3% 2,187.00 1st week : join 2nd week: study 7th 2,187 100 3% 6,561.00 3rd week : apply 8th 5,561 100 4% 26,244.00 4th week : 3pay-in 9th 19,683 100 4% 78,732.00 15th & 30th 10th 59,049 100 4% 236,196.00 Maintenance 100pts = php375 11th 177,147 100 4% 708,588.00 12th 531,441 100 4% 2,125,764.0050% = 45,436,635.00 13th 1,594,323 100 10% 15,943,230.0010% = 9,087,327.00 14th 4,782,968 100 15% 71,744,535.001% = 908,732.00 Passive income Potential income = 90,873,270.00
  • 20. Advance Package 750 Premium Package 3,750 GROUP A GROUP B GROUP A GROUP B 200 500 200 500 200 500 200 500 200 5th GC 500 5th GC 200 500 200 50050% of commission will be used to upgrade 1 to 30 = 500 the account in premium package 31 to 63 = 750 64 to infinite = 1,000 SAFETY NET 5th pair, max 7 acc. per name, 7 pair/ cycle, 2 cycle per day, 1st cycle = 7am to 6:59pm, 2nd cycle = 7pm to 6:59 am. Max. 14pairs per day
  • 21. MAXIMUM OF GROUP A GROUP B 14 PAIRS A DAY YOU EARN 3,750 14 X 200 = 2,800 3,750 14 X 1,000 = 14,000 total 16,800/day 3,750 3,7503,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 weekly Php 117,600 470,400/month
  • 22. 1 CAPITALGROUP A GROUP B 3 HEAD X 3,750 = 11,250 3 PACKAGE OF PRODUCT ROI: 9002 3 MAXIMUM OF 14 PAIRS A DAY X 3 HEAD = 36,000/DAY YOU EARN 252,000/WEEK X 4weeks 1,008,000/month
  • 23. 1 CAPITAL GROUP A GROUP B 7 HEAD X 3,770 = 26,250 7 PACKAGE OF PRODUCT ROI: 3,700 2 3 1 = 4,0004 5 6 7 2&3 = 4,000 4,5,6,7.= 4,000 12,000 MAXIMUM OF 14 PAIRS A DAY X 7 HEAD ED = 98,000/DAY X 7DAYS =686,000/week X 4weeks =2,744,000/month
  • 24. Buy a products worth php7,750.00 @ SRP, Youget one(1) share on the 7% Gross Sales in repeat order. Double your money thru share. 1 share = 7,750 Worth of SRP Product Maximum 30 share per PersonExample: 10,000,000.00 sales 7% - 7% OKS Share. 700,000.00 10 million sales = 700,000.00 a month / 500 share holder = 1,400 per share Repeat Order X 30 share= 42,000 per month.
  • 25. OKS’ Global Wellness Inc. Pathways to your Dreams7) Achievers Award. DIAMOND 3 LEVEL 12 LEVEL 11 DIAMOND 2 DIAMOND 1 LEVEL 10 LEVEL 9 DIAMOND LEVEL 8 GOLD LEVEL 7 SILVER BRONZE LEVEL 6 72,900 218,700 656,000 1,968,000 5,904,000 17,714,000 53,144,000 points points points points points points points
  • 26. MEGA CENTER Php500,000.00 (PROVINCE) 35 Slots worth Php3,750 per slot = Php131,250.00 45 Slots worth Php750 per slot = Php33,750.00 Distributors Price Product = Php265,560.00 Business Center Bond (for POS machine) = Php125,000.00 Total Amount Php555,560.00 Marketing Support 1) Four (4) consecutive weeks Opportunity & Product Presentation (O.P.P.) 2) 4 Persons qualified will be given a free Iridology Training, for the sustainability of the Centers, and marketing tools for the product movement. 3) 7pcs Tarpaulin, Product brochures, marketing materials.Center Income Return of Investment (R.O.I.Repeat Order = 12% If you sell all items on SRP = Php651,900.00 Less:Entry Package 3,750 = Php200.00 Cash Out = Php500,000.00 ROI onEntry Package 750 = Php50.00 Products sale = Php151,900.00
  • 27. SUB-MEGA CENTER Php100,000.00 (Town/Municipal) 8 slots worth Php3,750 per slots = Php30,000.00 7 slots worth Php750 per slots = Php5,250.00 Discounted Price (DP) Product = Php68,140.00 Total Amount Php103,390.00MARKETING SUPPORT 1) Two (2) consecutive weeks Opportunity & Product Presentation (O.P.P.). 2) 2 Persons qualified will be given a free Iridology Training, for thesustainability of the Centers, and marketing tools for the product movement. 3) 3pcs Tarpaulin, Product brochures, marketing materials.CENTER INCOME RETURN OF INVESTMENTRepeat Order = 8% If you sell all items on SRP = Php156,520.00Entry Package 3,750 = Php100.00 Less Cash Out = Php100,000.00Entry Package 750 = Php30.00 ROI on Product sale = Php56,520.00
  • 28. MOBILE CENTER Php50,000.00 (Barangay) 4 slots worth Php3,750 per slots = Php15,000.00 6 slots worth Php750 per slots = Php4,500.00 Discounted Price (DP) Product = Php33,070.00 Total Amount Php52,570.00MARKETING SUPPORT 1) Time (1) support for Opportunity & Product Presentation (O.P.P.). 2) 1 Persons qualified will be given a free Iridology Training, for thesustainability of the Centers, and marketing tools for the product movement. 3) 1pcs Tarpaulin, Product brochures, marketing materials.CENTER INCOME RETURN OF INVESTMENTRepeat Order = 5% If you sell all items on SRP = Php76,480.00Entry Package 3,750 = Php50.00 Less Cash Out = Php50,000.00Entry Package 750 = Php20.00 ROI on Product sale = Php26,000.00
  • 29. Products Benefits Potential Income DR/IR = 1.4 MILLION1-Healthy Heart UNILEVEL = 90 MILLION 30 caps/500mg SMB = 2.7MILLIOM3-Healthy Kidney 30 caps/250mg ACHIEVERS AWARD; Cellphone, Galaxy tab, Trip to Asia, Motor cycle, Vios, Innova, H&L 2M1- Healthy Lungs 60caps/500mg