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I gave this presentation to Junior Chamber Galway as a guide on SEO and social media use for small business.

I gave this presentation to Junior Chamber Galway as a guide on SEO and social media use for small business.

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  • Introducing myself Hello and welcome to the social media training workshop. My name is Olivia Hayes and for the next 45 minutes or so I am going to share what I know about search engine optimisation and social media. I was lucky enough to work in the area of SEO for a small IT company based in Galway. While I was working in this company I got to work with two of Irelands leading social media and SEO expert and I learned a lot from them. The objective of this evening is to share that knowledge with you so you can use on your own company’s social media and SEO strategy. I am going to go through search engine optimisation and social media. I will show a youtube video or two and an the end I will offer resources such as websites and blog that you can consult yourself.


  • 1. SEO and Social Media Training JCI Galway 12 th July 2011 Olivia Hayes
  • 2. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
    • Making your site visible
    • What terms do people use when searching for a service like yours?
  • 3. Building your profile
    • Keywords
      • What keywords represent your business?
    • Site titles and site descriptions
    • Building internal and External links
      • Links from your site to others
      • Links back to your site
  • 4. Google
    • Open a Google Analytics account
      • Run google reports
    • Google Adwords campaigns
      • Video getting started with Adwords
    • Google Website optimiser
    • Video: How do you get better Visibility on Google?
  • 5. Social Media
    • How are your competitors using social media?
    • Decide How you want to be different to them.
  • 6. Facebook
    • How do you grow your network?
    • Do’s and Don’t’s
    • Link your online store to your facebook page
    • Special offers for your community
  • 7. LinkedIn
    • Build a profile
    • Join Groups
    • Start conversations
    • Ask questions
    • Answer questions
    • Link your blog and twitter account to your linked in profile if you have one!
  • 8. Twitter
    • Influencing engine
    • Let people know what you are doing
  • 9. Create content…
    • Create a blog
    • Link it to your website
    • Link your blog to facebook and linked in profile.
    • Post how to videos on your blog
    • Conference papers and original research to your blog.
  • 10. Don’t abondon ship!
    • Decide what social media sites you have time to use.
    • Implement a Social Media Plan
    • Dedicate time to search engine optimisation each week.
  • 11. Resources
    • Krisha De’s business Blog
    • Watch: Successful web Analytics Approaches by Avinash Kayshik on YouTube
    • Watch the Google Channel on YouTube it is full of helpful hint and tips!
    • What are the effetive techniques for building links? On You Tube by Matt Cutts.
  • 12. Thank you Olivia Hayes