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Sentis genesis wellbeing

  1. 1. WHO ISSENTIS?Sentis is a global business dedicated to creating sustainableorganizational change in the world around us. Our mission at Sentisis to assist individuals and organizations change their lives for thebetter and we do this through the application of psychology toleadership, well-being and safety in the workplace.
  2. 2. At Sentis we believe that the mind is our most importantchange and performance tool. With this fundamental idea,Sentis partners with organisations to achieve their safety,well-being and organisational culture goals.We do this work across our Our team of highly qualified and experiencedthree divisions: psychologists and safety professionals understand the neuroscience and psychology behind what drives change at both individual and organisational levels. We use this knowledge to push the boundaries of conventional approaches to safety, well-being, leadership and organisational performance initiatives. The Science of Safety As well as being a highly successful global company, Sentis has been recognised for its culture and commitment to its people. In Consultation – We begin by understanding your the last two “Top 50 Best Places to Work” goals and plan customised solutions to achieve published by the Business Review Weekly we your desired outcomes. have placed 5th and 19th in the 2010 and 2011 awards respectively. We are a team-orientated, The Journey of Life collaborative and passionate group of people who Research - Our specialised Research Team love what they do and this is reflected in the work provides assessments and diagnostics as well that we do with our clients. Our core values of as measures change and return on investment For more information, visit Courage, Innovation, Professionalism and Integrity throughout the implementation of your guide us in the way that we work with each other, customised solution. our clients and our service providers. The Courage of Change Our Approach Delivery - We provide innovative experiential training and coaching services. In delivering our services, we apply a structured best-practice methodology which aligns with scientifically validated change management principles. Whilst this will vary and can be customised depending on the specific nature and Application – We assist you to embed the goals of the solution we are providing, the process learning across your organisation consists of the following four stages.
  3. 3. to everyWITH YOU& PARTNERthe globecorner ofWe can comeSentis works with a variety of organisations in both the government and private sectorsacross various industries. This includes mining, resources, aviation, construction, utilities,rail, fishing, health, education and oil and gas.
  4. 4. At any one time, we are working in Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Whether it is on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or an office building in the city centre, we have significant experience working with clients locally and in remote locations. We also provide online services utilising a range of interactive technologies. over 60,000 For more information, visit www.sentis.netWe have delivered our services toindividuals in 22 countries and five languages.These services have been focused on initiatives in safety, health andwell-being, organisational development and leadership performance areas.
  5. 5. THROUGH INCREASE IMPROVING WELL-BEING PRODUCTIVITYSentis’ Well-Being Formula (WBF) uses recent developments in neuroscience to improvethe well-being outcomes at both the individual and organisational level. By improvingthe well-being culture, employees become more engaged and motivated, ultimatelyimproving organisational performance.
  6. 6. A growing body of research demonstrates that improvingemployee well-being has significant organisational benefits.Happy and healthy employeesdisplay higher levels of engagement in their work: leadingto reduced presenteeism, absenteeism, and turnover aswell as increased organisational commitment and productivity.Sentis’ Well-Being Formula assists individuals to develop helpful well-being attitudes and behavioursas well as working with the organisation to enhance their well-being culture. The process utilisesinnovative training and embedding methods including digital content through a members’ only MAINTENANCESentis website. A strong assessment focus allows organisations to gain objective feedback and REVIEW Specialist advice onsee real results as individual and organisational well-being outcomes are measured across time. ensuring gains continue and developing strategies for any emerging well-being challenges TRAINING Customised experiential psychologically-based training SCOPING INDIVIDUAL SCALE for Leaders and Teams Working with you to understand your The WBF Individual Scale identifies ORGANISATIONAL For more information, visit organisation’s well-being goals and current well-being levels and to customise a solution relevant attitudes SYSTEMS REVIEW & INDIVIDUAL SURVEY COACHING Specialist advice on RE-ADMINISTRATION applying well-being best Specialist Leadership practice to current Measuring change Coaching focussed ORGANISATIONAL PREPARATION on creating desired policies, systems, job across time and CULTURE SURVEY Innovative and interesting well-being culture demands and other organisation factors identifying further well-being content delivered areas of focus A baseline measure of your current organisational well-being culture through a dedicated Sentis website PREPARATION IMPLEMENTATION MAINTENANCE