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Predictions idc2013

Predictions idc2013



3rd PLATFORM predictions

3rd PLATFORM predictions



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    Predictions idc2013 Predictions idc2013 Presentation Transcript

    • IDC Predictions 2013 Competing on the 3rd Platform Steven Frantzen Senior Vice President, EMEA Region January 2013
    • Competing on the 3rd Platform  From 2013 through 2020, 90% of IT industry growth will be driven by 3rd Platform technologies that, today, represent just 22% of ICT spending  80% of competitive energy should be focused on strengthening 3rd Platform offerings and capabilities  Outcomes will provide new challenges and opportunities for users and redefine their choices The Third Platform for IT Industry Growth & Innovation © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 2
    • #1 – WW IT Growth Modestly Down  Worldwide IT spending growth in 2013 will be 5.5%  Mobile devices alone will drive 57% of IT growth  Software, Services momentum will continue  PCs and Servers will return to modest growth but from a smaller base  Downside risks remain © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 3
    • Mixed Picture in Europe, 2013 Germany 4,1% Norway 4,0% Switzerland  Software and mobile devices support some growth 3,8% Belgium 3,3% Austria 3,3% Finland 2,8% Sweden 2,8% Western Europe United Kingdom 2,5% Denmark  Infrastructure spending down 2,6% 2,4% France 2,0% Netherlands 1,9% Ireland Italy  Mobility, network development and software demand benefit Austrian market 1,1% 0,2% -1,8% Spain -2,4% Portugal -3,6% -4,0% Greece -2,0% 0,0% 2,0% 4,0% Source: IDC, Q1 2013 Blackbook 6,0%
    • #2 – Emerging Markets’ Impact Rising  Emerging Markets IT spending will be up 8.8% • 34% of WW IT spending, and 51% of worldwide growth  BRIC will grow 12%, account for 48% of emerging markets growth • China growth will dip to 10%  Emerging markets will drive new designs, leadership © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 5
    • #3 – Mobile Devices Dominating  Sales of Smart Mobile Devices (SMDs) will surge 20% to $430 billion • PC sales will grow 1.7%, to $237 billion  Internet access via SMDs will exceed PC access by 2015  Mini tablets will jump from 33% to 60% of the tablet market • Tipping point in schools’ shift from textbooks to tablets © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 6
    • #4 – Mobile Platforms Reckoning  The real “PC vs. SMD” battle is over the quest for developers and apps  A year of reckoning for Microsoft and RIM in the mobile app platform battle © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 7
    • #5 – Cloud Apps Consolidating, Winning  The SaaS acquisition spending spree will accelerate, to $25 billion in the next 20 months  Cloud services’ capabilities and scale are essential to competing in the third platform marketplace  SaaS vendors will begin to grab software market leadership in key markets and segments © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 8
    • # 6 – Cloud Platforms Verticalizing  PaaS is now strategic  An explosion in “Industry PaaS” offerings • Less than 100 in 2012, will grow ten-fold by 2016  “Horizontal PaaS” will become more commoditized • Adoption of open source stacks, frameworks and tools is expanding • Horizontal PaaS vendors need to move “up the stack” © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 9
    • #7 – Data Center Transforming  New technologies, designs • Converged systems will account for over 1/3 of enterprise cloud deployments by 2016 • Software-defined networks will penetrate 35% of Ethernet switching in the data center  “Bring Your Own ID (BYOID)” will bring consumerization to enterprise security  Service Providers will drive more IT spend by 2016 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 10
    • #8 – Industry Solutions Expanding  Spending on Industryspecific solutions will near $100 billion by 2016, up from $65 billion in 2013  Retailers will use 3rd Platform technologies to grab $2 billion of “showrooming” customer’s sales  Line of business executives will be involved with 80% of IT sales by 2016, decisionmakers for 40% © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 11
    • #9 – Social Proliferating & Sprawling  Social technologies are becoming embedded in a growing number of enterprise apps  Social technologies will drive M&A, again • Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.com will hunt • Oracle will do a social “reset”  “Social everything” will create an integration challenge for enterprise IT © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 12
    • #10 – Big Data Shifting Focus  The “Digital Universe” will expand to over 4 zettabytes in 2013 • Over 50% growth from 2012 – and will continue to double • Increased variety with over 90% of all data unstructured, and from heterogeneous sources • Increased data velocity, often dynamic and changings  The Big Data focus will shift “up the stack”, toward analytics and discovery, and analytic applications • Spending will reach $10 billion in 2013, over $20 billion by 2016 1000 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte · 1000 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte · 1000 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte 1000 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 13
    • The Extended Enterprise will Define the NextGen CIO With the increased adoption of cloud services in an organization, I see the role of CIO transforming to become Chief Information Architect, where one of the primarily responsibilities of the CIO is to ensure information flows between internal systems and cloud services? Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree or Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree 0% 20% 40% 60% Source: IDC CIO Agenda Survey. November-December, 2011 n= 86  NextGen CIOs will focus on business services, analytics and controls  They’ll own the adoption of new business services while ensuring security and a seamless information architecture. • Chief Information Architect • Services Sourcing and Management • Business Process and Change Management • Compliance and Risk Management • Policy Specialist • Driver of Innovation  Technology remains important, but NextGen CIO may be a non-IT business executive who excels at innovation, communication and change
    • Essential Guidance  The 3rd Platform is now the “real” IT industry • 80% of competitive energy should be on this platform  Quickly reaching scale is mandatory • 2013 M&A investments will be bigger  Platform strategy is essential  Consumerization is permeating Enterprise IT  New customer types a priority © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 15
    • “IDC Predictions Central” @idc.com http://www.idc.com/research/Predictions13/index.jsp © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 16