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Monitoring and Evaluation of climate change adaptation in Norway
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Monitoring and Evaluation of climate change adaptation in Norway


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Presentation on the approach Norway has taken to monitor and evaluate adaptation. …

Presentation on the approach Norway has taken to monitor and evaluate adaptation.
Presented at the Meeting of the OECD Joint DAC-EPOC Task Team on Climate Change and Development Co-operation, April 2014, Zürich, Switzerland. For more information, please contact Michael Mullan ( & Jan Corfee-Morlot (

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  • 1. Miljøverndepartementet Monitoring and Evaluation of climate change adaptation in Norway Marianne Karlsen Zurich 9th April 2014 1
  • 2. Miljøverndepartementet Norway in a changing climate 2 Foto: Erhard Staufenbiel Foto: Guri Haram
  • 3. Miljøverndepartementet Adaptation policies in Norway 3 National Adaptation Programme 2007 Adaptation Action Plan 2008-2012 NOU 2010:10 Adaptation to a changing climate 33 (2013- 14) Climate change adaptaiton in Norway
  • 4. Miljøverndepartementet The adaptation strategy, 2013 - a common policy framework for adaptation • Adaptation is a shared responsibility • Key principles for integrated climate consideration into planning processes • Managing surface water run off • Building the knowledgebase • Improving access and relevance of science • Coordinated efforts 4
  • 5. Miljøverndepartementet Coherence at national level – Interministerial working group on CCA (2007-) – Norwegian Adaptation Programme (2007- 2013) – Institutionalising the Norwegian Adaptaiton Programme 2014 – Authority for sealevel rise and surface runoff water (TBD) – Themaic areas of work: DDR and climate change – addressing interdependencies (2010/11-) 5
  • 6. Miljøverndepartementet Bridging national-sub-national and local level • Creating arenas for peer-learning – ”Cities of the future” (2008-2014) • Regional support and learning platforms through the County Governors office • Involvement of local planners in developing tools and methods • National clearing house (2009-) 6
  • 7. Miljøverndepartementet Linking it together…. • Soft-law on adaptation for planning at local level a) Faciliate coordination at national level b) Speaking with one voice c) Linking and integrating climate change in regulations on water management, DRR, agric ulture, roads, building codes etc. 7
  • 8. Miljøverndepartementet8 Taking stock – vulnerability and adaptation assessments National assessments (5-8 year) Surveys Research Pilots Consultation
  • 9. Miljøverndepartementet NOU 2010:10 Adaptation to a changing climate • 17 member expert committee with broad representation • Consultative processes; including public consultations, thematic expert ws and public hearing • 10 technical papers • Budget: appr. 3 mill USD9
  • 10. Miljøverndepartementet Assessing vulnerability • Exposure for current and future climate (extremes and gradual) • Adaptive capacity  Institutional » Including legal frameworks, decision making processes and lines of communication  Resources » Human and financial  Knowledge platform  Prioritizations 10
  • 11. Miljøverndepartementet To make better use of what we have…. • Iterative learning • Utilizing platforms for exchange and learning • Strengthening the multi-level governance system 11
  • 12. Miljøverndepartementet