OECD Strategic Crisis Management Workshop, presentation by Dr. Miriam HARITZ


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This presentation by Dr. Miriam Haritz, Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Germany, was made at the 2014 OECD/Swiss Federal Chancellery Strategic Crisis Management Workshop (12-13 June, Geneva).

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OECD Strategic Crisis Management Workshop, presentation by Dr. Miriam HARITZ

  1. 1. 3rd OECD Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management Geneva, 12 June 2014 Panel 1: Transboundary Crisis Management Exercises “Germany: Lessons from 10 Years of LÜKEX Strategic Exercise Series” Dr. Miriam Haritz, Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance
  2. 2. Police Armed Forces Secret Service Actors in Civil Protection Private Operators of Critical Infra- structures Comprehensive Safety and Security System in Germany Risk and Crisis Management for Societal Prevention and Protection Comprehensive Safety and Security Approach otheractors otheractors
  3. 3. The German Perspective on Strategic Exercises 3 The term „Strategic Exercise“ refers to comprehensive exercises at strategic level (e. g. cross- ministerial crisis staff, political- administrative staff, cross-sector management staff etc.) It aims at • improving the integrated ability to react to crises in extreme threat and danger situations (crisis situations) and • developing a comprehensive coordination and decision-making culture in organisations of the public as well as in the private sector.
  4. 4. Guidelines for Strategic Crisis Management exercises, 1st edition Länder departments Federal authorities Authorities of the Länder Federal departments Critical infrastructure providers Science, research Relief organisations Strategic Exercise International references Exercising = Learning the language of crisis management 4
  5. 5. Philosophy of LÜKEX  Focus: strategic crisis management  Integrated societal approach, pluralistic platform  Crisis scenario affecting several Laender at once  Including the private sector of critical infrastructures  Creating networks and contacts, pooling competencies and expertise, lasting beyond each exercise cycle  Involvement of high level (political) decision makers  Raising awareness for risk and crisis communication as an integral part of strategic crisis management  Aim: Improving cross-sectoral crisis manage- ment on national level through exercises 5
  6. 6. 6 two-year project Awareness of decision makers Networking of security personnel Promoting an exercise culture Testing concepts and structures Unfolding tacit knowledge ... Knowledge transfer Transmitting standards Qualitative risk assessment 1st day of exercise 2nd day of exercise The Iceberg Principle Identify new (international) actors
  7. 7. • Exercise Topic • Exercise Framework • Rough Scenario • Political Decision • Project Organisation Planning Preparation Execution Evaluation 6-8 months 9-11 months 2-3 months 4-5 months • Iterative Scenario Development • Sucessive Exercise Participation • Involving Expertise • Script Work • Main Exercise Control • Media Pre-Production • Preparing Evaluation • Pre-Table Top • Observer Concept • Question- naires • Exercise Week • Hot Wash Up • Final Report • Lessons Learnt • Political Recommen- dations Implementation Science ~ 24 Months of Exercise Cycle 7
  8. 8. 5 LÜKEX Topics 20042005 2009/10 Black out Threat to large scale events e. g. Soccer World Championship CBRN 2013 Biolog. Threats & Food Safety 2015 Storm Surge North Sea ? 8
  9. 9. DG SANCO - RASFF ERCC 9 Growing International Involvement: LÜKEX 13 Municipality Land Federal state EU + International Healthcare Security Protection of consumers‘ health
  10. 10. HH HE NI TH SN MV BB BE ST BY RP BW Designated National and International Actors LÜKEX 15 NW SH SL HB Intensively exercising Exercising 10 Sturm- flut Storm- vloed Storm- flod Ministries: Interior, Transportation and Defense Agencies: Meteorology, Civil Protection, Transport, Hydrography Federal Level - Transport / Traffic - Health - Administration - Power Supply - Meda CI-Sector
  11. 11. Future Exercises (example) HE NI TH SN MV BB BE ST BY RP BW NW SH SL HB HH Erdbeben! Séisme! Erdbeben! Terremoto! Séisme!
  12. 12. Conclusion: LÜKEX… • … represents a strategic platform in the field of civil protection and a milestone in developing a nation-wide exercise culture in Germany • …is valued as an integral part of crisis management; often sector- specific exercises are conducted by LÜKEX participants in the aftermath of LÜKEX exercises • … reads as an awareness campaign for political leaders in the field of strategic crisis management • … can be considered a vehicle (and cross-cutting strategy) to integrate all relevant stakeholders and to initiate sustainable crisis prevention at political level as well as on working level • … has developed into a nationally and internationally widely recognized brand 12
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention! 13 Dr. Miriam Haritz Head of Division I.6 - Interministerial and Interstate Crisis Management Exercises, LÜKEX Head of Federal Project Groups LÜKEX 2013 / 2015 Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) Provinzialstr. 93, D-53127 Bonn Tel.: +49-(0)22899 550 5600 e-mail:miriam.haritz@bbk.bund.de / luekex.info@bbk.bund.de www.bbk.bund.de