OCWC webinar: Cloud based video platform for OCW
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OCWC webinar: Cloud based video platform for OCW



Jack Chang, Chief Operating Officer of 9×9 (www.9×9.tv) presents the recently launched 9×9 cloud-based video platform and its applicability for OpenCourseWare. ...

Jack Chang, Chief Operating Officer of 9×9 (www.9×9.tv) presents the recently launched 9×9 cloud-based video platform and its applicability for OpenCourseWare.

The 9×9 video platform brings together content creators, content curators, sponsors, brands and end users by providing them with a set of standard-based technologies, tools and an open platform to aggregate, host, manage and distribute OpenCourseWare to a variety of end user devices including TVs, PCs, Smart Phones and Tablet Devices. OCW content will appear as a bundled set of TV-like channels on 9×9 and can be accessed and navigated by a viewer via a personalized program guide called the Smart Guide.

With 9×9, OCW content no longer appears as a pool of unrelated singular video clips but instead, one or multiple video channels organized into a user personalized channel line-up with continuous video feeds consisting of course materials as they become available. Related courses or new courses that need to be marketed can be bundled together and marketed with popular courses as a set. With 9×9, a user’s Smart Guide can be shared via a user’s social networks such as Facebook to allow OCW content to be virally spread to other students and independent learners around the world. Through the aggregating and bundling effect of 9×9’s Smart Guide, OCW courses can be discovered more easily and accessed more frequently, resulting in a greater degree of end user engagement.



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OCWC webinar: Cloud based video platform for OCW OCWC webinar: Cloud based video platform for OCW Presentation Transcript

  • advancing formal and informal learning through the worldwide sharing and use of free, open, high-quality education materials organized as courses. “ Cloud-based Video Platform for OCW Consortium Members” Jack Chang COO, 9x9 Will start at 10AM EDT, April 20 th . To use your microphone, go to Meetings (top menu bar) -> Manage My Settings -> Audio Setup Wizard For technical difficulties, email meena@ocwconsortium.org, Skype meenahwang1
  • Moving Video OCW Content to the Cloud
  • Cloud Supports OCWC Goals Open dissemination is achieved, but true open access is where a Cloud based platform can help.
  • Cloud Supports OCWC Goals
    • Open Access to Cloud-based Video OCW Content means
    • Time shifted access
    • Place shifted access
    • Device shifted access
    • Organized access
    • Collaborative access
  • Physics Channel Each Course Organized into a Channel Episodes feed a channel just like video RSS Channels can be curated by OCWC Members
  • Tufts Individual Channels Grouping Related OCW Channels Into a Set MIT Classical Physics Set TU Delft 9 channels in a set Sets can be curated by OCWC Members
  • Individual Channels Set: The Power of Aggregation Classical Physics Set
    • Each Set can be curated to reflect a theme
    • Freshman Sciences
    • Beginning Chinese
    • Quantum Physics
    New or related OCW content can be bundled and marketed together as a Set
  • http:// Grouping Related OCW Sets Into a Guide Classical Physics Set Chemistry Set My Own Set Smart Guide Engineering Set OCW News Set Math Set My Channels Drama News Entertainment OCW Consortium Untitled Untitled Untitled My Favorites
  • Smart Guide can be Personalized
    • Add Sets
    • Remove Sets
    • Move channels
    Smart Guide is a user’s personal OCW video aggregator and organizer
  • OCW Content in the Cloud
    • Smart OCW Content discovery
      • Easily discover new and relevant OCW content via bundling effect of sets
    • Smart OCW Content consumption
      • Easily flip through course episodes or channels
      • Access via iPad, iPhone and Android devices
    • Smart OCW Content Sharing
      • Sharing multiple OCW channels or entire Smart Guide via Facebook or Twitter
  • OCW Content Addressability in the Cloud Every Channel, Set and Smart Guide in the Cloud is addressable via a unique URL called the Smart URL
  • Use Smart URL to Build Brands OCWC Members promote video course content via Smart URLs
  • 9x9 Cloud
    • Video Hosting and Transcoding
      • Amazon’s EC2 platform
    • Video content delivery
      • Akami’s CDN
      • 9x9’s Personal CDN (P2P cache CPE device)
    • Video Playback
      • Multi-Screen: Browser, iOS & Android based
    • Digital Content Management System
      • Virtual MSO management system
        • User management, Smart Guide Management
        • A ds management , Analytics,
        • App store (Contents, Apps,, Games, Digital Home Services …. )
      • Hooks to YouTube (Channels and Playlist), iTunes, Podcasts
  • 9x9 Cloud 9x9 Cloud services are free to OCWC Members* *Contact 9x9 for details
  • 9x9 Cloud
    • Getting Started
      • Work with 9x9 to identify best way to move your video OCW Content to the 9x9 Cloud
      • Secure account on 9x9 CMS
      • Curate Channels and Sets
      • Promote Channels and Sets via Smart URLs and integration with social networks
      • Review analytics and improve access
  • 9x9 Cloud
    • Thank You
      • Contact Jack Chang at jack@9x9Cloud.tv