OCWC Global Conference 2013: Shaping The Future of Education Worldwide


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Tian Belawati
President of ICDE
Rector of Universitas Terbuka

Published in: Education
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  • OCWC Global Conference 2013: Shaping The Future of Education Worldwide

    1. 1. SHAPING THE FUTURE OF EDUCATIONWORLDWIDETian BelawatiPresident of ICDERector of Universitas TerbukaThe OCWC Global Conference, Bali, 8 May 2013
    2. 2. • The leading global membership organization for open, distanceand online education• An NGO, official partner of UNESCO: shares the key aim – theattainment of quality education for all• 164 Members in all regions of the world
    3. 3. Secretariat of ICDE in OsloEC, South AfricaEC/President, IndonesiaEC, ChinaEC, CanadaEC, ArgentinaEC, UK
    4. 4. VisionTo be the global membershiporganization for enhancing the qualityof open, distance, flexible and onlineeducation, including e-learning.
    5. 5. To advance the interests of its members, ICDEworks to:• Promote greater educational opportunity for all in the name ofpersonal and national development.• Further the acceptance of a wider range of learning modes.• Drive best practice and the highest standards of educationalprovision.• Support the development of new methodologies, and use ofnew technologies.• Provide opportunities for professional interaction.• Encourage and support linguistic groups and networks atnational, regional and global levels.• Promote intercultural cooperation and understanding.
    6. 6. Key Strategic Objectives For ICDE 2013-20161. To promote the importance of open, distance, flexible andonline education, including e-learning in educational policy.2. To encourage quality in open, distance, flexible and onlineeducation, including e-learning.3. To support the development of new methodologies andtechnologies.4. To facilitate cooperation and networking among members.5. To strengthen ICDE membership and governance, andengage members in collaborative activity andorganizational development.
    7. 7. Partnership• In activities, build oncooperation and partnershipdevelopment– SEAMEO– UNESCO relations– COL– SLOAN-C relations– OCWC– African Virtual University– Regional AssociationsPolicy• High Level Policy Forum• Policy Briefs• ICDE UNESCO GlobalOutlookQuality• Quality standards• Quality reviews• Best Practice QualityAssurance• OER Teacher training in ODLKey activities
    8. 8. Methodologies andtechnologies• Open Praxis• UNESCO/ICDE OER partnership• ICDE Chairs in OER and OEP• Prize of Excellence• Research and Innovation TFCollaboration• ICDE 25 World Conference, Tianjin,China• ICDE SCOP 2013, Lisbon, Portugal• ICDE - MESI 2014, Moscow, Russia• AVU - Knowledge network• Developing countries particpation ineventsPromotion• International AwarenessCampaign– Communication and marketingproducts and services– WorldwideDistanceLearningPortal.– New prizes innovative andbest practice– Collecting and sharing bestpractices– ICDE’s 75th anniversary
    9. 9. OCWC and ICDE shared values and goalsOCWC Vision• ... a world in which the desire to learn is fully met by the opportunity todo so anywhere in the world - where everyone, everywhere is able toaccess affordable, educationally and culturally appropriate opportunitiesto gain whatever knowledge or training they desire.• this vision is realized by addressing one issue - that of access tohigh‐quality educational materials - and by partnering withorganizations addressing related problems that must also be solved tomake this vision a reality.ICDE Vision• ... enhancing the quality of open, distance, flexible and onlineeducation, including e-learning.• ICDE is concerned about accessible quality higher education,affordable HE, inclusive HE, the needs of the learner as the center, andeducation for jobs.
    10. 10. 25th ICDE World Conference, Tianjin, China16-18 October 2013http://www.tjrtvu.edu.cn/icde/en/index-en.html"New Strategies for Global Open, Flexible and Distance Learning"Deadline for abstract submission : 30 May 2013
    11. 11. Please visit us at www.icde.org