OCWC Global Conference 2013: A cloud-based solution for OpenCourseWare to meet the need of cross-platform learning behaviors via various devices in the ubiquitous environment

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Hui-Chun, Hung …

Hui-Chun, Hung
National Tsing Hua University

Shelley Shuw-Ching Young
National Tsing Hua University

More in: Technology , Education
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  • The data from the web metrics tool indicate the profiles of NTHU OCW visitors in 2012.


  • 1. A cloud-based solution forOpenCourseWare to meet the needof cross-platform learningbehaviors via various devices inthe ubiquitous environmentHui-Chun, HungInstitute of Information Systems and Applications, National Tsing Hua UniversityShelley Shuw-Ching YoungInstitute of Learning Sciences, National Tsing Hua University
  • 2. Outline
  • 3. New technologies and newopportunitiesThe Open Educational Resources (OER)movement is driven by rapidly changinginformation and communication technologies.In the ubiquitous learning environment educational audiences should feel free to chooseor switch their learning devices based on theirpersonal needs and different environments.
  • 4. New technologies and newopportunities The rise of new handheld technologies, such as smart-phone, iPad, tablet PC, notebook…, requires new mobilelearning behaviors: multi-touch screen with zoom-in & out function, differentoperating systems, lack of keyboard and mouse….. The content of conventional OCE might not becompatible with mobile devices. This study aims to apply the cloud-based solution forOpenCourseWare system to meet the need of learningvia various devices.
  • 5. OCW of National Tsing Hua University National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) launched theOpenCourseWare (OCW) project using Moodle platform in 2008. To enlarge educational audiences and extend the reach of OCW,NTHU updated the system with the cloud-based solution in 2010.
  • 6. OCW of National Tsing Hua University The NTHU OCW adopted the cloud-based platform
  • 7. OCW of National Tsing Hua University The OCW files were created in various formats suitable fordifferent devices. The videos published in multiple formats can ensurethe accessibility of learners with different devices.
  • 8. Method This study used web metrics tool -the Google Analytics(GA)- as the primary research instrument to discover theuser’s perspectives with different devices. This study interviewed with the production team of NTHUOCW, including faculties, instructors, and teachingassistants, to understand the process of preparinglearning materials in the initial moodle version andupdated cloud-based version.
  • 9. Results
  • 10. A flexible and efficient way to publishthe video course The cloud-based solution is more flexible and efficientthan moodle version. Save 30% working hoursMoodle-based NTHU OCW (2008) Cloud-based NTHU OCW(2010)The working hours in the production progress (producing a 3hours lecture video)
  • 11. A platform to match the users’ needswith various devices In the course, NTHU OCW provides five video formats tomatch the end users’ needs with various devices. flv (HQ), flv (LQ), wmv, mp4 (HQ), mp4 (LQ)
  • 12. A platform to match with the end users’needs with various devices The platform supports several different operationsystems and devices. Learner can feel free to choose or switch their devicesiPhone (iOS) Android phone
  • 13. A platform to match with the end users’needs with various devicesiPad(iOS) Android Pad
  • 14. Top 20 Mobile Device Info Visits percentagel1 Apple iPad 5,154 39.32%2 Apple iPhone 2,486 18.97%3 (not set) 1,298 9.90%4 SonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc 602 4.59%5 Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II 449 3.43%6 Apple iPod Touch 241 1.84%7 SonyEricsson LT26i Xperia Arc HD 197 1.50%8 Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note 176 1.34%9 HTC Desire HD 154 1.17%10 Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy SIII 107 0.82%11 Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 85 0.65%12 HTC S710E Incredible S 83 0.63%13 HTC Wildfire S 78 0.60%14HTC SensationXE Beats Z715eSensation77 0.59%15 HTC Desire 66 0.50%16 HTC 001HT Desire HD SoftBank 64 0.49%17 Asus Eee Pad TF201 Transformer Prime 61 0.47%18 HTC Sensation Sensation 57 0.43%19 HTC S510e Desire S 52 0.40%20 Google Nexus 7 49 0.37%Top 20 Country / Territory Visits percentage1 Taiwan 11,217 85.58%2 China 519 3.96%3 Malaysia 379 2.89%4 Hong Kong 304 2.32%5 United States 262 2.00%6 (not set) 106 0.81%7 Singapore 44 0.34%8 South Korea 41 0.31%9 Macau 35 0.27%10 Canada 28 0.21%11 Japan 27 0.21%12 Sweden 23 0.18%13 Australia 21 0.16%14 United Kingdom 21 0.16%15 Germany 18 0.14%16 France 16 0.12%17 New Zealand 7 0.05%18 Indonesia 5 0.04%19 Switzerland 4 0.03%20 Thailand 4 0.03%AnyDevicesAnywhere
  • 15. The stable growth of the number of visits viamobile devicesThe stable growth of the number of visits viamobile devices
  • 16. Conclusion We expect the NTHU OCW was perceived to be ausable, useful and desirable tool to support videolearning and also for gaining new contextual and culturalknowledge. The result indicates that (1) The cloud-based platform can provide a flexible andefficient workflow for publishing open educational videoresource (2) The cloud-based solution provides a greateraccessibility for different mobile devices.
  • 17. Thank you
  • 18. NTHU OCW Cloud-based systemWeb ServerNASDatabaseSchedulingCloud Computing(Transcoding)commanduplaodread/writeread/write