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Educational Policies in brazil
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Educational Policies in brazil


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • By the end of 2010 probably 100% of students in urban schools and 90% from rural area
  • The repository was created to offer open access to quality educational resources
  • Transcript

    • 1. Educational Policies and OER in Brazil Anna Christina Nascimento Brazilian Ministry of Education OCWR GLOBAL 2010
    • 2. Focu s on three main objectives: Offer literacy on digital technologies to students and teachers Transform classrooms into more dynamic environments. Help students build autonomy and authoring skills ICTs and Brazilian schools
    • 3.
      • Systemic view of ICT tooling of schools, as expressed in the Educational Development Plan
      • Particular emphasis is placed in partnerships between the Ministry of Education and State and Local Educational
      • authorities.
      • Implementation ICT school capacities at three different levels: infrastructure,teacher training, and digital content offering.
      The National Program for informatics in Education – Proinfo
    • 4. Equipping schools
      • 42.688 schools equipped with computer labs and broad band access
      • 24.836.204 students with access
      • By the end of 2010 29.562.664 students connected
      • = 90% of K-12
    • 5.
        • Projector : mobile solution
      • P rocessor, keyboard, mouse, USB port, wireless access and DVD player;
      • UCA – One computer per child: experimental stage
      Equipping schools
    • 6. Teacher training Empowering teachers
      • Encourage teachers in arranging their own learning materials and professionalization
      • Increase teacher use of digital resources
      • Enrich classroom activities
      • Making the profession more attractive
      Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 Proinfo (180 h course) --  118.000 280.000 250.000 Media in Education (360 advanced course ) 15.000 43.758 52.184 53.600 Total of teachers in training 15.000 161.758 332.184 303.600
    • 7.
      • 1. Tv Escola (school TV) – daily programs in public and cable TV, distribution in DVD and access via Teacher´s Portal.
      • 2. Repository:
          • The whole digital educational resources produced or sponsored by MEC, and all the other ones identified in Brazil and other countries, intended for the sharing and reusing.
          • Heavy investment on the production of multimedia educational material
          • Implemented in an open source platform - DSPACE
          • More than 9.000 resources freely available to access and download.
      Content production and access
    • 8. Repository
    • 9. The repository was created to offer open access to quality educational resources for all educational levels Content production and access
    • 10. Repository Development
      • Platform D-Space,
      • Dublin Core metadata standard
      • Teams from diferent universities work identifiyng digital multimedia material of good quality in Brazil and other countries
      • - Authors are contacted and asked about license for free access and reuse of their materials
      Content production and access
    • 11. Copyrights
      • Prior the publishing in the repository, authors should indicate what kind of license they selected for the resources access and use
      • Although we adopted the creative commons licence, we accept the authors especific conditions
    • 12. Quality An evaluation committee evaluates the resources submitted to the repository to ensure quality of the content.
    • 13. Portal do professor (Teacher´s Portal) Created to offer the teacher easy acces to diverse educational resources, To enrich knowledge repertory and teaching practice
    • 14.
      • Portal do Professor :
        • Focus on K-12 teachers
        • Offer tools for developing and sharing lesson plans;
        • Access to open educational resources from repository
        • A referatory to digital educational resources
      Content production and access
    • 15. Portal do Professor
    • 16.
      • Individuals and community can share experiences for free
      • Help the access and reuse of educational resources
      • Encourage teacher collaboration and help the process for media literacy
      Portal do professor
    • 17. Access to lesson plans created by teachers; Lesson plans integrate variety of media resources Portal do professor
    • 18. Tool that facilitates the colaborative work Portal do professor
    • 19. Teachers interaction: possibility to post comments and give feedback Portal do professor
    • 20. Forums to promote debates and ideas exchange Portal do professor Portal do professor
    • 21. Encouraging publication: Links to inumerous schools projects Portal do professor Portal do professor
    • 22. Acess to scientific research, digital libraries, courses, and diverse information of interest to teachers Portal do professor
    • 23.
      • Interoperability:
      • Teacher´s Portal
      • LMS
      • Student´s Portal
      Ministry of Education Portals
    • 24. Anna Christina Aun de Azevedo Nascimento Portal do Professor Brazilian Ministry of Education (55) (61) 2022-9557 [email_address] Thanks!