Onboarding with Appreciation


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Today, only 15% of companies extend their onboarding process beyond 6 months, but 90% of companies believe employees make the decision to stay in their first 12 months. Using this guide, create an effective onboarding strategy that combines tactics with appreciation. You'll find within a 30, 60 and 90 day checklist, as well as, a full onboarding program that extends the onboarding experience to a year.

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Onboarding with Appreciation

  1. 1. onboarding with appreciation HIRING
  2. 2. How were you welcomed on your first day at your job? We call that onboarding.
  3. 3. One vice president of human resources for a mid-sized regional bank remembers her onboarding experience this way: Not knowing where to park Having to track down a desk Uncertainty about where to eat lunch Zero technical support with a new computer
  4. 4. Imagine how it might have been for others. This employee joined the company as management. Today, only 15% of organizations extend their onboarding programs beyond 6 months, down from 20% in 2012. Even more startling, only 2% of organizations extend their onboarding efforts to a full year. 20% 15%
  5. 5. This is all of special concern since Workforce reports that 57% of frontline voluntary turnover is comprised of those with less than one year of experience. BTS INSIGHTS Practical Onboarding: How to Quickly Develop BTS High Performing, Engaged Employees
  6. 6. So how can businesses improve their onboarding efforts?
  7. 7. Create an effective onboarding strategy that combines tactics with appreciation. What does this mean?
  8. 8. It means your appreciation strategy becomes more than just a way of saying thank you. It becomes a toolset that communicates what matters most to your organization by creating mechanisms to build awareness around great work. +
  9. 9. These are more difficult to check off a list. Then equip mentors and managers to keep an ongoing dialogue focused on your new hire’s contributions and achievements throughout their first year. Set the tone even before the employee walks in the door with great pre-boarding communications. Let’s look at some specific examples of this in action.
  10. 10. Pre-hire managers should: Ensure pre-hire packages are sent. Select a mentor who will connect well with your new hire's personality. Meet early with the mentor to clarify roles and set expectations.
  11. 11. Greet the new hire when they first arrive and check in throughout the day. Introduce and introduce again. Remind new hires of people they've met already. On day 1 mentors should:
  12. 12. Check in with the mentor and ensure all training and probationary requirements are complete. Survey the employee about their onboarding experience. This provides valuable information for future hires. At 30, 60 & 90 days managers should: ? Click here to visit the full onboarding program chart.
  13. 13. Don’t stop now. Extend the experience for the rest of the year. According to Aberdeen, today only 15% of companies extend their onboarding process beyond 6 months, but 90% of companies believe employees make the decision to stay in their first 12 months.
  14. 14. Appreciation Opportunities 6 months is a milestone that should be celebrated. Create an opportunity to pause with the team and acknowledge both the new hire and their mentor. Honor the progress and contributions that have been made by both individuals. Invite the new hire to recognize the mentor and talk about their great work.
  15. 15. Research from the Cicero Group reveals the mindset of employees in their first year is around feelings of accomplishment and pride, “I’ve been a sponge. I’ve soaked it all up!” 87% of those who receive strong recognition have a strong relationship with their direct managers. The same research also reveals
  16. 16. These are more difficult to check off a list. Celebrate all that has been achieved. This will further reinforce and confirm you are a culture that welcomes and grows new talent. Invite the mentor and other team members to speak and recognize the employee’s impact. Don’t forget to recognize the mentor. This employee’s success is also their own. Celebrating their contributions will make the mentor feel valued and will also inspire others to jump in and help future new hires. Plan a celebration to mark the end of the first Year.
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