Global Inbound Marketing - IDF London 21.10.2013

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Oban Multilingual's Mohammad Heidari Far offered insights about changes in Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing Activities, and Measuring Performance.

Oban Multilingual's Mohammad Heidari Far offered insights about changes in Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing Activities, and Measuring Performance.

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  • 1. International Digital Forum November 2013 Mohammad Heidari Far November 2013 GLOBAL INBOUND MARKETING
  • 2. In this proposal Background into Oban Multilingual Changes in digital marketing Inbound marketing activities Measuring performance
  • 3. Oban was recommended to us as the ‘go to’ agency for multilingual SEO consultancy. Throughout our working relationship we were more than delighted with their localised insights and technical know-how. Working with Oban proved to be invaluable and I would highly recommend working with them if you want to improve your international presence in online markets. Gian Caprini EMEA SEO and Social Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft AMP, MSN
  • 4. Having access to multilingual SEO knowledge and Oban’s localisation techniques now means we can deliver a consistent brand message across our diverse marketplaces, one that appeals to our target customer in the right way. Jack Lockyer Chapman Freeborn Digital Marketing Manager
  • 5. Oban offers great local insights which maintain and spearhead a global strategy. Over the course of the last year they have not only reduced costs but also significantly improved performance across all our markets. Loral Quinn Head of Digital Marketing Aberdeen Asset Management
  • 6. BACKGROUND INTO OBAN About Oban . Services . Local search, globally . Clients
  • 7. About Oban 7 Established in 2002, we’re now one of the market leading multilingual search agencies We operate globally in more than 30 markets optimising our clients campaigns to markets and people – not just languages We are anti-translation and anti-replication – because one size does not fit all. We’re growing in size, client base and services.
  • 8. Services 8 Drive organic traffic globally. Ethical, creative SEO in almost any language or on any search engine Multilingual SEO Oban delivers international PPC in-market anywhere in the world. International PPC We work every day to improve the natural search and paid search visibility of international mobile sites. Global Mobile When cultural factors affect how people behave online, we make it our business to harness that knowledge for yours. Cultural CRO Amplify overseas sales and reach into new online markets through the power of Oban market research. Global Research Empower your staff. Oban are the official training supplier for Econsultancy’s multilingual search courses. We can also transfer our expert skills directly through our tailored workshops. Web Training Deliver the ultimate localised social media experience in any part of the world. Global Social Media Expertly crafted multilingual content marketing to support a wider international search strategy. Multilingual Content
  • 9. Local search, globally • Localised linguistics vs. translation creates authenticity and trust • We believe strongly in creating strategies per market • Our local teams understand the market nuances, local search linguistics, and local consumer attitudes in a wide range of sectors • Local insight direct from the markets – centralised strategy and account management. 9
  • 10. Proud to be working with 10 Clients trust us to deliver better digital campaigns globally. We work wherever business needs to be. Go online to read more of our success stories to discover how we use local insights to get results in- market. These are just some of the brilliant brands and businesses we work with.
  • 12. Digital marketing changes 12 We love the products we market We believe in our USPs But we are in a competitive landscape Digital marketing values closer to older days: Personalised experience Easily offended by intrusive marketing Voice their opinion in social media
  • 13. Global inbound marketing 13
  • 14. Customer led marketing 14 Your most valuable customers are those who buy sell the most No longer: Hey, thanks for addressing my concern, Company X Instead: EVERYONE! Company X, so great you all should buy from them
  • 15. Marketers’ culture 15 1973 1993 2013 MANTRA Management Leadership Inspiration DESIRE Pension Salary Learning HOURS 9 - 5 9 – 6 Whenever WORKPLACE 4 walls Open Wherever TENURE Whole career 6 years 18 months
  • 17. How do we do it? 17
  • 18. How do we do it? 18
  • 19. Get found 19 Blogging who buy sell the most • Clear content production strategy • Outreach strategy Social media • First point of call to reach your audience SEO • Link building • Outreach • Build relationships Be local
  • 20. Blogging 20 Answer your customer’s questions Give them information they want But remember, your blog is not about products
  • 21. Blogging 21 Be local Local topic of interest Local seasonality Local outreach channels
  • 22. Social media 22 Social media promotes your blog Supports your SEO efforts And provide relevant traffic Research phase of conversion cycle
  • 23. Social media 23 Be local Top local social media channels Local social buzz Local influencers
  • 24. SEO – All about Hummingbird 24 It’s an algorithm update Better “Conversational Search” Meaning rather than keywords User intent versus individual search terms
  • 25. Hummingbird – takeaways 25 Who is searching Where they’re searching from When the search is happening What is the search being conducted on How he search query is formed
  • 27. Measuring performance 27 Google Universal Analytics Measurement protocol Audience segmentation Sequential screens Attribution Micro - conversions
  • 28. Universal Analytics 28 Measurement protocol Send Football data Customer database Email, blog subscribers CRM data
  • 29. Universal Analytics 29 Audience segmentation
  • 30. Universal Analytics 30 Audience segmentation
  • 31. Universal Analytics 31 Sequencial screens
  • 32. Universal Analytics 32 Attribution Micro conversions
  • 33. Conclusion 33 Inbound is a company culture Think “multicultural” not just “multilingual” Focus on content that users want to read and share culture-sensitive localisation instead of automatic translation Hummingbird goes hand in hand with inbound Set clear KPI’s and measure Track users not visits
  • 34. Mohammed Heidari Far Search Director +44 (0)1273 704434 @Mo_Far
  • 35. Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 704 434 Email: Twitter: @ObanSearch