Scalable Ecommerce Strategies 2014 - #IDF London 21.10.2013
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Scalable Ecommerce Strategies 2014 - #IDF London 21.10.2013



Dr Dave Chaffey ...

Dr Dave Chaffey
CEO, Co-founder at Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited

Driving growth in local markets through creating scalable Ecommerce marketing strategies.

Businesses selling in different markets face the challenge of creating strategies that fit the demand and resources available in local markets of different sizes. The Author of Emarketing Excellence, Dave Chaffey, CEO of Marketing Planning Advice site explore approaches that can be used to develop and implement effective strategies to drive growth according to the size of market. Dave also looks at approaches to build strategies and resources based on his experience in training and consulting with many international brands including 3M, BP, HSBC, Microsoft, North Face, Royal Canin and Nokia. The talk focused on retail-specific examples.



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Scalable Ecommerce Strategies 2014 - #IDF London 21.10.2013 Scalable Ecommerce Strategies 2014 - #IDF London 21.10.2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Scalable Ecommerce Strategies 2014 21st November 2013 Dr Dave Chaffey 1
  • About Dave Chaffey About Dave Chaffey • A professional trainer in Emarketing since 1997 • Author of 5 bestselling marketing books now in their 4th and 5th edition • Manages a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countries • Insights Director at agency ClickThrough Marketing 2
  • The challenge of scalability! Source: Boston Consulting Group 3
  • The challenge of scalability Central digital marketing teams Digital infrastructure team Web development team Content publishing team Brand, UX and style guidance Business requirements Global content editing Applications management Web designers SEO guidance Web developers Web analyst QA & Testing Social media community management Translation management Local country team or brand/product line teams Online country Online brand/product manager manager 4
  • Reality is more complex! Virtual Trade Team 4 VM’s, 1 data analyst + trade manager Country managers FR, DE, NL, ES + Manager Project Management Retail operations Webmaster 2 X webmasters EU Digital Marketing team Manager and EU Marketing Manager Head of Ecommerce Dave Elston (prepared this chart) Source: Dave Elston, Clarks Worldwide presentation to Practicology 5
  • Growth example: 6
  • Managing across multiple markets The SmartInsights improvement process  1. Identify the levers and KPIs  2. Create a strategy with long-term vision  3. Manage through 90 day plans, tests and dashboards across RACE activities. 7
  • 8
  • Recommendation: Create a Success Map for Digital Marketing Define what is core to your Vision Example of Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram Growth Hacking post Map, measure and prioritise your many success drivers! 9
  • Simplify a little 10
  • RACE KPI dashboard Reach Awareness and visits Unique visitors Bounce rate Revenue per visit n Searches % Brand nLeads % Conversion to lead Goal value per visit Page views/ visit nSales % Conversion to sale Sales value Average order value % active customers % Customer conversion % existing sales value n Brand mentions Volume Quality Act Interaction and Leads Convert Sales and Profit Engage Loyalty and Advocacy Value 11
  • Improving Reach Key Trends  Increased micro-targeting options  Mobile targeting  Engagement through Visual Apps  Quality SEO signals 12
  •  REACH Selecting the best communications mix 13
  • Investment (resource needed) Influencer PR Facebook custom audiences AdWords mobile FBX Retargeting AdWords on desktop Media related PR Facebook Promoted Posts Sponsored Tweets AdWords Remarketing Social amplification Instagram Integrated engagement campaigns Vertical niche campaigns Blog marketing SEO Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Making the smart investments for Reach 14
  • Search Excellence is core of acquisition growth:  Agility  Analysis  Action 15
  • 16
  • Structured keyphrase research 17
  • Getting SEO right locally      1. Content – requires depth and detail “Epic/Nuclear” 2. Different types of content give traction 3. Author authority and social signals matters 4. Links remain critical, but bar for quality keeps going up. 5. Diverse anchor text needed after Penguin      6. Great design matters 7. Guest posting comes under increased scrutiny 8. Social continues to exert a powerful influence 9. Mobile performance and compatibility matter 10. SEO is less tactics, more strategy Source: Search Engine Journal, MoZ ranking factors Q. How do you benchmark SEO success at market level? 18
  •  REACH Recommendation: Use Google’s Multichannel Funnels and Attribution Models to report effective touchpoints Using of attribution to assess media effectiveness 19
  • Ongoing challenges of Enhanced Campaigns 20
  • Increasing InterACTion Key trends  Invest in multichannel experience  Communicating the local OVP  Interactive content marketing  Investment in outreach 21
  •  PLAN Audience use of digital and social media > Personas Commercial goals > Customer engagement > OVP > Marketing Mix Branded Content Marketing Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Integrated Digital platform tactics and tools OVP = Online Value Proposition = Brand Adding Value to Audience  Help me do my job / live my life  Help me develop / learn  Help Make me look good  Help Entertain Me!  Help me Select and Use Products Investment in Brand OVP/YouTility 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
  • Deeper customer insight for cultural customisation    Cliches are true  Germans are fastidious  Shop by product typeshoes/boots   Shoe Technology is very important  Planned purchases- market is quickly into new season   They like to use internal search and left hand nav.  Lots of calls to the call centre about shoes purchased many  many years ago Cliches are true The French are much more ‘emotional’ Less internal search and navigation, much more use of links in content/graphics etc Shop by end use (ie workwear). Fashion and inspirational features work well and get high engagement Purchase when need to purchase- much later start to season Source: Dave Elston, Clarks Worldwide presentation to Practicology 27
  • 28
  • The Content marketing / engagement challenge Slideshare: Doug Kessler - Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge. 29
  • Your content marketing challenges? 30
  • Research Findings 31
  • Criteria?  Rev/visit  Demand+ lead gen  Amplify  Brand fit  SEO  Longevity Evaluating content and social media marketing investments 32
  • Matrix Presentation title Author's name 22 November, 2013 Confidential 33
  • Increasing Conversion Key trends  Evolutionary site design / growth hacking  Mobile CRO  Improvements to Universal Analytics 34
  • CRO at 35
  • Bps = basis points 1/100th of a % 36
  • Page or product popularity (views) or page view variance (compared to average) Segmenting pages/product by performance High Potential (Problems) Top Performers (Stars) Low Potential, Low Performance (Dogs) Consistent Performers (Cash Cows) Conversion rate Or conversion rate variance (add to basket) compared to average 37
  • 38
  • The commercial importance of mobile € 6 billion UK Source: Forrester 6.8% mobile phone (exc Tablet) of all Ecommerce sales 39
  • Browse vs. purchase channels 120% 100% 80% Browse 60% Purchase 40% 20% 0% Store Website msite Apps 88% Debenhams customers use mobile to browse vs. 12% purchase The challenge of Mobile CRO 40
  • Run-of site RWD example Search > Browse > Buy Practical Mobile Tip: Make sure site is “upwardly responsive” 41
  • 42 5. Evaluate app relevance o effectiveness
  • Promoting apps on mobile homepage 43
  • Improving Engagement Key trends  Customer satisfaction and feedback  Social media marketing  Engaging Email marketing  Wearable computing and lifelogging 44
  • Making use of Voice of Customer feedback tools 45
  • Retention email marketing options? Presented by Grant Baillie of Argos at Email marketing conference, with permission 46 46
  •  Local email challenges:      Onboarding Merchandising Personalisation Delivery Timing 47
  • Getting serious about behavioural email 48
  • % Email Opens across desktop and mobile Location: Published / Surveyed: Sample: Source: Worldwide July 2013 Collected from 250 million email opens Litmus Feb 2012-June 2013 Original source: Litmus blog 49
  • Trend 17: Mobile email popularity 50
  • Scalable email improvements Source: Philips presenting on 51
  • Using event-triggered emails – Marketing Automation / Re-marketing example  1. Generic branded follow-up email : +10% conversion rate.  2. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 72 hours: +100% conversion rate.  3. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 48 hours: +200% conversion rate. Source: Smart Insights: Email re-marketing 52
  • Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome  Free planning templates 2013691  Relevant channels  Email Newsletter 53