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Growing global oban multilingual
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Growing global oban multilingual


International SEO, SEM and Conversion Strategies

International SEO, SEM and Conversion Strategies

Published in Marketing
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  • 1. Growing Global : Long Beach CA International SEO,SEM & Conversion Strategies July 15th 2014
  • 2. About Oban Established in 2002, we’re a leading multilingual digital marketing agency Proudly independent and purist in our approach to cultural marketing We operate globally in more than 30 markets optimising our clients campaigns to markets and people – not just languages Anti-translation and anti-replication – one size does not fit all. Our methodologies are grounded in research and academia but with a strong commercial focus Leading educators in this field with a seat on the IAB Search Council and E- Consultancy’s training partner for international digital marketing
  • 3. Proud to be working with
  • 4. About Oban We exist to remove the Fear of Going Global
  • 5. Fear of Going Global ?
  • 6. Objectives • Understanding global digital platforms and their technical considerations • How to apply content marketing principles globally • Understanding the importance of cultural usability in international conversion optimisation • Vetting markets for expansion and finding opportunities • Understanding effective localis/zation International SEO & SEM
  • 7. What is the purpose of today? • Key gains – Knowledge of what key factors to take in to consideration when assessing good search markets – Understanding of the fundamental basics of constructing SEO & PPC campaigns in different countries and languages – Knowledge of the search engine landscape globally with particular insights on Yandex and Baidu International SEO & SEM
  • 8. Global internet stats • Stop press! More people are using the internet.. 2.8 billion users as at 1st July 2013 Source: Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations Population Division) International SEO & SEM
  • 9. Global internet stats • Global market sizes by region • Internet users by region – as at 1st July 2013 Source: Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations Population Division) International SEO & SEM
  • 10. Global internet stats – Size of the Prize • Global market sizes by country – top 20 • What are the top 20 markets by internet population? International SEO & SEM
  • 11. Global internet stats - Exercise Rank Country Users % of pop Rank Country Users % of pop 1 11 2 12 3 13 4 14 5 15 6 16 7 17 8 18 9 19 10 20 International SEO & SEM
  • 12. Global internet stats - Exercise Source: Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations Population Division) Rank Country Users % of pop Rank Country Users % of pop 1 China 642,261,240 46% 11 Mexico 51,248,920 42% 2 United States 267,748,920 84% 12 Indonesia 47,631,090 19% 3 India 195,248,950 16% 13 Philippines 44,200,540 45% 4 Brazil 109,773,650 55% 14 Viet Nam 40,449,370 44% 5 Japan 99,717,510 78% 15 Egypt 39,699,780 48% 6 Russia 82,087,720 57% 16 Italy 35,840,020 59% 7 Germany 69,779,160 84% 17 Spain 35,705,960 76% 8 Nigeria 65,490,310 38% 18 Turkey 35,158,210 47% 9 France 55,221,000 86% 19 Canada 31,661,870 90% 10 U.K. 54,620,950 87% 20 Colombia 28,475,560 59% International SEO & SEM
  • 13. 2013 Global Retail E-Commerce Index Source: AT Kearney Global Retail E- Commerce Index 2013 International SEO & SEM
  • 14. South America • A huge opportunity in search • Fastest growing global internet market (159m users) • A very young audience 61% 18-34 years old (32.6% 15- 24) • Socially active (more FB users that the US – 179m) • 60.5% increase in ecommerce 2011-2013 • World cup 2014, Olympics 2016 both in Brazil International SEO & SEM
  • 15. Finding opportunities abroad Size isn’t everything! Choosing markets for expansion should be relevant to your business – and your business should be extremely relevant to the selected markets… • Review your own analytics & orders • Examine competitors (domestic & international) • Consider market dynamics on a country level • Look for clues online International SEO & SEM
  • 16. Finding opportunities abroad Analytics International SEO & SEM
  • 17. Search Metrics International SEO & SEM
  • 18. Finding opportunities abroad Competitiveness Consider examining: # active keywords | brand perception | differences in CTR in country/industry International SEO & SEM
  • 19. Finding opportunities abroad Competitors Find out who your competitors really are… De Beers perceived competitors Vs. International SEO & SEM
  • 20. Finding opportunities abroad Competitors Actual SERP’s competitors. Retail – not high end. Vs.UK Japan International SEO & SEM
  • 21. Looking at your customer and buying behaviour Scandinavian shoppers When it comes to PPC, when you are targeting a finite audience rather than the whole market this should mean, as OBAN sees with other clients, that PPC performance for the main opportunity is better in a market like Sweden than it is in Germany. International SEO & SEM
  • 22. Looking at your customer and buying behaviour • Scandinavian shoppers • Scandinavian shoppers are more used to buying from foreign sites and engage better with non-domestic brands than shoppers in other markets. It’s a common misconception this is down to language. It’s a factor, but more important is the lack of local brands and retailers in competition International SEO & SEM
  • 23. Potential barriers to consider Payment methods DIBS Study International SEO & SEM
  • 24. Potential barriers to consider Fulfillment & delivery • Costs • Practicality • Delivery times meet consumer expectations? • Returns? • Customer Service • Restrictions | legalities International SEO & SEM
  • 25. Case study – M&M Direct Consider demand for your product in each market International SEO & SEM
  • 26. • Targeting users to a UK/English website • Top 20 selling brands taken into Europe - replicated • Direct translation of PPC campaigns including keywords and ads • Results? Negative ROI across all campaigns and markets Case study – M&M Direct What was the initial plan? International SEO & SEM
  • 27. Case study – M&M Direct Product selection is key? Are you relevant? • Selling Adidas to the Germans in Germany, from an English website in England is like…. • M&M failed to understand the market needs, behaviour’s and local competition…like Otto. International SEO & SEM
  • 28. Case study – M&M Direct Campaign localisation – what happened next? • Search demand and competition across 100 brands in each individual market. • Brands / products were organised on a market by market basis based on best potential demand. This prioritisation factored in local demand/need and competition  German CPA reduced from £85 to £25  France CPA reduced from £120 to £15  Netherlands CPA reduced from £40 to £13.25 International SEO & SEM
  • 29. Expanding at the right pace • Good search marketing is tightly controlled, trackable and closely monitored • International expansion throws up a minefield of considerations and obstacles – a completely different market will exhibit different behaviours to that you may be used to • For these reasons, it’s highly advisable to start with a fewer number of markets first, and grow on success - rather than try to target 20 at once • Don’t ‘collect’ markets. Make a good job of a few first. International SEO & SEM
  • 30. Selecting market – key takeaways Look at the online sophistication and size of the markets you are dealing with and consider what you might need to cater for Understand the retail environment within that market from average shopper value to payment preferences Assess the local competition and understand how your USPs may differ Expand at a pace you can cater for International SEO & SEM
  • 31. Why localise? International SEO & SEM
  • 32. When things go wrong…. The US Dairy Association had huge success with the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. So good they rolled it out to Mexico... Where the translated slogan read... “Are you lactating?” International SEO & SEM
  • 33. They can go really wrong… Schweppes Italian campaign didn’t go down too well... ...which is not surprising as they were advertising ‘Schweppes Toilet Water’ International SEO & SEM
  • 34. And just don’t make sense… The ‘Pepsi brings you back to life’ campaign was launched in China… …Although the translation suggested it would ‘bring your ancestors back from the dead!’ International SEO & SEM
  • 35. It doesn’t have to be a smelling miskate Sometimes context can trip up the biggest brands Colgate launched a toothpaste in France under the brand name Cue... ...which meant this family brand had a French namesake.... Cue – the notorious French porn mag. International SEO & SEM
  • 36. Translation vs. localisation –YOU CANNOT and should not RELY ON TRANSLATION! International SEO & SEM
  • 37. Translation vs. localisation In order to engage authentically with your audience, and be visible in the right spaces – you need to understand how people in that market (not language) really talk about and search for a particular product, service or solution. International SEO & SEM
  • 38. Google localisation services • Don’t look for translation short-cuts International SEO & SEM
  • 39. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research Phrase Volume Country Language cheap flights 4,400 Italy English Cheap flight 880 Italy English voli economici 33,100 Italy Italian offerte voli 22,200 Italy Italian compagnie low cost 14,800 Italy Italian International SEO & SEM
  • 40. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research International SEO & SEM 1 51 101 151 201 Bordeaux (South West) Marseille (South East) Nancy (North East) Nantes (North West) AvgMonthlySearches chocolatine pain au chocolat
  • 41. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research International SEO & SEM 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Egypt Saudi Arabia Algeria Morocco UAE Tunisia AvgMonthlySearches(Thousands) ‫االخبار‬ ‫اخبار‬ (news)
  • 42. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research International SEO & SEM 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Algeria Morocco Tunisia UAE Egypt Saudi Arabia AvgMonthlySearches(thousands) actualités (News)
  • 43. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research International SEO & SEM 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 UAE Saudi Arabia Egypt Morocco Algeria Tunisia AvgMonthlySeaches(thousands) news (English)
  • 44. International keyword research • Separated by a common language Consider UK vs. US Colour vs. color Fulfill vs. fulfil Analyse vs. Analyze Programme vs. program PPC vs. SEM Crisps vs. Chips Centre vs. Center Metre vs. Meter Aluminium vs. Aluminum Pants vs. Pants! International SEO & SEM
  • 45. Variations of English language • Singlish! – Lah - Exclamation – Mug - Study / cram – ‘On/off’ - Turn on / turn off – Abuden - Of course – Act Blur - Innocent – Gone-case - Doomed – Jilo - Zero International SEO & SEM
  • 46. Variations of English language • Singlish! • ‘Blur like sotong!’ – Be extremely clueless • ‘Issit though!’ – Isn’t it though • ‘Last time policeman wear • shorts!’ – Back in the old days International SEO & SEM
  • 47. Blended language • Understanding how colloquialisms are adopted can be key to a campaign’s success Mobiltelefon Mobile But more commonly “Handy” International SEO & SEM
  • 48. International SEO & SEM
  • 49. International SEO & SEM
  • 50. International SEO & SEM
  • 51. Ads and content DIBS 2012 study showed that 20% of users would abandon carts with unclear delivery information In our experience – CTR can be increased by up to 40% by tailoring your messaging for the audience. International SEO & SEM
  • 52. National considerations? Drivers to ecommerce: Compare prices: 64% Always open: 70% Unique drivers to CTR and conversion: Price, discount, ‘the deal’ OBAN have found that by giving key comparison information and price information is very important in German ad copy Ads and content International SEO & SEM
  • 53. Positioning in foreign markets • Describing something as ‘British’ is a common USP/interest driver for retailers, especially in luxury or fashion markets. • However, in certain markets such as Russia, ‘British’ wouldn’t mean much… ‘English’ would add the required elevation of it being an item of UK/England styling • Yes it’s only semantics – but the context makes a huge difference. Local knowledge is essential. Ads and content International SEO & SEM
  • 54. Generating authentic keyword lists • Key points • Understand that translation will only ever give you a small percentage of the available search opportunity and could lead you down the wrong path • Work with local people based in market • Do consider hybrid search and make sure your researcher is search savvy • Consider strategy by market not language International SEO & SEM
  • 55. Creating effective messaging • Key points for ad-copy, messaging or meta descriptions • Again, never translate • Understand what your USPs are uniquely in each territory • Understand local conversion paths, channels and behaviours • Work with locally based people who understand search considerations & the local market International SEO & SEM
  • 56. Global search engine landscape • A lot of it does look like this…. International SEO & SEM
  • 57. Global search engine landscape • But in a large number of markets… International SEO & SEM
  • 58. Global search engine landscape • General rules of thumb Americas, Africa and West & Central Europe Google Middle East Google, Yahoo!, Rediff Eastern Europe Google, Yandex, Seznam, Rambler Asia Baidu , Naver, Daum, Yam, Yahoo! Japan, Sina, Sohu International SEO & SEM
  • 59. Russia search engine landscape • Dominance of Yandex International SEO & SEM
  • 60. Yandex • Key facts – Yandex is the 4th largest search engine in the world – It is the most visited site in Russia, with 150 million search queries run per day – Yandex also accounts for 43% of the searches in Belarus and over 1/3 of the searches in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey – A number of updates in 2013 increased emphasis on quality of content, site usability and behavioural factors and personalised search brought quality close to that of Google. International SEO & SEM
  • 61. Yandex • Yandex now shows results in ‘Islands’ International SEO & SEM
  • 62. Comparisons in search results • Yandex and Google differences International SEO & SEM
  • 63. Comparisons in search results • Yandex and Google differences International SEO & SEM
  • 64. • Yandex and Google differences Comparisons in search results International SEO & SEM
  • 65. • Yandex and Google differences Comparisons in search results International SEO & SEM
  • 66. Top tips Top SEO tips for Yandex International SEO & SEM
  • 67. #1 – Go local! • Use a .ru local domain – Yandex does not see .com as an authority – domain International SEO & SEM
  • 68. #1 – Go local! Use Cyrillic text and be aware of the lack of any value of your Latin text International SEO & SEM
  • 69. #2 - Avoid keyword stuffing, duplication or machine translation • Yandex is hyper sensitive to keyword stuffing, though 5-7% is the optimal amount. Penalties for low quality content have become more severe in recent years. International SEO & SEM
  • 70. #3 – Poor usability is frowned upon • Yandex has recently put a huge precedence on site usability for ranking factors– more so than Google International SEO & SEM
  • 71. #4 – Yandex is slow • Be prepared for slower crawlers… • Yandex is far slower than Google in crawling sites - average crawl rate is around 1 to 2 weeks – as opposed to 1 to 2 days • During Yandex updates, sites can disappear from the SERPs altogether for a few days!! International SEO & SEM
  • 72. #5 – Larger baskets of keywords • Personalised results and region specific search means obsessing about a few rankings can be misleading and high risk • Regional rankings can be tricky to monitor with automated tools and manual checks through Yandex Webmaster can be very tiresome • Post Dec ‘12 SERP rankings ultimately defunct. Results different for 75%-80% of queries and all users opted in. • Focus on total organic traffic and engagement metrics instead International SEO & SEM
  • 73. #6 – Links may not be the answer • Since Dec ‘13 – links have no value for ranking for some commercial queries • Given some of the ‘murky’ link building practices, Yandex is now not attributing any value to links for commercial queries – around 10% of queries on Yandex • Comes into effect in Moscow during 2014 and rolled out to other cities thereafter • Human interaction to play a major part moving forward – ease of making a purchase, ease of using the site – engagement factors International SEO & SEM
  • 74. #7 PPC in Yandex • Character Limits: 33 for Headline, 75 Text. • Operates in CPC only • Units not direct currency (approx 30 rubles) • Preferences for placement vary International SEO & SEM
  • 75. Tools you need to know about for Yandex • Yandex.Direct – is Yandex’s PPC platform… lot’s of similarities to Google and now an English version • Yandex.Wordstat – is Yandex’s keyword tool – gives similar data to that of Google • Yandex WMT – Yandex’s analytics... check your GEO targeting settings! International SEO & SEM
  • 76. China search engine landscape International SEO & SEM
  • 77. Baidu • Key facts • Baidu is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world • It is the most visited site in China, with 5 billion searches per day • Baidu is very much used in mainland China – with very limited use and market share in other countries • Baidu is the most censored and restricted search engine globally International SEO & SEM
  • 78. Top tips Top SEO tips for Baidu International SEO & SEM
  • 79. #1 – Go local! Like Yandex, Baidu handles non-local text very poorly… you need either simplified or traditional Chinese content International SEO & SEM
  • 80. #2 – You need both quality and quantity Baidu is notorious for favouring link quantity… but it has started to make moves against obvious link buying • Feb 2013 – Green Dill update focusing on black hat link building and link trading • Firm indication that Baidu is cleaning up SERP’s • Quantity as opposed to quality is not so acceptable for SEO on Baidu now. International SEO & SEM
  • 81. #2 – You need both quality and quantity International SEO & SEM
  • 82. #3 – Local domains and local hosting Baidu is better with .com’s than Yandex – but and .cn are much preferred – even more so, is local hosting • If hosting in China is not an option then consider HK or a Content Delivery Network provider (CDN) to improve site speed • Internet speed in China is slow, so Baidu places more emphasis on rewarding quick loading sites – hence the need for CDN’s or close geographic hosting. International SEO & SEM
  • 83. #4 – Blended search results Baidu blends natural search and paid search results… keep an eye on your listings and consider using both to get visibility International SEO & SEM
  • 84. #5 – Set-up a Baidu PPC account • By setting up a Baidu PPC account – you can get every page on your website automatically indexed! International SEO & SEM
  • 85. Paid Media Main differences • Character limits vary • Headline = 20 characters in Chinese (or 40 in English) • Body = 100 characters in Chinese (or 200 in English) • 1- You need a Chinese Website • 2- You need to provide a translated Business Registration • 3- You need to sign a contract with Baidu • 4- You need to send a deposit of 10.6k RMY (600 RMY dedicated to the registration fee) International SEO & SEM
  • 86. Cultural search • Eye tracking on SERPs pages (US) Baidu International SEO & SEM
  • 87. Tools you need to know about for Baidu • Phoenix Nest – is Baidu’s PPC platform… lot’s of similarities to Google but no English version • Baidu Tongji – is Baidu’s SEO/web analytics package – also not available in English • NOTE: Getting set up on Baidu can be a long drawn out process. The right stamps, paperwork and contracts all have to be in place. Work with an authorised rep to ease the pain! • V-Badge. This is only issues once all the hoops have been jumped through. You can run campaigns without it but CPC’s will be up to 30% more. International SEO & SEM
  • 88. Local search engines, globally • Key takeaways – In the West, you’ll mostly be looking at Google – but in the East, you’ll probably be dealing with more than one engine – As a broad rule of thumb… many local search engines are where Google was 2 – 3 years ago – Search engines like Yandex and Baidu are becoming more savvy in their link scoring systems – though quantity is still very important – Make sure you know what needs to change for your target engine International SEO & SEM
  • 89. Global social media Rank Platform Monthly Active Users (unless stated) 1 Facebook (1.15 billion MAUs) 2 YouTube (1 billion MAUs) 3 Qzone (712 million total users), China 4 Sina Weibo (500 million total users), China 5 WhatsApp (350 million MAUs) 6 Google+ (327 million MAUs 7 Tumblr (300 million monthly unique visitors 8 LINE (275 million total active users), Japan 9 Twitter (240 million MAUs) 10 WeChat (236 million MAUs), China 11 Tencent Weibo, (220 million MAUs), China Rank Platform Monthly Active Users (unless stated) 12 LinkedIn, (184 million MAUs) 13 Youku, (175 million MAUs) 14 Instagram, (150 million MAUs) 15 Tudou (114 million MAUs), China 16 RenRen (54 million MAUs), China 17 Pinterest, (50 million MAUs) 18 Badoo, (45 million MAUs), Cyprus 19 Orkut (44 million MAUs) 20 Foursquare (40 million MAUs) 21 Vine (40 million MAUs) 22 vkontakte 31 million MAUs), Russia International SEO & SEM
  • 90. Social media users East Asia • Numbers of daily social media users International SEO & SEM
  • 91. Localising content Ensuring you have the right amount of local language content • The amount of content you need to localise for SEO and a good user experience is dependant upon your business and the space you are targeting • As a retailer you may need to localise 1000s of pages to gain visibility for individual products, as a B2B organisation, it could be as little as 10… • Either way, quality translation can be extremely costly, so getting the volumes right is important. International SEO & SEM
  • 92. Getting the right volumes • What content does the user require? What does search intent analysis tell us? How well catered for is the subject matter already? • What are the SERPs telling you already? Hyper competitive? Underserved – content gaps? • There is no definite amount as competition always changes – as do user’s needs. Examine your keyword/content them analysis regularly to ensure you are creating content to meet user’s intent. Purist says: Write for the user in that market – SEO will follow. International SEO & SEM
  • 93. Localising the right amount of content Beware of using auto-translate tools • Google Translate has it’s uses – customer facing copy IS NOT one of them. International SEO & SEM
  • 94. Localising the right amount of content Beware of using auto-translate tools • Translation proxy’s have big advantages for rolling out and managing many multilingual sites – but can be restrictive for search visibility or engaging consumers properly. Keywords based on navigation Alternative Suggestions English translation Keyword Avg. monthly searches Keyword Avg. monthly searches Ladies Golf Trousers Damen Golfhosen 40 golfhosen damen 210 Ladies' Knitwear Damen Strickmode 40 strickjacken damen 2900 Ladies sweatshirts Damen Sweatshirts 90 sweatshirt damen 880 Women's Tennis Apparel Damen Tennisbekleidung 40 tennisbekleidung damen 880 soccer shoes Fußballschuhe 50 fussballschuhe 9900 Men's Golf Pants Herren Golfhosen 20 golfhosen herren 320 Kids Rugby Shoes Kinder Rugbyschuhe 0 rugby schuhe 210 Children skating shoes Kinder Skating-Schuhe 0 skaterschuhe 2900 International SEO & SEM
  • 95. International keyword research • Translation vs. localised research International SEO & SEM 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 Argentina Spain Chile Mexico tragamonedas online tragaperras online
  • 96. Make sure translations are good quality This is the public face of your company in a foreign market - it’s worth doing well • French users hate it when their language is used poorly and are particularly repelled by poor construct and grammar • German users are going to lose trust in a site very quickly which has poor language • Think about your own trust levels when finding a website in ‘pigeon English’ International SEO & SEM
  • 97. So what could / should you translate? • Having a localised homepage is very helpful for getting a good website structure, for your SEO efforts and for users… International SEO & SEM
  • 98. So what could / should you translate Localising top level navigation and side bars can help your users find their way around your site… International SEO & SEM
  • 99. So what could / should you translate? • Individual product descriptions are less essential for translation purposes – especially in areas like fashion… • …but partial translations are jarring for users. International SEO & SEM
  • 100. So what could / should you translate • Any areas important to conversion – returns & deliveries in particular are very important information in the conversion cycle International SEO & SEM
  • 101. So what could / should you translate? • Always translate final conversion pages… International SEO & SEM
  • 102. Subdomains, subfolders and local ccTLD’s Creating the optimum structure for your pages International SEO & SEM
  • 103. Subdomains, subfolders and local ccTLD’s One size does not fit all The best optimised international sites structures have the right balance between cost to benefit ratio for supporting the site/s to associated search visibility In order to determine this: • Research what visibility you want to rank for • Assess the top ranking sites for this search area • If all ccTLD’s – go with ccTLD… if a mixture of subdomains and subfolders… assess the local SERPs competition to help make your final decision International SEO & SEM
  • 104. • Ensure pages are coded correctly so search engines have clear signals on which content is designed for which user in which country. • Branded search on – UK site shows but .fr version not ranking on first page (Thai version in pos 10!) Handling multiple languages and duplicate content International SEO & SEM
  • 105. • Do • Localise important content – pricing, store information, addresses, contact details. • Make blog content or sharable content localised • Implement either: rel=”alternate” tags in source code of pages OR • Upate XML sitemaps to include references to URLs which have the same content in different locations. • rel="alternate" hreflang="x“ • Benefits of XML is you can update one file instead of applying unique code on every one of your pages which is duplicated in different locations. • Handling multiple languages and duplicate content International SEO & SEM
  • 106. Migrating global sites Migrated without due consideration? …What’s the worst that could happen? International SEO & SEM
  • 107. Migrating global sites Types of migration: • Site re-design | Content update | Site architecture change International SEO & SEM
  • 108. Migrating global sites • URL change – moving from subfolders/domains to ccTLD • CMS/Backend update • Hosting/IP • Recommendations: • Don’t do all 3 at once – too much room for error. International SEO & SEM
  • 109. Migrating global sites • Redesign will likely involve change in menu structure and site organisation. • Need to consider change in internal linking and link equity. Keywords used for internal links and creation and removal of pages. • Moving URL will involve a change in domain. • Need to ensure that all content is moved to correct pages and can be easily matched up. Don’t want to lose link authority from old pages to the new. • CMS will likely involve change in URL structure. • A different type of change to URLS is likely - most CMS have limitations for • • International SEO & SEM
  • 110. Migrating global sites • Conduct a technical audit on the legacy site and fix as many technical errors as possible • • Create a backup of your original site. • Create a sitemap of legacy site. • Map out old to new URLs. • Benchmark – key rankings, traffic • Test moving to a directory or subdomain first. • 301 redirect page to page • Check internal links • Check External links -Contact webmasters that link to your site and ask to update to your new URL • Let Google know of site move in Google Webmaster Tools • Create new accounts for Analytics, Webmaster Tools. • Keep both old and new sites verifies in Webmaster tools and review crawl errors International SEO & SEM
  • 111. How you would handle…? • Domain structure • Content localisation • User journey / considerations • For retailer – which 3 markets? • How does this build an effective localised site structure for SEO visibility and for the user? International SEO & SEM
  • 112. Local search engines, globally • Key takeaways • Think about both the user and search engine when localising content • Stay away from translation tools and short cuts • Always do a full analysis to determine what domain structure you will go with • Never migrate without fully understanding SEO considerations and make sure you have plan • Make sure you get the tech right in all your campaigns International SEO & SEM
  • 113. Learning Objectives Achieved – State Learning Objectives Achieved: • Understand how to build a platform that can be visible in target engines • Clearer understanding of the specific technical implications for international search effectiveness International SEO & SEM
  • 114. International content marketing • The big secret… INTERNATIONAL CONTENT MARKETING IS…. …KIND OF THE SAME International SEO & SEM
  • 115. International content marketing • The big secret… • Apply the same methodology to your international content strategy • The big change is the people you are targeting – their attitudes, needs and questions may be different – along with their language. • A clothing manufacturer may need less content on cold weather gear in Dubai! International SEO & SEM
  • 116. International content marketing • Content planning & calendars • Use GA and keyword and search data for insight into customer’s needs and content themes • Segment questions into common themes: Questions about products, and ‘How to’ questions offer the best opportunity • Mapped the themes into a content hub • Mapped competitors and examine the SERP’s against the terms/theme to identify strong content or content gaps International SEO & SEM
  • 117. International content marketing • Content planning & calendars • Check seasonality of particular themes and map into a calendar of activity • Replan quarterly – annual planning is good for evergreen content but quarterly planning keeps things fresh • Examine each market separately to look for differences in attitudes (confirm with local resource!) • Where commonality exists – one piece of content can serve multiple markets (if translated / localised correctly) • But, some markets will require bespoke content to address their particular needs International SEO & SEM
  • 118. International content marketing • Placing your content • The best place for any content is your own website • Own your content, and where possible have a separate blog per market • Make it relevant and include local topical interest • Respect local seasonality (e.g. Singles day in China) • Keep it going! Be careful before launch to make sure you can resource regular content or risk reputation damage International SEO & SEM
  • 119. International content marketing • Pushing your content – effective outreach • Use SERP’s investigation of content research to find partnering opportunities • When conducting outreach – be respectful of their language, time zones and local preferences • Use local social channels for effective outreach • You are looking to gain local links International SEO & SEM
  • 120. International content marketing • Measuring success • Don’t obsess about a single ranking! • Look at overall organic traffic • Look at the basket of terms you are ranking for and the traffic they bring • Referral traffic from offsite content (and conversions) • Engagement metrics (page views, dwell time etc) International SEO & SEM
  • 121. Top takeaways • Key points • Content marketing is not just about SEO – do it right, with data driven planning and the user in mind and SEO will follow • International content marketing follows exactly the same methodology – just based around an audience that probably doesn’t fit the same mould as your domestic users. • Effective use of a blog to house your content – and invest in creative content. • Measurement has moved on – don’t obsess on individual rankings International SEO & SEM
  • 122. Cultural usability • Western design – clean & above the fold International SEO & SEM
  • 123. Cultural usability/Conversion • Eastern design on one page & text heavy • This page scrolls down 7 or 8 times International SEO & SEM
  • 124. Sometimes you can go against the norm… • (but I wouldn’t risk it!) International SEO & SEM
  • 125. Fine arts Literature Drama Classical Music Popular Music Folk Dancing Games Cooking Dress Eye behaviour Contextual Conversational Patterns Social Interaction Rate Facial Expressions Notions of modesty Conception of beauty Ideals of childrearing Relationship to animals Patterns of superior/subordinate relations Definition of sin Courtship practices Conception of justice Incentives to work Notions of leadership Tempo of work Group decision making Conceptions of cleanliness Attitudes towards dependents Theory of disease Approaches to problem solving Conception of status mobility Status designations based on age, sex, class, occupation, kinship etc Nature of friendship Ordering of time Conception of ‘self’ Preference for competition or co-operation Body language Notions about logic and validity Patterns of handling emotions WARNING GRATUITOUS ICEBERG METAPHOR International SEO & SEM
  • 126. #2: High Context and Low Context Cultural Colours International SEO & SEM
  • 127. Red: Luck in China International SEO & SEM
  • 128. Red: Beauty in Russia International SEO & SEM
  • 129. Red: Danger in Germany International SEO & SEM
  • 130. The normal colour for pricing in France! International SEO & SEM
  • 131. The colour of discounts in the US and UK International SEO & SEM
  • 132. The colour of discounts in the US and UK International SEO & SEM
  • 133. Green for go in Britain International SEO & SEM
  • 134. Green is the colour of Islam International SEO & SEM
  • 135. In China, green may symbolize infidelity. A green hat symbolizes that a man's wife is cheating on him. International SEO & SEM
  • 136. Green For…Er….Blue in Japan? International SEO & SEM
  • 137. Arabic ecommerce Shariah compliant lenders can take websites offline during prayer time. International SEO & SEM
  • 138. Arabic ecommerce Reading right to left International SEO & SEM
  • 139. Faces International SEO & SEM
  • 140. Dooley Study International SEO & SEM
  • 141. IKEA Saudi Arabia International SEO & SEM
  • 142. #2: High Context and Low Context High and Low Context Japan International SEO & SEM
  • 143. #2: High Context and Low Context High and Low Context Germany International SEO & SEM
  • 144. Summing up : Key Takeaways • Research and Insights should be the starting point • Dont translate keywords or use automated translation systems • Dont assume that conversion works the same in each market • and..... International SEO & SEM
  • 145. Do not Be afraid : International SEO & SEM
  • 146. Growing Global : Long Beach CA International SEO,SEM & Conversion Strategies July 15th 2014
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