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Wine presentation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • The title is stile not quite right.... Keep thinking but think there is something a bit more catcher that I can use....take it simple on what the title actually means..... Wine for a joe or a wine for a Queen...WHAT WINE? FOR WHAT PEOPLE??
  • Is it a wine type???
  • Greeks romanspersian
  • Two cultures of wine are emerging
  • Transcript

    • 1. Wine for
      a average Joe? or
      wine for a
    • 2. Commodity wine: An inexpensive wine purchased in most cases not for its intrinsic qualities but because it serves a purpose, like milk , flour, instant coffee and bake beans.
      Wine for the average Joe
    • 3. Factors of commodity
      Just because wine experts think a commodity wine is of low quality doesn't mean the wine will be commercially unsuccessful or unpopular with customers.
      Meant to be consumed quickly not stored for years.
      Marketing , availability, packaging and pricing are probably more important in determining the success of the commodity wines than absolute quality.
      Wine found in supermarkets and liquor stores.
    • 4. What is a wine fit for a Queen
      The wine must have a proven track record on holding well over time. some wines due to there tannins age better than others.
      The wine must have a drinking window plateau that is many years long.
      There must be a consensus among experts as to the quality of the wine.
    • 5. Someone prepared to pay more for wines
      Enjoys surprises in there wines
      Has a passion for wine
      Is excited by the prospect of finding new wine
      What is a collector???
    • 6. Wine types for collectors
      Terroir Wine: It refers to the site-specific differences in wines that are caused by factors such as soil types , drainage , local microclimate and sun exposure.
      Branded wine: Loosely, referring to a wine that doesn’t come from a strictly defined patch of ground, but instead marketed by a brand name or ‘make’.
      Estate wine: A wine made from grapes of a fairly narrowly defined patch of ground, such as a single vineyard or sometimes several neighbouring vineyards.
    • 7. The collectors:
      Small Fry collector: Buys by the bottle or the case, with a cellar that holds 500 bottles.
      Mega-rich sleazy oligarch collector: Buys in gross, with a cellar of 10,000-20,000+ bottles.
      The collectors of wine
    • 8. Drinkers of Wine in the
      ancient cultures
      Romans: Wine had religious, medical and societal implications , that set it apart from other roman cuisines.
      Greeks: The Greeks didn't drink wine with their meals .Wine was drunk separately, at symposiums ("symposia"), which were only for men, with the occasional rare appearance of a woman.
      Egypt:An enhancer of pleasure and companionship as well as a mean to talk to the gods.
    • 9. "Wine. The intellectual part of the meal." ~ Alexandre Dumas
      “In water you see your face, but in wine the heart of it’s garden” Ancient Egyptian proverb
      Wine is being made for different people by different people. It has made its way into the soul and fibre of our culture and religion. No matter what colour, country or language.
      Since the dawn of the world
    • 10. If definitions of wine quality are open to negotiation and change, who gets to decide what is good and what isn't both currently, and in the future??
      Is there a universal definition of quality that can be applied to all wine styles??
      Thought for the future
    • 11. References