Leap forward - 2014 Marketing Trends that are needed to be focused


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What is the trending things that would happen in 2014. Why we need to focus about it? And what we need to prepare?

Here are my list of issues that marketer need to keep in mind - digital marketing, content marketing, big data, wearable technology and more.

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Leap forward - 2014 Marketing Trends that are needed to be focused

  1. 1. LEAP FORWARD 2014 Marketing Fast Track
  2. 2. Content Marketing Content Marketing is surly the next big thing. It has proven records that great stories create strong engagement with consumers. Brands will consider themselves as a role of ‘Publisher’, not ‘Advertiser’. Content Marketing will shift to centre of gravity of marketing. Checklists Brand’s Content Strategy Brand’s Content Team Brand’s Journalist Mindset Media for Brand’s content
  3. 3. Video Content People will consumer video content more and more. It will become major formats that people want. Checklists How to create video content, both quantity and quality What kind of video content that brand can conquer
  4. 4. Mobile World Mobile device will change the way we connect to the world. The stat show that mobile usage significantly increase during past few years Checklists Brand’s mobile site Brand’s mobile content Brand’s mobile experience Any thing, Any where, Any time mindset Multi-Screen Concepts
  5. 5. Big Data Digital world make data visible. These become a big change to analyse consumer behaviour, a new way to research your target. Checklists Tools to get data from digital world How to track action and transform data Tools to analyse the data Data specialist
  6. 6. Marketing Automation When the world become tsunamis of data, there is an opportunity to use data to automate marketing activities. (e.g. send email to user when they mention about xxx more than 3 times) Checklists Marketing Automation Tool How to evaluate the data and transform to action
  7. 7. Real-Time Marketing Digital technology and social media empower brand to take advantage of real-time marketing with trending topics in the town. That create a lot of opportunities to be part of conversations Checklists Real-Time Marketing Staff Real-Time Mind Set Real-Time Monitoring Tools Real-Time Operation
  8. 8. Native Advertising ‘Native advertising is a web advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user's experience' Checklists Channels that brand can use native advertising
  9. 9. Wearable Device Wearable device will be the next big thing for consumer. These intelligence devices can get a lot of data, become forth screen and more.. Checklists Ways of using data from wearable device Wait for “the big hit” e.g. Smart Watch
  10. 10. Brand Utility Brand utility become another good tactics for engaging with consumers. It create impressions and good experiences. Checklists No need to be always amazing, try to be utility brand
  11. 11. User Curated Channel People can now create their own channels, curating their preferred content for their network. Checklists What interest that brand can tackle
  12. 12. Thank You. Nuttaputch Wongreanthong @nuttaputch www.nuttaputch.com