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Assignment cloud storage

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION OF CLOUD STORAGE • Cloud storage is simply a term that refers to online space that you can use to store your data. As well as keeping a backup of your files on physical storage devices. For example, external hard drives, USB flash drives and etc. • Cloud storage provides a secure way of remotely storing your important data. Online storage solutions are usually provided using a large network of virtual servers that also come with tools for managing files and organizing your virtual storage space. • Virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them. • There are many types of storage to store important folder and to back up folder. For example, slide share, scribd, picasa, google drive, youtube and just cloud. All of these type, I use to storage important document, project assignment, picture, video and etc.
  4. 4. Slide share Slide share is a large amount of high quality presentations on any subjects. For example, design, business, culture and etc. If I have assignment about management, I can learn and study from folder in there. Slide share have many type of topic to make us easier to find any information about make presentation. Hence, it can make me easier to finish my assignment and make my assignment more creative. Slide share is easy to use and you‟ll dive into the latest presentations right away when arriving on the homepage. Besides, it was supported with document, PDF and videos. Slide share can embed widget in blogs and website. By using it, we can create slide cast that will make more interesting such as sync audio, create webinars, record lectures and musical slide shows. In slide share, we can also embed videos. Slide share features a vibrant professional and educational community that regularly comments, favourites and downloads content. Slide share content usually spreads through blogs and social networks. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We can do anythings at slide share such as:  Upload presentations publicly or privately.  Download presentations.  Embed on blogs, websites or company intranets.  Share on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Embed YouTube videos into Slide share presentation.
  5. 5. HOW TO REGISTER?? Picture 1 Firstly, search at Google and type “slide share”, and click at button search. After that, go to sign up button to make your own account and click it. Next, fill the form. Lastly, click OK and you have done register slide share.
  6. 6. YOUTUBE YouTube is a website to sharing videos. It uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a variety of video content includes movie clips, TV clips and music videos as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos and educational videos. All of this videos has been upload into YouTube by individuals, although media corporations. On YouTube site, we can also watch many videos. There are some great videos out there on YouTube that are very interesting. Besides sharing videos, users can upload, share and comment a video. If we have some video to share we can upload on YouTube. Other user can watch and give a comment to our videos. From the comment, we can take a note to improve our videos. Besides, can help to become much better to make a videos. HOW TO REGISTER??
  7. 7. To sign up for YouTube, click Sign In at the upper right of homepage YouTube. Then, follow the steps depends on whether you have a Google Account: I already have a Google Account – just sign in with your Google Account email address and password. I don’t have a Google Account – click Create Account. Then, you‟ll be asked to create a Google username during you sign up. For new Gmail email address, it will not be your public name on You Tube. If you‟re done setting up your Google Account, click Back to YouTube to get started with your new account. After sign up the YouTube, we can take advantages of many YouTube features includes Like, Subscribe, Favourite, Watch Later and Watch History. YouTube will also be able to personalize video recommendations based on the videos you liked and your subscriptions.
  8. 8. SCRIBD Scribd is the world‟s largest digital library where people can publish, discover and read books and documents of all kinds on the web or any mobile device. Millions of books and documents have been contributed to scribd by the community and this content reaches an audience of 100 million people around the world every month. Scribd is a self-publishing platform where you can‟t only publish articles, but also share files. For example, a viral short e-book that you had created. In scribd anyone can upload their documents and presentations into this storage. You can use Word, Text Documents, HTML, JPEGs, PowerPoint, PDFs, Excel, Spreadsheets, LITs, Postscripts and a very impotant feature – audio files. Most anythings can be uploaded as long as it‟s legal. If you‟re in the Adult market, Scribd allows the content as long as you flag it for Adult viewers only.
  9. 9. HOW TO REGISTER?? Firstly, we have go to After that, click „sign up‟ at upper right of website. If you have a facebook account, you can login with facebook but if you don‟t have facebook account, you need to register by make an account. Next, done your register. If we want to upload document, we just need to click at „upload‟ button at the homepage. We can upload document from computer files and also can import document in google Docs here. We also can share document by them know document URL address but also we can make document for public or private. We can share our document by Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. We also can embed our document in web or blog.
  10. 10. Picasa Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital as well as integrated photo-sharing website. Picasa is free photo management program from Google that can be used to organize and manage all of image that have store in hard drive. In other word, picasa helps to manage our photos. Picasa allows to perform the basic edits and gives many option for sharing picture with the other people. It also support most of the common files formats used to store photos and manage the movies. For example, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PSD. The movie file type include MPG, AVI, WMV and MOV. The movie that play can be saved in any formats using Picasa. The things that you can do in Picasa: Movie maker. Remove low Quality picture. Picture scramble. Edit picture. Picture collage.
  11. 11. HOW TO REGISTER?? 1) Create an account or sign into your Google account using your Gmail username and password at 2) At the upper left corner you‟d see My Photos, My Favourites & My Public Gallery. You can click any of these links when you‟ve got photos uploaded into your account. 3) To begin uploading your first sets of photos, click the upload button on the upper- right side of the website. 4) You then must first choose to create a new album or to upload your photo into an existing album. 5) And the fifth step is to choose the actual photos and click OK/ upload.
  12. 12. GOOGLE DRIVE Google Drive, Gmail and Google give 15GB of storage for free, to keep files, emails and photos accessible from any device, anywhere. The google drive is like cloud storage divice service. It can store your document, photos, music, videos and etc all in one place. It sync our mobile devices and our computer. If we make a change from one gadget, it will automatically shown up if we were to access it elsewhere. It tracks we change too, if you make an edit to the document and hit save, you can still to look back at all our revisions from the past 30 days. It will be heavily on Google search with image recognition for browsing our photos and some OCR capabilities for sniffing our text in pictures. Benefits of Google Drive. Google drive can send large files to your colleagues, clients and friends directly from your Gmail account. Google Drive has an efficient built-in search engine.For example, it allows we to find content easily with a keyword search. We can also look for files by owner or by file type.
  13. 13. Google Drive is equipped with an OCR (optical character recognition) function. For example, finding someone‟s name in an old newspaper article that was scanned and saved on Google Drive is possible thanks to OCR technology. Google Drive uses image recognition technology. New technology is still being perfected and can actually recognize the content of your pictures. The program is safe. For example, the data won‟t be lost if our computer was damage. HOW TO REGISTER?? 1. Go to 2. Make an account. 3.Install Google Drive into your mobile device or computer.
  14. 14. JUST CLOUD Just cloud reviews indicate that the service is one of the number one ranked cloud storage service on the web today. Indeed, just Cloud is at the forefront of one of the most rapidly expanding spaces in the online world. The service provides unlimited storage capacity for a reasonable monthly fee. It‟s also got one of the fastest and easiest installation processes of any cloud backup service out there. When you take into account all the other excellent features included in Just Cloud‟s service, it‟s not hard to see why it‟s emerged as one of the most popular cloud storage services on the market. In the following Just Cloud review we will explore why the service is one of the most popular online back services on the market today. Backing up files to the Just Cloud service is very easy. When the service is running and the interface window is on your screen, you can backup files simply by dragging and dropping them. The Just Cloud control panel also has a Backup History feature. Using the “drag and drop” feature on the Just Cloud user interface window makes backing up your files literally as easy as dragging and dropping them
  15. 15. HOW TO REGISTER?? First, go to the website Next, click at sign up. After that you will see the word „Get Started Now‟ you must fill the form. After done your fill, you click „create an account‟. If you not fill the blank correctly, you must fill again after you can shown your name in just cloud. Lastly, done register. The Function of Just Cloud Storage the document. Storage the video. Storage the pictures. Files that can been save. The folder it provide security that will be protected. Can more being safety. Easier to use. Can save many folder.
  16. 16. REFERENCES