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  • larger arrivals and baggage reclaim areas and a new departurelounge capable of accommodating up to 100 passengers an hour. and electronic access control systems to enhance the safety and security of passengers and aircraft.
  • Airport services:2 check-in desks1 gate250 car parking spacesAmenities (restaurant, bar, cafe, tourist help desk, car rental, taxi service,Others:On-site aircraft maintenance/ fixed-based operation20,000 tons cargo capacityConnection:Train connection from the region to Ashford International stationCoach servicesCar (motorway trip from London approx. 1 hr 20 mins)Free day parking, 3 Pound per night
  • . Within the 60 minute catchment area: approximately 780,000 residents  Within the 90 minute drive time catchment area: 3,500,000 residents
  • Some airports may contract with security Specialist Company to provide additional security checks.
  • Check in procedure = they said that there is going to be a fast check-in, how can they manage this primes? To find out we should analyze
  • Bullet pt 1 = and a new departure lounge capable of accommodating up to 100 passengers an hour.Bullet pt 3 = , which has also created two full-time maintenance jobs.Bullet pt 4 =access control systems to enhance the safety and security of passengers and aircraft.
  • Lydd presentation

    1. 1. LYDD Airport development By: Kadir, Martina, Jana, Anna- Maria, Anita, Sara, Nora, Puja and Amanda.
    2. 2. Lydd Airport• Multi-million pound development• Improved passenger check-in and security facilities• The refurbishment also includes additional state-of-the-art CCTV• More than £30 million has now been spent on improving infrastructure and facilities at the airport.
    3. 3. What kind of airport is Lydd going to be? New runwayRunway will be extended to 1,800 m runway (plus 150 m starter extension)Can handle medium sized airplanes and most popular business jets Safety and SecuritySecurity and safety systems have been upgraded for NASP complianceFire service has been improvedBetter equipped (foam tenders)
    4. 4. What kind of airport is Lydd going to be? Airport services2 Check in desks250 car parking spaces OthersOn site aircraft maintenance20,000 tons cargo capacity ConnectionTrain connection from the region to Ashford international stationCoach servicesFree parking
    5. 5. -The existence of restricted airspace- severe operational constraints- competition from Manston Airport and the Channel Tunnel
    6. 6. Why will airlines suddenly take an interest in Lydd Airport when the runway is extended?“Growth within Greater London isunacceptable. Runway expansion isunacceptable at Heathrow and City, as aconsequence of the localized environmentalimpacts that would result. A third runway atHeathrow is strongly opposed by the Mayor.”
    7. 7. Figures and Statistics
    8. 8. Travel time maps for the 4 London Airports
    9. 9. Types of airlines LYDD can attractNo FrillsCharter AirlinesCharter AD HOCCommuter Airlines VIP/ Corporate Airlines
    10. 10. Services provided by Lydd Check in and Gate Handling, Meeting & Greeting Passengers, Baggage Handling, Lost Baggage, Aircraft dispatch: disembarking, cleaning, catering, refueling, cargo loading/ unloading, boarding Escorting of disabled passengers.
    11. 11. Passenger View (Sara)Pro expansion view: Passengers outside the catchment area e.g. London willbe willing to use Lydd airport for air travel in order to use budget airlinessuch as Ryanair- Ryanair has history of £10 return flights (excluding taxes) andso people will be willing to travel to Kent in order to catch such bargainflights.
    12. 12. Lydd Services CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: Number of check-in desk, Security checks, distance between terminal and gates and anything useful to understand the check-in procedure. PERSONAL INSURANCE: We ensure that flying from LAA is always a pleasurable, efficient and secure experience. At check-in, on departure or return, we always treat you like a human being.
    13. 13. Lydd Services improved passenger check-in and security facilities, larger arrivals and baggage reclaim areas. Introduction of an arrivals carousel and check-in desk baggage conveyors, which will be completed before the end of the year. The airport is investing more than £240,000 in the upgrade. The refurbishment also includes additional state-of-the-art CCTV and electronic
    14. 14. Transport - Car London to Lydd Airport takes 1h 20 mins by car, and is well signposted, and during day time parking is free, and a fee of £5 is charged for overnight parking, according to Almost all of Kent lies within one hour drive from Lydd. Within a two hour drive lies places like: o Colchester in Essex, o Stevenage in Hertfordshire, o Bracknell in Berkshire, o Alton in Hampshire, o Haslemere in Surray o Littlehampton in West Sussex.
    15. 15. Transport - Train Train from London to Ashford International Train Station, 38min. From there (free?) shuttle bus to airport. For example – St Pancras – Ashford ( 38min £28) If Lydd consider expanding, there should be a train going all the way from London to the airport, and car park should stay the same price.
    16. 16. Thanks for listening!!!
    17. 17. Reference list•• 30/dep