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Facebook 101

  1. 1. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Facebook 101 Presented by: Nuñez PR Group
  2. 2. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 About Us • Specializing in e-PR. • Helping companies improve their brand visibility and reach more customers. • Providing strategic communications counsel for businesses.
  3. 3. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Why Use Facebook Social media is not just a new business trend; it can be one of the most efficient and effective channels for reaching your target audiences. Facebook business pages enable businesses to: Increase Sales Improve Customer Service Enhance Brand Visibility Engage With Target Audiences
  4. 4. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Facebook Overview
  5. 5. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Privacy Settings • Decide who gets to see what. • Each tab allows you to control specific account details.
  6. 6. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Friend Requests • You do not have to accept all requests − Use ‘Ignore’ or ‘Block’ to manage connections • Categorize connections • Tell your friends you are using Facebook for work
  7. 7. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Notifications Don’t worry about remembering to check Facebook for things that happen. Facebook will notify you.
  8. 8. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Messages Facebook messages can be a great way to reach busy people
  9. 9. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Facebook Search • Facebook is a great search engine • Use Facebook to find new leads and businesses in your area • Search for current customers or search for people in your region • Send an introductory message about your company without having to friend them.
  10. 10. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Your Facebook Wall • Appropriate photo • Current info • Post status updates and link to friends and pages • Comment & ‘Like’ Posts • Create a unique URL: www.facebook.com/insertyourname
  11. 11. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Facebook Business Pages • Post business location & website information • Post status updates regarding industry and company news • Link your page to other pages in your area/industry • Post company photos • Send targeted updates to fans regarding special events • Reply quickly to people who comment on your page • Create a unique URL: www.facebook.com/nunezprgroup
  12. 12. Nuñez PR Group, Copyright 2010 Questions? Contact Us Jessica Nuñez, President O: (972) 380-9595 jessica@nunezprgroup.com Chevis English, Account Executive O: (972) 325-1555 chevis@nunezprgroup.com
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