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Nuke Suite Client Use Case: Nissan


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Nissan is undisputedly one of the world's top automobile brands. When they were tapped by New York City to provide the new yellow cab for NYC, they used Nuke to build buzz for the launch, sending lucky fans on a vacation to the Big Apple. Read all about how Nuke helped Nissan to easily build their campaign, generate buzz, shares and virality, and increase their engagement on social.

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Nuke Suite Client Use Case: Nissan

  1. 1. Nissan Company: Objective Solution Nissan is a world leader in automobiles. Nissan creates some of the most recognisea- ble cars available today. Their partnership with Renault makes them 4th largest auto group in the world. France is one of the brand’s largest country-based divisions. Nissan, having won a contract from the City of New York to provide a new model of yellow cab, the Nissan NV200, wanted to celebrate and publicise the launch of the cab, a new form of an internationally recognised icon of NYC. The company also wanted to find a way to generate more activity on their social media properties. As a top global brand, they had a substantial following on social. However, their social media strategy had at that point been focused more on broad product communications, mostly concentrating on new car models. Nissan France used Nuke Suite to build and run a significant promotional campaign for the release of the New Nissan NYC Taxi. Taking advantage of New York’s status as a desirable vacation destination, they released a promotional Facebook application whose winner would receive a trip to New York City. The application took place during the period leading up to the launch of the new taxi. The application integrated an interactive map of Manhattan, where fans could guess the location of a taxi hidden somewhere on the island. The winner, whose guess was closest to the taxi’s location, was rewarded with a vacation to New York. The app was designed to generate buzz for the launch of the new Nissan taxi. It aimed for maximum shareability, and the contest format was set up to entice the maximum number of people to try their luck. Results Running a limited-time app campaign, Nissan saw a big boost in traffic and engagement. The four posts on Nissan’s own Facebook timeline saw tens of thousands of clicks, drawing thousands of users to the app. The app drew significant amounts of earned media, with 43% of fans sharing the app and 85% inviting friends. The brand activation developed product awareness for the new taxi and its launch, but also grew Nissan France’s fan community significantly, bringing 500 new fans to the page for each day the app ran. 43% 85% of participants shared of participants invited friends NUKESUITE.COM FACEBOOK.COM/NUKESUITE TÉL : +33 (0)1 40 26 23 07 35 / 37 RUE DES PETITS CHAMPS 75001 PARIS