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2. Tools of the Trade - Michael Aulia
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2. Tools of the Trade - Michael Aulia


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Published in: Technology

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  • - For example, “How to turn your naughty kids into angels” but some type in “What to do when you have naughty kids in your neighborhood?”
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tools of the Trade Michael Aulia @michaelaulia Michael Aulia,
    • 2. Blogging Platforms
      • Which Platform to choose?
      Michael Aulia,
    • 3. Blogging Platforms
      • Google Blogger
      • WordPress (.com or self-hosted)
      • Tumblr
      • Square Space
      • Posterous
      • Movable Type
      Michael Aulia,
    • 4. Blogger vs WordPress Michael Aulia,
    • 5. Google Blogger
      • Why choose Google Blogger?
      • Easy to set-up Just type in your blog’s URL such as, done.
      • Simple to use, good for new bloggers
      • Your blog is stored/hosted by one of the biggest companies in the world
      Michael Aulia,
    • 6. Google Blogger
      • BUT!!
      Michael Aulia,
    • 7. Google Blogger
      • Google controls what you can or cannot do
      • Limited options (widgets/gadgets)
      • Say goodbye to your blog if Google bans you
      Michael Aulia,
    • 8. WordPress
      • You can host your own WordPress blog
      • You own your posts, your readers comments, your photos
      • You have full control of your blog (layout, commenting system, additional toolbars, etc). Total flexibility!
      • More professional looking themes
      • You can sell your blog in the future easily
      • My favorite:
      Michael Aulia,
    • 9. WordPress
      • Plugins, Plugins, and More plugins!
      Michael Aulia,
    • 10. WordPress
      • Plugin to calculate the score of your post’s SEO (ClickBump SEO)
      • Plugin to add a “subscribe to newsletter” tickbox underneath every post (Qoate Newsletter Signup)
      • Plugin to display a mobile version of your blog to mobile users automatically (WPtouch)
      • Plugin to display related posts to lower your blog’s bounce rate (YARPP)
      • Plugin to automatically backup your blog daily, weekly, or monthly (lots of ‘em)
      • More, more, and more
      Michael Aulia,
    • 11. Not ready yet?
      • Get your own domain name at Google Blogger
        • Easily maintain the rankings when you migrate to WordPress in the future
        • Same URL to share with your readers
        • Looks more professional (URL and Email address)
        • Easier to sell as the domain will be well-established
      Michael Aulia,
    • 12. Stats Michael Aulia,
    • 13. Stats
      • What are the things you can find in stats?
      Michael Aulia,
    • 14. Stats - What
      • The number of unique visitors to your blog
      • Visitors demographics, browser they use, mobile/non-mobile, etc
      • Your most top visited posts
      • Where your traffic are coming from
      • A breakdown of each social media traffic
      • Keywords that people search to reach your blog
      • Campaign management, Segments
      Michael Aulia,
    • 15. Stats
      • Why is it important to look at stats? Why bother?
      Michael Aulia,
    • 16. Stats – Why?
      • It goes well with the morning coffee
      • It keeps you motivated – track your blog’s progress
      Michael Aulia,
    • 17. Stats – Why?
      • Find out what works and what’s not (Twitter? Facebook? StumbleUpon? LinkedIn?)
      • Get an idea for your next blog post
      • Find out which posts need to be optimised further for SEO
      Michael Aulia,
    • 18. Stats
      • Google Analytics
      Michael Aulia,
    • 19. Tools to speed up your blog Michael Aulia,
    • 20. Why speed is important
      • First impression lasts
      • Smoother experience for your visitors
      • Google takes speed into account for ranking
      • Unexpected surge of traffic from the social media might happen
      Michael Aulia,
    • 21. Caching Michael Aulia,
    • 22. Caching
      • What is caching?
      Michael Aulia, Your Blog
      • Post contents
      • Comments
      • Theme’s stylesheet
      • Recent posts
      • Author information
      • Others
      Single visitor, without caching
    • 23. Caching Michael Aulia, Multi visitors, without caching
    • 24. Caching Michael Aulia, Multi visitors, with caching
    • 25. Caching
      • Reduces page load times
      • Puts less strain on the server
      • Compresses data, visitors get your blog content quicker
      • Improves blog’s speed significantly
      Michael Aulia,
    • 26. Caching
      • W3 Total Cache
      Michael Aulia,
    • 27. CDN
      • Content Delivery Network
      Michael Aulia,
    • 28. CDN
      • Spread your blog contents into different servers around the world
      • Visitors get your blog contents quicker, grabbed from the server that’s closer to them
      • Less strain on the original server that hosts your blog
      • Your blog never goes offline! It’ll grab a copy of your blog from another live server
      Michael Aulia,
    • 29. CDN
      • CloudFlare
      Michael Aulia,
    • 30. CloudFlare
      • Free
      • More than 10 powerful servers around the world (Singapore, Hongkong, U.S, Tokyo, etc)
      • Adds an extra layer of protection from spammers or hackers
      Michael Aulia,
    • 31. CloudFlare
      • 30 days of using CloudFlare on my blog:
      • Without CloudFlare, loading time was 3.51 sec. With CloudFlare, loading time is now 1.89 sec.
      • 4.5 million requests saved by CloudFlare (out of 5.1 million)
      • 39.4 GB bandwidth saved by CloudFlare (out of 60.3 GB bandwidth)
      • Overall, CloudFlare makes my blog load about 46% faster
      Michael Aulia,
    • 32. CDN
      • CloudFlare
      Michael Aulia,
    • 33. Image Compression Tool
      • Yahoo! Smush.It
      Michael Aulia,
    • 34. Smush.It
      • A free online service
      • Compresses images/photos by stripping unnecessary info from the file (20% smaller file size in average)
      • Smaller image size means faster loading time for your visitors
      • Big impact when you use lots of photos on your blog posts
      Michael Aulia,
    • 35. Smush.It
      • Go to, upload an image to compress, download the compressed image, and use it on your blog post.
      • Smush.It WordPress plug-in
      Michael Aulia,
    • 36. Speed up your blog
      • W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare + Smush.It
      • To test: use
      Michael Aulia,
    • 37. My Favorite Tools Michael Aulia,
    • 38. WiseStamp Michael Aulia,
    • 39. WiseStamp Michael Aulia,
    • 40. Windows Live Writer Michael Aulia,
    • 41. ClickBump SEO Michael Aulia,