Active and passive voice


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Active and passive voice

  1. 1. Active Voice andPassive Voice
  2. 2. What is Active Voice?Active Voice คือรู ปประโยคที่มีประธานของประโยค เป็ นผู้แสดงกริยานั้ นโดยตรงVerb (กริ ยา) แบ่งเป็ นสองแบบ - Transitive Verb ( กริ ยาที่มีกรรมมารับ ) Ex. He writes a letter to John.- Intransitive Verb ( กริ ยาที่ไม่ตองมีกรรมมารับ ) ้ Ex. He goes to school every day.
  3. 3. What is Passive Voice?Passive Voice คือรู ปประโยคที่ประธานของประโยค เป็ นผู้ถูกกระทาVerb เป็ น Transitive Verb Ex. A letter is written by Jack. An apple was eaten by my brother
  4. 4. Passive Voice A flower is kicked to her by him.
  5. 5. His dog was killed a week ago.
  6. 6. หลักการเปลียนประโยค ่ Active Voice เป็ น Passive Voice1. สลับตาแหน่ง ประธาน (Subject) ในประโยค Active Voice มาเป็ น กรรม (Object) ในประโยค Passive Voice2. นา กรรม (Object) ในประโยค Active Voice มาเป็ น ประธาน (Subject) ในประโยค Passive Voice3. กริยาแท้ ในประโยค ต้องตามหลัง Verb to be และเปลี่ยนกริ ยานั้น เป็ น กริยาช่ องที่ 3 ( past participle )4. ใช้ Verb to be ให้ถูกต้องตาม Tense ในประโยค Active Voice
  7. 7. Active and Passive Voice Mother made a cake.  A cake was made by mother. John is riding a  A motorcycle is being motorcycle. ridden by John. A cat is eating a fish.  A fish is being eaten by a cat. Who called me?  By whom was I called?
  8. 8. Active and Passive Voice John shot Jane yesterday. John was shot yesterday. I built a house. A house was built (by me).
  9. 9. Passive Voice (S + V. to be + V3 + by Obj.) A cat eats a rat. (Present Simple)= A rat is eaten by a cat. A cat ate a rat. (Past Simple)= A rat was eaten by a cat.
  10. 10. Passive Voice (S + V. to be + V3) A cat is eating a rat. (Present Continuous) A rat is being eaten by a cat. A cat was eating a rat. (Past Continuous) A rat was being eaten by a cat.
  11. 11. Passive Voice (S + V. to be + V3) A cat will eat a rat. (Future Simple) A rat will be eaten by a cat. A cat will have eaten a rat. (Future Perfect) A rat will have been eaten by a cat.
  12. 12. Passive Voice (S + V. to be + V3) A cat has eaten a rat. (Present Perfect) A rat has been eaten by a cat. A cat had eaten a rat. (Past Perfect) A rat had been eaten by a cat.
  13. 13. ถ้ า Passive Voice เป็ นประโยคคาถาม ให้ ทาดังนี้ What do you eat? = What are eaten by you? What did he drink? = What was drunk by him? Who killed him? = By whom was he killed? Who stole money? = By whom was money stolen?
  14. 14. ถ้ า Passive Voice เป็ นประโยคคาสั่ ง ให้ ทาดังนี้ ( Let + obj. + be + V3 ) Close the window. = Let the window be closed.ถ้ า Passive Voice เป็ นประโยคคาสั่ งห้ าม ให้ ทาดังนี้ ( Don’t let + obj. + be + V3 ) Don’t eat it. = Don’t let it be eaten.
  15. 15. Exercise. 1:1. The book is read by her.2. A bird is being shot by John.3. Sandwiches are made by mother.4. Table Tennis is played by them.5. A car is always driven by father.6. Flowers are being watered by Tony.7. A ball is being looked for by them.8. A baby is being carried by a nurse.9. A cup of tea is being drunk by Penny.
  16. 16. 10. Two glasses of milk are drunk by her.11. A piece of paper is being cut by a boy.12. Two children are being run after by a dog.13. They are seen by me.14. I am seen by a teacher.15. Plates are being washed by them.16. Mathematics was being taught by Miss Brown.
  17. 17. 17. A new hat was bought by Jill.18. Let your homework be done.19. Her homework wasn’t done by Alison.20. Apples weren’t bought by Jason.21. A snake is seen by Elizabeth.22. Plates are washed by Simon.23. Newspaper is read by her every day.24. Letters were being watched by them.25. The meal is always prepared by David.26. A motorcycle was being ridden by Clare.
  18. 18. 27.Something is being written by Pat.28. French can be spoken by him.29. Coffee is made by her.30. Let the plates be washed.31. Some flowers were given by them.32. Chess was being played by children.33. Let the door be closed.34. Let your clothes be ironed.35. His son was punished by father.
  19. 19. 36. A song is being sung by Sue.37. Picture was being painted by Diana.38. Tennis can be played by her.39. Two apples are always eaten by her.40. A present was chosen by me.41. Let the lights be turned off.42. Let the cups be washed.43. Let your hands be washed before eating.44. A gold ring was bought to me by father.45. Some cookies were given to us by Miss Carpenter.
  20. 20. 46. What is being carried by her?47. By whom were you given an album?48. What was broken by John?49. A cup of tea was made me by her.50. A fairy tale is told children by mother.
  21. 21. Exercise. 2:1. The books have been read (by her) for three hours.2. An airplane has been flown (by him) for ten years.3. The dentist will be seen (by them) tomorrow.4. Tennis will be played (by me)5. A calculator will have been given me by Barbara.
  22. 22. 6. French will have been taught by MissBarbara.7. The milk has been spilt (by him).8. A car has been repaired by a mechanic.9. A little boy had been bitten by a dog.10. A lot of money will be spent (by her).11. He will be helped (by me).12. Her house will be sold by Penny (by her).13. Some postcard will be sent by Dianatomorrow.
  23. 23. 14. Chocolate won’t be eaten (by me).15. His grand parents will be visited (by him).16. The table has been set (by them).17. The newspaper had been read by John.18. The talk show had been watched by Anne.19. The contract will have been signed.20. The new handbag has been bought.21. The bicycles have been ridden by Jasonand Sue.
  24. 24. 22. A car has just been watched (by me).23. A present has been showed me (by her).