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  • 1. • Ai/E10• Ai/E10 Ultra• Immune Formula• ReishiMax
  • 2. • Ai/E10 supports healthy immune cellcommunication by providing a concentrate ofimmune system messengers, includinginterleukins, interferon, and other memorytransfer factors.• Provides additional low molecular weightmolecules including cytokines, lactoferrin,lysozymes, defensins, and disaccharides.• Provides substances involved in immune cellcommunication.• $37.85
  • 3. • Ai/E10 Ultra contains an exclusive combination of bovinecolostrum ingredients, utilizing a patented process to produceColostrum MFT and a proprietary application of antigen-infusedcolostrum. These ingredients boost primary immune cellcommunication with a concentrated spectrum of supplementalimmune antibody proteins and low molecular weight molecules.• Provides a boost to your bodys own natural immune functionand activity.• Provides a broad spectrum of immune proteins, includingimmunoglobulin G, to supplement those naturally produced byyour body.• Provides additional low molecular weight molecules includingcytokines, lactoferrin, lysozymes, defensins, and disaccharides.• Supports the immune systems role in weakening and destroyingharmful organisms in the gut while neutralizing toxic wasteproducts.• $67.70
  • 4. • Boosts immune function for the cold weather season.• Supports the body’s natural immune function.• Provides a comprehensive blend of immune-enhancingingredients.• Contains a proprietary blend of vitamin C, herbs(echinacea and goldenseal), and two unique immune-stimulating ingredients, beta-sitosterol andImmuneEnhance AG, which is shown to be twice aseffective as echinacea in laboratory tests.• 100% natural.• $31.80
  • 5. • ReishiMax GLp is a proprietary extract of Reishi mushroom thathas been standardized for potency and effectiveness.• Supports your bodys own natural immune system by supportingthe activity of your antibodies and Natural Killer Cells.• Pharmanexs proprietary and uniquely effective cracked-sporetechnology unlocks Reishis active ingredient making ReishiMaxGLp highly bioavailable. Cracked mushroom spores provideunique immune activity not found in other Reishi products.• Pharmanexs Reishi mushrooms are grown in a controlledenvironment free of pollutants or pesticides and contains thehighest levels of unique, active polysaccharides and triterpenes.• Standardized to 13.5% polysaccharides and 6% triterpenes.• There are 62 different varieties of the Reishi mushroom. RedReishi, the kind used in ReishiMax GLp, is the highest quality andthe most studied of the Reishi varieties.• Organic natural conditions mimic artificial wooden logcultivation without pesticides, heavy metals or unwanted debris.• $75.05