Bone, Digestive, Women's, Men's health


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Bone Formula, Cartilage Formula, FlexCreme, NutriFi, ProBio PCC, Digestive Formula, Estera, Prostate Formula, Venix

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Bone, Digestive, Women's, Men's health

  1. 1. • Bone Formula• Cartilage Formula• FlexCreme
  2. 2. • Developed blend of vitamins, minerals, andother potent ingredients which helps maintainproper bone structure and function.• Provides 500 mg of calcium and 100 IU ofvitamin D per daily dosage. Both ingredientsare important factors in maintaining properstructure and function of healthy bones.• Addresses the 25 million Americans who havedifficulty with or are concerned about properbone health.• $25.50
  3. 3. • Supplies a clinically significant level ofglucosamine (1500 mg) based on scientificresearch.• Provides nutritionally meaningful levels ofvitamins C (200 mg) with 95% curcumin.• Contains a quality, standardized extract ofBoswellia serrata with 65% boswellic acids.• Contains the antioxidant flavonoids quercetin(50 mg) and rutin (50 mg) for additionalnutritional support.• Provides a nutritionally significant amount ofthe trace mineral zinc (15 mg) and alsocontains the trace mineral boron (6 mg).• $39.80
  4. 4. • Temporarily decreases joint discomfort.• Helps promote joint mobility.• Provides quick and localized relief of stiffmuscles, sore joints and cramps.• Can temporarily reduce the pain, thereforeenabling you to increase joint flexibility, improvingflat ground walking and traversing up and downstairs.• May also increase the level of skincollagen, yielding better elasticity and skin tone.• Also provides temporary relief from minorsunburns, minor scrapes, insect bites, and skinirritations.• $16.80
  5. 5. • NutriFi• Digestive Formula• ProBio PCC
  6. 6. • Excellent source of both insoluble and solublefibers.• Each daily dose provides 8 grams of soluble andinsoluble fiber to promote proper bowel function.• Added fiber can positively affect digestivefunction and promote regularity.• Regular fiber intake can promote cardiovascularhealth.• Blends easily with milk or juice, hot or coldcereals.• $20.35
  7. 7. • Digestive Formula offers a three-step approach to the preventionand treatment of occasional indigestion.1. First, it provides a proprietary blend of plant-based enzymes tohelp the body digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.2. Second, it delivers a highly purified artichoke extract to assistthe production of digestive juices and to help the livermetabolize alcohol. This unique ingredient helps prevent andrelieve the symptoms of occasional indigestion such asheartburn, gas, bloating, and feelings of fullness.3. Third, ginger extract helps ease nausea, a common complaintassociated with eating or drinking just a little too much.• Digestive Formulas artichoke leaf extract is standardized to 15%caffeoylquinic acids, three times the potency of artichoke productscurrently available in the U.S.• Ginger root extract is standardized to 5% gingerols.• Digestive Formula utilizes a proprietary blend of plant-basedenzymes, including three pH-specific proteases.• $32.75
  8. 8. • Clinically proven to encourage the proliferation ofhealthy "live" probiotic bacteria in the lower digestivetract, acting as a territorial colonizer, resilient, andstable.• Reduces symptoms associated with GI discomfort andpromotes digestive comfort and regularity.• Fortifies the natural digestive defense system andassists with the absorption of key nutrients.• Supports healthy function of the urinary tract.• $25
  9. 9. • Estera Phase I• Estera Phase II• Estera Phase III• Estera Cranberry
  10. 10. • Provides powerful phytoestrogens, plant basedcompounds, which should be incorporated into awoman’s diet from an early age to decreasemenopausal symptoms as well as the occurrenceof hot flashes and other health concerns later in life.• Flaxseed powder lignans help promote a healthyratio of estrogen metabolites early in life.• Estera Phase I also provides relief from PMSsymptoms including fatigue, mild moodswings, breast tenderness, and water retention.• $55.35
  11. 11. • Contains a patent-pending blend of phytoestrogens,plant based compounds, that have a mild estrogenicreceptor binding effect.• Estera Transitions also contains flaxseed powder lignansand DIM (Diindolylmethane) that works with the liver tobalance a healthy ratio of estrogen metabolites.• Black cohosh works with other Estera ingredients tohelp relieve symptoms associated with menopause.• Studies have shown that these ingredients can helprelieve common symptoms like hot flashes, anxiousness,and mild mood swings.• $55.35
  12. 12. • Contains a patent-pending blend ofphytoestrogens, plant based compounds, that havea mild estrogenic receptor binding effect.• Estera Transitions also contains flaxseed powderlignans and DIM (Diindolylmethane) that works withthe liver to balance a healthy ratio of estrogenmetabolites.• Supports cardiovascular health, skin tissue, healthybones, and cognitive functions.• $55.35
  13. 13. • Estera Cranberry is composed of drum driedwhole cranberries requiring 12 kg of wholecranberry pulp to make 1 kg of concentrate.• Estera Cranberry provides 375 mg of 100% purecranberry fruit concentrate per capsule.• Cranberry has been found to help maintainurinary tract health in women.• Cranberry has been shown to help maintainkidney function.• $16.60
  14. 14. • Prostate Formula• Venix
  15. 15. • Prostate Formula’s proprietary formula includessaw palmetto, selenium, lycopene, and Tegreen97 and contains an all-natural blend of powerfulantioxidants and botanicals.• Supports healthy prostate function.• Maintains a healthy prostate gland.• Provides long-term prostate cell and DNAprotection against free radical damage.• $25.45
  16. 16. • Promotes healthy sexual well-being.• Helps support circulation.• Promotes vitality and stamina.• 100% natural formula.• Venix is suitable for both men and women. Venixis a blend of three ingredients, cordyceps sinensis,ginkgo biloba and l-arginine. Research with theseingredients suggest that they are all beneficial forsexual health of both men and women.• $45.75