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Hair, Body, Oral, Men's, Heart Health

  1. 1. NU SKINHAIR CAREVisibly Younger Hair in 7 Days
  2. 2. Did You Know?The health of hair influences how oldwe appear. Individuals with healthyhair are seen as younger. Hair healthcan begin to be restored within amonth—taking off up to two years of aperson’s perceived age.
  3. 3. Factors Affecting Hair AgingHair is affected by different factorssimilar to skin aging. It can be affectedby:• Biological Factors• Environmental Factors• Mechanical Factors
  4. 4. Nu Skin Hair CareNu Skin Hair Care is designed toincrease your hair’s youthfulappearance. This process strengthensthe cortex and repairs the shaft.With key ingredients that promotehealth and shine, Nu Skin Hair Care canreverse the signs of damage and agingin as little as one week.
  5. 5. Step 1: Strengthen the CortexScience shows that the stronger the internalcomposition of your hair, the more youthful itlooks.Specially formulated Nu Skin Shampoosstrengthen the cortex of each hair strand asthey cleanse.• Balancing Shampoo—reveal a daily cleanthat is never dull.• Moisturizing Shampoo—designed to indulge.• Clarifying Shampoo—rediscover your hair’snatural strength.
  6. 6. Step 2: Repair the ShaftNu Skin conditioners repair the hairshaft, creating a smooth surface that reflectslight more radiantly and increases theappearance of youthfulness.• Weightless Conditioner—who says you can’thave it all?• Rich Conditioner—an oasis for overworkedtresses.• ReNu Hair Mask—lock in luster all week long.
  7. 7. Selecting Nu Skin Shampoos and ConditionersWeightless Conditioner Rich ConditionerBalancing Shampoo For oilier hair typesdesiring volumeNormal to oily hair typeswho want a sleek, straightstyleMoisturizing Shampoo Moisturized clean withvolume and bodyDry, damaged hairand/or sleek, straightstyles
  8. 8. Usage Recommendations1x Week 2x Week 3x Week More than 3xWeekClarifyingShampooHealthy, dryto normalhairOily hair or hairexposed toenvironmentalpollutionVery oily hairand hairexposed toenvironmentalpollution (i.e.swimmer’s hair)Very short andvery oily hairexposed toenvironmentalpollutionReNu HairMaskHealthy,normal hairSlightlydamaged,treated, or dryhairHeavily treatedhairHeavilytreated, verydry hair
  9. 9. Balancing Shampoo:Reveal a Daily Clean That’s Never Dull• Balanced for daily use and strengthens the cortex.• Formulated with coconut oil, panthenol, and sodium PCA, hydrateswithout leaving hair limp or weighed down.• Removes impurities while delivering balanced hydration so daily washingdoesn’t compromise hair’s natural shine.Active ingredients:Wheat Protein—helps renew hair damaged due to chemical treatments ormechanical stress by adding cysteine (a key amino acid) for strong, healthyhair.Cotton Bloom Extract—smoothes the cuticle.• 250 ml - $12.85• 1 liter w/ pump - $35.35
  10. 10. Moisturizing Shampoo:Designed to Indulge• Strengthens cortex so dry, damaged tresses are radiantly replenished.• Cleanses overworked hair gently.• Replenishes lost lipids from overheating, over-treating and over-coloringproviding locks with essential moisture.Active ingredients:Shea Butter—mimics hair lipids and fills in cracks within the cuticle to increasehair strength.Cotton Bloom Extract—smoothes the cuticle.• 250 ml - $12.85• 1 liter w/ pump - $35.35
  11. 11. Clarifying Shampoo:Rediscover Your Hair’s Natural Strength• Strengthens cortex to protect against nutrient loss.• Provides a deep clean without stripping the hair of natural moisturizers.• Washes away the signs of aging by ridding hair of harsh chemicals andenvironmental pollutants by attaching to and removing buildup.Active ingredients:Shea Butter Seed Cake Extract—this natural detoxifier and antioxidant limitsthe dulling, lackluster effects of environmental pollution.Cotton Bloom Extract—smoothes the cuticle.• 250 ml - $12.85
  12. 12. Formulated for SynergyNu Skin shampoos are formulated to have synergisticeffect with their subsequent conditioners.Because they contain ingredients that assist with thedispersion of silicones, our products provide a softer morelustrous look and feel to the hair.
  13. 13. Weightless Conditioner:Who Says You Can’t Have It All?• Maximizes manageability.• Repairs the outer shaft of the hair to restore youthful softness andsmoothness.• Delivers luscious hydration without dragging the hair down.Active ingredients:Meadowfoam—this lightweight oil provides volume without weighing downhair. Helps hold moisture in the hair shaft, which in turn makes the hair seemfuller.Amino Acids—maximize manageability.• 250 ml - $12.85• 1 liter w/ pump - $35.35
  14. 14. Rich Conditioner:An Oasis for Overworked Tresses• Seals the cuticle with a low pH formula for superior shine and increasedmoisture retention.• Repairs the outer shaft of the hair to restore youthful softness andsmoothness.Active ingredients:Shea Butter—mimics hair lipids and fills in cracks in the cuticles to increase hairstrength.Meadowfoam—this lightweight oil provides volume without weighing downhair. Helps hold moisture in the hair shaft, which in turn makes the hair seemfuller.• 250 ml - $12.85• 1 liter w/ pump - $35.35
  15. 15. ReNu Hair Mask:Lock in Luster All Week Long• Penetrates the hair shaft to hydrate and triple the strength of damagedhair.• Repairs the outer shaft of the hair to restore youthful softness andsmoothness.Active ingredients:Creatine—improves tensile strength of the cortex.CS7—derived from vegetables, this cutting edge ingredient seals, smoothesand strengthens cuticles, providing shine which lasts through repeatedshampooing.• $20.90
  16. 16. StylinGel Firm Hold Hair Gel• This light but firm, long-lasting sculpting gel is loaded with powerfulnutrients to protect and pamper your hair without weighing it down.Imparting incredible hold without flaking or stickiness, StylinGel is greatfor wet or dry styling.Active ingredients:Vitamins B 5 , E & C—nourishes and strengthens hair, which creates shineand healthy-looking fullnessNaPCA—a natural humectant, helps protect against dryness by attractingthe right amount of moisture to the hair shaftQuinoa—a protein rich grain grown high in the Andes helps repair hairdamage and keep hair looking healthy• $22.10
  17. 17. BODY CARE• BODY Cleansers• BODY Moisturizers
  19. 19. • Eliminates odor- and infection-causing germs.• Soap-free formula, enriched withaloe vera and botanical extracts,washes away without leaving anunpleasant film or residue.• Gentle enough for daily use onthe entire body.• For body and hands-excellent atthe sink or in the shower.• Safety-allergy-dermatologisttested.• 2 sizes available:250 ml or 500 ml• $9.20 or $15.30ANTI-BACTERIAL BODY CLEANSING GEL
  20. 20. • Gentle, non-drying cleansersthoroughly remove dirt andimpurities without stripping the skin ofvital lipids.• Doesnt leave skin feeling dry.• pH balanced to help maintain skinintegrity and protect its delicatemoisture barrier.• Aromatic grapefruit scent invigoratesthe senses and enhances the showerexperience.• 100% soap-free.• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.• 1 bar with case - $9.10or• 5 bar refill pack - $40.50BODY BAR
  21. 21. • Provides the perfect balance offreshness and hydration.• Features an aromatic grapefruitscent and a rich, creamy soap-free formula.• Gently removes dirt, oil, andimpurities.• pH balanced formula maintainsskin integrity to protect moisturebarrier.• 2 sizes available:250 ml or 500 ml• $9.45 or $16.60LIQUID BODY BAR
  22. 22. • Provides essential exfoliation by gentlyworking away surface impurities anddead skin.• Revitalizes the body with an invigoratingexfoliating action with grained walnutshells.• Smoothes dry, rough areas on theelbows, knees, and entire body.• Improves your skins tone and texture asit removes dry patches and rough areas.• Rinses away completely without leavinga residue that can dry and irritate skin.• 100% soap-free.• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.• 250 ml• $10.40LIQUID BODY LUFRA
  23. 23. • Aromatherapeutic calming formula easesstress and muscle tension while upliftingyour spirits.• Combines the luxury of an aromaticbubble bath with skin conditioningbenefits.• Leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth andunbelievably soft to the touch.• Combines 21 herbs to create the optimalatmosphere for a soothing, relaxing, andrevitalizing bathing experience.• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.• 500 ml• $15.55HERBAL MINERAL BATH
  25. 25. • Utilizes the humectants NaPCA andhyaluronic acid to seal in moisture.• Nourishes skin with aloe vera, algaeextract, and vitamins A and E.• Light moisturization that is absorbedquickly and never leaves a heavy,oily residue.• Conditions and hydrates to promotean optimal skin environment.• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.• 250 ml• $11.45BODY SMOOTHER
  26. 26. • Enhances the skin cells natural defensemechanisms against external aggressorssuch as dry air, extreme temperatures,and wind.• Helps protect and provide resiliency topromote cellular durability for healthylooking skin year round with a naturalcompound derived from Narcissus bulbsthat has been scientifically shown toincrease cellular durability.• Increases skins moisture retentionfunction.• Provides moisturization while helping toprevent moisture loss.• Fragrance-free, great for all skin types.• 250 ml• $17.45PERENNIAL INTENSE MOISTURIZER
  27. 27. • Designed specifically to keep handsproperly hydrated and preventdryness.• Moisturizes instantly to comfort andreplenish dry, chapped skin withaloe vera extract.• Leaves hands feeling soft-nevergreasy or sticky.• Is absorbed quickly so you cancontinue activities immediatelyafter application.• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.• $8.35HAND LOTION
  28. 28. BODY CARE ESSENTIALS PACKAGE• Liquid Body Bar• Liquid Body Lufra• Perennial Intense Moisturizer• $33.35
  29. 29. MISCELLANEOUS• Oral Care• Men’s Care
  30. 30. AP-24 ORAL CARE SYSTEM• AP-24 stands for Anti-Plaque for 24hours.• An integrated system of productsdeveloped for the entire family, AP-24helps remove plaque and fight cavitiesthroughout the day.• This cavity-fighting formula features apatented plaque-fighting agent thathelps remove plaque and debris.• Gentle to teeth and mild to gums.• AP-24 wraps around teeth and holdstightly to leave your mouth feeling slickerand fresher longer. AP-24 Oral Care System - $34.45 AP-24 Fluoride Toothpaste - $7.85 AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste - $8.40 AP-24 Toothbrush (3pk) - $8.90 AP-24 Mouthwash - $7.35 AP-24 Breath Spray - $4.70
  31. 31. Dividends Shave Cream• Cleanses, exfoliates, and conditions as you shave for acomfortable, smooth after-feel.• Concentrated lather optimizes razor glide.• Cream format allows for the delivery of additional skincare benefits.• Provides antioxidant protection to skin.• $10.75Dividends Aftershave Balm• Makes facial hair softer, finer, and lessnoticeable, extending the results of your morning shave.• Cools and soothes the skin.• Prevents razor bumps.• $15.75Dividends Antiperspirant Deodorant• Captures and eliminates existing and future odor-causing molecules.• Microfine antiperspirant absorbs more easily.• Helps prevent underarm irritation.• $8.40Dividends Complete Set - $32.35DIVIDENDS FOR MEN
  32. 32. • MarineOmega• Optimum Omega• Cholestin• NanoCoQ10
  33. 33. • Supports normal brain function and wellness.• Promotes cardiovascular health.• Promotes a healthy immune response.• Supports joint function and mobility.• Delivers EPA and DHA from two sources: ultra pure fish oil andkrill oil.• Contains unique krill oil that provides multiple benefits:▫ Provides highly bioactive EPA and DHA in a uniquephospholipid form targeted for use in the brain and cellmembranes throughout the body.▫ Contains the powerful antioxidant carotenoid astaxanthin.▫ Contains a unique flavonoid—the first flavonoid extractedfrom a non-plant or algae source.• Ultra-pure source of fresh fish oil tested free of toxins, pollutants,and heavy metals.• Includes vanilla infused soft gels and natural lemon oil for apleasant aroma and minimal fishy flavor.• $41.85
  34. 34. • Optimum Omega is a dietary supplement providingultra-pure fish omega-3 fatty acids. Used daily aspart of an essential nutritional supplementprogram, Optimum Omega provides importantomega-3 macronutrients for optimal health andwellness.• Promotes cardiovascular health.• Promotes a healthy immune response.• Supports joint function and mobility.• Provides natural vitamin E, a potent antioxidant.• Contains 2 mg of deodorized garlic which isequivalent to 200 mg of fresh garlic.• $13.65
  35. 35. • Cholestin’s proprietary blend containspolymethoxylated flavones extracted fromcitrus fruits, geraniol and the essential fattyacids EPA and DHA found in marine lipids.Each individual constituent has been shown tocontrol existing normal cholesterol levels in thebody and promote overall cardiovascularhealth.• Maintains normal cholesterol production in theliver, rather than blocking absorption.• Lipidol: citrus fruit extract, palm fruitextract, EPA and DHA• $44.30
  36. 36. • NanoCoQ10 utilizes cutting-edge nano technology to deliverhighly bioavailable coenzyme Q10 for potent cardiovascularand cognitive benefits. Pharmanex’s proprietary nanotechnology individually wraps each CoQ10 molecule makingthem up to 10 times more bioavailable than other forms ofCoQ10.• Strengthens heart muscle function and cardiac output withoutnegative side effects.• Promotes cardiovascular health.• Provides powerful protection against free-radical damage inmitochondria.• Essential coenzyme catalyst for the production of ATP thatfuels energy.• Recycles vitamin E in the bodys antioxidant defense network.• Supports healthy skin by providing protection against UVradiation.• $43.70