An Interview with Navy ________________________About Navy Recruiting Post bin LadenQ      A short time ago, a US military ...
Q      Does this geographic area produce many of these specialty people?A        Actually, yes. During my time here our re...
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Post bin laden


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PAO training tools for NRS's

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Post bin laden

  1. 1. An Interview with Navy ________________________About Navy Recruiting Post bin LadenQ A short time ago, a US military special operations team killed the world’s most wantedcriminal, terrorist Osama bin Laden. Has that had an effect on Navy Recruiting?A We don’t have enough information to comment properly regarding the operation itself,but it is fair for us to say although there might be some people who go to recruiting stationssaying that they want to be like those guys, we don’t have numbers that would suggest a surge onthat basis. Please recognize that the environment for military recruiting in general has been prettygood for the past few years. We don’t want to speculate on the resulting ramifications of this, butit is clear that in general the American public seems to have a renewed respect and appreciationfor this elite group of servicemen. To the extent that this encourages people to look to Navy as acareer, we’re all for it.Q I noticed that the term SEAL is all in capital letters. Does that mean something?A Yes. The letters stand for Sea, Air and Land. The Navy SEALs are trained for all three,and it is important to point out that in fact the Navy operates on the water with our ships, underthe water with our submarines, above the water with our aircraft, and on land as well.Q What does it take for someone to become a Navy SEAL?A First of all, it requires a keen desire to reach that level of accomplishment. If someonedoesn’t truly have that interest level, they won’t make it. What we just witnessed was the resultof an extraordinary level of training and discipline. Physical conditioning and mental toughnessare prerequisites. Training extends the limits for these individuals. What is especially importantfor your audience to understand, however, is that the Navy SEAL classification is only one areaof Navy special warfare or special operations that an interested person can become engaged in.Q What other areas are there?A SEAL training itself begins with basic underwater demolition training, so divers andexplosive ordinance demolition personnel stem from this same area. Also, special warfarecombatant-craft crewmen and aviation rescue swimmers work in related areas. These are allNavy jobs that there is a fairly high demand for, and we want people in this area to know that.
  2. 2. Q Does this geographic area produce many of these specialty people?A Actually, yes. During my time here our recruiting district has had a lot of successbringing many of these people into the Navy, but I also think it is important to point out that theNavy has many other specialties, including ones that probably were involved in this most recentoperation. Without taking any credit away from the SEALs or any other special forces, we haveto point out that there were aircraft crews who delivered the special forces, undoubtedly alsostandby and support personnel in a number of specialties, and credit has to go to the intelligenceand cryptographic people who figured out what was going on. While it might not have beenNavy personnel in each of these categories, certainly it is important to note that Navy does haveall of these kinds of jobs. We hope that people come to see us about what we have available.Q Do you have certain jobs that you especially want to fill?A Fit versus fill is the philosophy of the Navy, so it is important for us to make sure wehave the right people in the right jobs. Certainly special warfare and special operations is an areawhere we want to attract the best possible people, so we will always welcome applicants. Also,we actively search for people who want to become specialists in the nuclear arena. Navy hasroughly the same number of nuclear power plants as there are commercial ones on land acrossthe nation. Also, we have room for prior service personnel and for a number of reservecategories, especially clergy, physicians, dentists and other healthcare related people.Q How does one get started pursuing some of these opportunities?A Actually, the best first step is to contact the local recruiting station to find out about anyand all of the jobs that we have available. To reach us, simply contact our station by calling______________, or stop in most afternoons at _________________________________. If youor an out of-town friend want to locate another station near them, visit and clickon “find a recruiter” on the right side of the home page, then enter your zip code number. A callto 800-4go –Navy will do the trick as well.Additional comment:To put the Navy’s role in perspective, you need to recognize that 70 percent of the world iscovered by ocean, 80 percent of the world’s population lives along coasts and 90 percent of theworld’s commerce travels by water. Protecting all of that is our job, and that makes America’sNavy a global force for good.Sailors serve on land and from the sea; from ships on the water, submarines under the water, andplanes and helicopters over the water – all to meet America’s threats far away so that thosethreats cannot harm us here. We welcome the best men and women to join us in accomplishingtoday’s missions and meeting tomorrow’s challenges.