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Great Ideas Take Time


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Your impact on the world may be greater than you ever imagine. Learn more at

Your impact on the world may be greater than you ever imagine. Learn more at

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  • 1. Kim Alsbrooks paints 17th and 18th Century portraits on trash she finds in the streets. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 2. The trash must already be flattened perfectly. She will not flatten it herself. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 3. Once Kim finds a perfect piece of trash, she finds the perfect portrait for that piece. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 4. (I’m not sure whether it is harder for Kim to find the trash or paint the portrait.) Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 5. The people Kim paints died long before TV, computers, Coke and Bud were invented. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 6. I have never met Kim. I found her work on Vimeo, which led me to her web site , home of these images. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 7. Kim’s work gave me an idea, which led to this Slideshare. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 8. My work may give you an idea. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 9. It may take ten minutes or 1,000 years for this work to inspire a spectacular idea. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 10. Or… you might just be slightly nicer to your spouse… or child… or friend… because Kim’s work made you smile. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 11. We are all connected. Your ideas and actions impact other people, even when it seems they do not. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 12. The connections between us are often neither immediate nor obvious. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 13. The people you impact may think very differently than you do. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 14. Do not wait for a response. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 15. The best response to your work may not come for 100 years. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 16. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 17. “Great artists steal, bad artists borrow.” Harry Chapin, quoting Stravinsky Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 18. Steal as many great ideas as you can from the past, from the present, and from the future. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 19. Mashup the world in your own highly personal and unique way. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 20. Then watch as others do the same to you. Image by Kim Alsbrooks
  • 21. All images by Kim Alsbrooks Slideshare by Bruce Kasanoff ghostwriter & speaker Image by Kim Alsbrooks