Excel 3: Data Analysis


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Watch this with a 10-15 minute audiotrack at http://vimeo.com/novusprogram/excel3

This lesson builds upon the concepts that were learned in the previous Excel lesson. The topics covered include using Excel’s powerful formulas to help perform data analysis on both large and small amounts of data. The objective of the lesson is for the user to be comfortable with calculating data variance, making informational comments, using advanced filtering techniques, and combining multiple sources of data. The lesson teaches concepts through a combination of image-based slides and video tutorials.

The Novus project is a combination of video tutorials designed to be used in conjunction with a free business simulation software program. The Novus Business and IT Program contains 36 business and IT training videos, covering basic finance, accounting, marketing, economics, business strategy, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users will have an opportunity to apply the lessons in the Novus Business Simulator. Over six rounds, the user or teams will have to make decisions on capital purchases, financing, production, financing, and human resources for a microbrewery. This channel has arranged the 36 video lessons into the order in which they are meant to be used with the simulator. To watch this slideshow as a video, please go to our Vimeo page at: https://vimeo.com/novusprogram. To download our free business simulation software, please go to our SourceForge page at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/novus/.

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Excel 3: Data Analysis

  1. 1. Microsoft Excel 3: Data Analysis Objective: To learn how to work with filtered data, how to use additional formulas, and how to combine data from two different sources.Novus Business and IT Training Program
  2. 2. Freezing Panes• Locks part of the worksheetNovus Business and IT Training Program 1
  3. 3. Freezing Panes• Useful when you have header rows The header row is shown as you scroll through the worksheetNovus Business and IT Training Program 2
  4. 4. Video 1Novus Business and IT Training Program 3
  5. 5. Variance• Use a simple subtraction formula to do variance analysisNovus Business and IT Training Program 4
  6. 6. AutoFill• Excel can automatically update data patterns 1. 2. 3. Drag the fill handle to AutoFillNovus Business and IT Training Program 5
  7. 7. Video 2Novus Business and IT Training Program 6
  8. 8. Cell Comments• Each cell can have a comment A commented cell has a red marking When the cursor is over the cell, the comment displaysNovus Business and IT Training Program 7
  9. 9. Advanced Filtering• Excel can filter on color, numbers, and more You can only filter on color if some of the cells are coloredNovus Business and IT Training Program 8
  10. 10. Advanced Filtering • If the column contains text instead of numbers, text filters will replace number filters Notice that here it is impossible to filter on color because no cells are coloredNovus Business and IT Training Program 9
  11. 11. Video 3Novus Business and IT Training Program 10
  12. 12. Video 4Novus Business and IT Training Program 11
  13. 13. TRUE or FALSE?• The formula =Cell=Cell is useful• Tests whether the cells are equal and returns a value of TRUE or FALSENovus Business and IT Training Program 12
  14. 14. Microsoft Excel 3: Wrap-Up• This lesson covered: – How to work with filters – Useful formulas – Methods for analyzing data – How to combine dataNovus Business and IT Training Program 13