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Introduction to Novitell Fusion


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Get an initial understanding of the Novitell Fusion and learn how it can benefit your company.

Get an initial understanding of the Novitell Fusion and learn how it can benefit your company.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Does your company need a mobile solution to go with your current VoIP offer?
  • 3. Privately held international company situated in Denmark.
    Established in 2007 by industry experts seeing a need in the market for the ultimate Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Solution.
    Development organizations in Vietnam and Denmark
    Is focused on being first-mover and providing better solutions with a high focus on usability and seamless integration
    Funded by Vækstfonden (Danish Growth Fund)
    NovitellWho we are
  • 4. Novitell provides the Mobile VoIP solution the Novitell Fusion.
    The basic idea is a solution that allows enterprise users to use their mobile phone for VoIP when in Wifi coverage and as a regular mobile phone out of coverage, without any interaction needed from the enterprise user.
    By upgrading mobility to IP the enterprise gains benefits like lower cost on mobile usage and flexible, effective and mobile employees.
    The solution is developed for selected Symbian handsets such as the Nokia E-series, and will in time support all relevant smartphones including Blackberry, iPhone and Android.
    SolutionWhat we do
  • 5. A mobility challengeIt’s a mobile jungle out there!
    Users have several independent communication devices – Desktop phone, Mobile, PDA, PC – with little or no integration and individual IDs/numbers.
    Each phone has its own set of features, like cellular and Wifi connection, individual address books and individual voicemails
    The control of features is troublesome. Most features need to be provisioned using number pad codes (like *65**#).
    There’s no roaming between disparate networks or platforms. The assigned network is used for the duration of a connection.
    The pricing is unclear, illogical and confusing
    There’s little or no integration with IT infrastructure
    The need for flexibility through PBX features is increasing.
    Lost calls and broken connections are common problems.
  • 6. The solutionA response to the mobile jungle
    A client on a mobile device that allows the phone to work as an IP phone within company networks (and other assigned networks) and as a mobile (GSM) phone when outside.
    Handover between networks happens seamlessly.
    A seamless GUI intertwines with the existing mobile GUI to allow for easy adoption and minimum training and support.
    Delivers all fixed-line IP telephony services to your mobile phone
    Available for Nokia E-series phones. Blackberry and iPhone are next.
    The solution is developed for integration with current offerings from Internet telephony service providers, making it a value adding technology for the Internet Telephony Service Provider.
    Sticky Handover®. Patent pending. Application 200701507 filed under PTC.
    Everything is a software solution.
  • 7. FunctionalityA mobile client and a server. It’s that simple!
    Dual Mode Client
    Connected to WiFi network
    Connected to cellular Network
    Dual Mode Server
    Functions as an anchor point for all calls
    Sticky Handover® from WiFi to cellular (patent pending)
    Interconnects with softswitch.
    PBX Services from softswitch transferred to mobile.
    Provisions all mobiles with WLAN access and SIP client.
    The user does not need to consider the system, it is as simple as dialling one number
    Novitell Dual Mode Client
    Novitell Dual Mode Server
  • 8. End-to-end qualificationConstant monitoring
    Qualifies Wifi connection before and during a call
    If quality decreases, call is switched seamlessly to GSM
  • 9. Value propositionValue for you and your customers
    IP mobility
    Low investment
    Pay as you grow
    Cost reductions
    Easy usage
    • Increased employee mobility and flexibility
    • 10. Efficiency gains through PBX functions
    • 11. Improved user experience
    • 12. Support for new creative business models.
    • 13. More efficient IT infrastructure
    • 14. No missed calls
    • 15. Attract new costumers
    • 16. Reduce costumer churn
    • 17. Additional revenue streams
    • 18. Increased competitiveness
    • 19. Easy installation
    • 20. ROI in less than a year
    • 21. Low risk
    • 22. Network agnostic
  • Unique features8 great reasons
  • 23. FeaturesSticky Handover, Seamless user experience, etc.
    Seamless user experience
    A seamless user interface integrated into the mobiles existing user interface.
    Easy Integration
    Works in concert with the telephony infrastructure using a Back to Back User Agent (B2BUA).
    Sticky Handover
    Seamless handover between Wifi, GSM or any other network.
    Plug and Go
    All mobiles are provisioned over the air via SMS. All the user has to do is press ‘ok’.
  • 24. FeaturesPBX on the mobile and Pay as you grow
    Improve Your Mobility
    Streamline, integrate and manage mobile usage by incorporating mobiles into the core telephony infrastructure.
    PBX on the mobile
    Call forward, conference call, three-digit dialing, or any other feature tailored by the service provider for each enterprise, are available on the mobile.
    Mobile Operator Independent
    Works with or without any mobile network operator.
    Pay as you Grow
    No large investment. Only a small initial purchase and a possibility to let capacity grow along with the success of the Novitell Fusion.
  • 25. How many % of your company’s mobile minutes are spend in Wifi?
    How much does your company spend on mobile minutes?
    How much would your company gain in productivity with a more liberal mobile solution?
    Do the math!Save on office mobile minutes
    How much cheaper is it to use your fixed line instead of the mobile
    35 %
    200.000 €
    43.333 €
    20.000 €
    3 times
  • 26. Enterprise ROIIt’s more than just savings on calling!
    One ID results in reachable employees, and reachable employees are efficient employees. The dismissal of lost and broken connections saves time trying to contact or call back.
    VoIP is becoming the fixed line of choice and Wireless networks will be increasingly available. Both tendencies will help decrease calling cost and facilitate flat fee price models.
    Local PBX and wiring are in time replaced with a single mobile hosted software solution, lowering the need for additional purchases and maintenance
    With a hosted solution the IT department can focus on internal processes. And by using an IMS compatible solution integration is simplified. Also, the provisioning tool allows for easy setup of mobile phones.
    Mobile (WiFi) calls are routed as fixed line calls and internal mobile (WiFi) calls are free. Least cost routing decreases expenses for international calls.
  • 27. Klaus Akselsen (CTO and founder)
    +20 years of IT and telecom experience and part of IP development for 10 years.
    Held positions in Logistics, Development, Sales and General Management in Europe and the US.
    Henrik Bonvig (Sales and Marketing Director and founder)
    +20 years of experience in Telco businesses in Europe and part of IP development for 10 years.
    Held positions in Sales and General Management in Europe and Asia.
    ManagementKey players in Scandinavian IP development
    • Steen Rye Jeppesen, Business Development Manager
    • 28. +15 years of telephony business experience with in-depth knowledge of ITSPs.
    • 29. Held positions in Marketing, Sales and General Management a.o. in Denmarks largest Telco – TDC.
    • 30. Kim Winther, Director R&D
    • 31. +15 years of experience in Linux and Data communication, including IP telephony.
    • 32. Has developed unique solutions for IP and mobile operators.
  • 33. End user presentation
    2-page handouts
    ROI calculator and
    Need to see more?Contact your Novitell representative
  • 34. Thank You