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Phcc presentation 2010
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Phcc presentation 2010


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  • 1. Welcome to Patrick Henry Community College
    Dual Enrollment Program
    Presented by:
    Chameeka N. Smith
    March 2011
  • 2. 1.2 million students were dual enrolled in 2005
    “College credit earn prior to high school graduation reduce the average time to a degree and increase the likelihood of graduation”
    Did you know…
  • 3. Did you know…
  • 4. Franklin County High School
    Students can receive college credit by enrolling in 18 dual enrollment courses
  • 5. Henry County Public Schools
    In 2009, 1,216 students took one or more dual enrollment courses
  • 6. Martinsville City Public Schools
    All students are offered the dual enrollment program
  • 7. Patrick County Public Schools
    28 seniors graduated with a high school diploma and Associate’s degree in June 2010
  • 8. Providing high school students the opportunity to enroll in college level courses while in High School
    Opportunity to earn high school credits and college credits simultaneously
    What is Dual Enrollment?
  • 9. Demonstration
  • 10. Comparison
    High School Graduate
    Dual Enrollment Graduate
    Received a high school diploma
    Received a high school diploma
    Received college credits
    Received a college transcript
    Exposed to college classes and faculty expectations
  • 11. Must be a high school junior or senior attending a public or private school
    Exceptional freshman and sophomore on a case-by-case basis; home school students can also participate
    Must apply to PHCC
    Must take and pass the College placement test (COMPASS or ASSET)
    Receive a recommendation from a high school official
    Parental consent
    Eligible for the Dual Enrollment program
  • 12. Dual Enrollment
  • 13. Step 1: Complete an PHCC application and schedule a placement test
    Step 2: Select course(s) with high school counselor
    Step 3: Register (tuition/textbooks)
    Step 4: Visit PHCC to learn about services and activities available
    Role of Parent and Students
  • 14. Step 5: Participate in class; do assignments on time
    Step 6: Put forth your best efforts and strive for A’s and B’; Remember grades become a part of your college transcript
    Role of Parent and Students
  • 15. Saving money
    Free college placement testing
    Receiving high school and college credit simultaneously
    Development of an official college transcript
    Introduction to college courses and faculty expectations
    Progress towards next academic goals without having to want until high school graduation
    College resources
    Benefits of Dual Enrollment
  • 16. Questions???
    Closing Words
  • 17. For more information please contact:
    Patrick Henry Community College
    Dual Enrollment Coordinator
    645 Patriot Ave
    Martinsville, VA 24112