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Global Giving Competition

  1. 1. 109 N. GRAHAM STREET, SUITE 203 CHAPEL HILL, NC 27516 919.338.2599 ERADICATING POVERTY | ENGAGING STUDENTS | EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES Global Giving Challenge: The organization Global Giving is hosting a giving challenge for Nourish projects. All participating Nourish projects will be featured on the Global Giving website for three weeks. During that time, your chapter’s goal is to get your friends, family, and campus community to donate online to your project. In addition to the funds that you raise, if your chapter raises the most money or gets the highest number of donors, you will win a generous bonus from Global Giving! More on Global Giving: The Global Giving website can be found at Organizations post pages with in-depth descriptions of prospective projects that need funding, including updates, pictures, links, etc. Potential donors browse the site for information on projects to give money to, which they can do through an online payment. Contest Details and Prizes: • The following prizes are up for grabs: o The project that receives the most funds is awarded $2000. o The project that receives the second most funds is awarded with $1500. o The project that receives the third most funds is awarded with $500. o The project that receives funds from the highest number of donors is awarded with $1000. • There will be a conference call on February 4th (time TBD), discussing how to write a good project and how to raise money online. • Submissions are due to Nourish ( on February 8. • The contest officially begins February 17th at 12:00am EST. • Contest ends March 9th at 11:59 EST and results are released on the 10th. Submission instructions: Please fill out the form below as accurately and completely as possible. When it is complete, submit the document and any supplemental materials (such as photos) to the Nourish office ( The deadline to submit is February 8, 2010. Nourish will review all submitted projects and upload them to the Global Giving website. In writing your page, make sure to use concrete, concise language throughout to ensure that donors understand exactly why their support is needed, what they are supporting, the specific actions that will be taken, and the benefits that will be a result of their donations. Remember: this is what potential donors will see when they visit your project on the website, so the presentation
  2. 2. 109 N. GRAHAM STREET, SUITE 203 CHAPEL HILL, NC 27516 919.338.2599 ERADICATING POVERTY | ENGAGING STUDENTS | EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES is important! For additional guidance, stay tuned for more information about the training call on February 4. Project Title: Brief and direct. When naming, keep in mind who will benefit, how will they benefit and where the project is located. 50 character limit. Example: Providing education for 100 girls in Kerala. Project URL: _________________. Choose a word/ words that reflect your title. Must begin with a lower case letter but can also use numbers (0-9), and the dash character (-). Project Summary: Displayed on search results AND main project page. Use professional but user-friendly language to provide donors with a concise description of what you are doing, how you are doing it, and what it will ultimately accomplish. Refrain from using vague terms like “sustainable development”. 200 character limit. Example: This project provides 50 women with healthcare training to provide basic healthcare to 600 villagers in rural Nepal. Project Need and Beneficiaries: Explain the needs that the project will address and exactly who will benefit from the project's activities. What challenges are you addressing? (hunger, poverty, illiteracy, etc) and specifically where? What does your solution offer? (education, scholarships, etc.) Can include a quote from a project leader. 500 character limit. Example: During 2008, Friends of Burkina Faso will support noon meals for 500 students at College Modern de l'Amitie, at a cost of $.40/day/student. A noon meal is essential to students' learning, as they have little or no breakfast and walk 6 km in the heat to and from school. In the 2007-08 school year, the noon meal contributed to an impressive 81% of students completing coursework successfully. Project Activities: Describe the activities the project will undertake in order to reach the expected outcomes or goals. Try to keep the activities focused so that donors can imagine exactly what the activities are and what outcomes they will produce. For example, “If we provide the bednets and water purification tablets, we will be able to reduce malaria cases.” Can include a quote from a beneficiary about how the project directly impacted them. 250 character limit.
  3. 3. 109 N. GRAHAM STREET, SUITE 203 CHAPEL HILL, NC 27516 919.338.2599 ERADICATING POVERTY | ENGAGING STUDENTS | EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES Donation Values: Define 3-8 donation options—what can each sum of money “buy”, and what will the impact of that buy be? Specifically explain the outcome of the project’s activities. For example: “$20 will train 1 artisan in marketing his wood products” Minimum donation: $10. Include at least one donation option of less than $100. Potential Long-Term Impact: How many people will the project serve? Why is the solution important? What problem will the project solve? 250 character limit. Project Message/ Quote: Can include a personal quote from a beneficiary demonstrating the impact of your project in their life. 200 character limit. Project Funding Requested: Actual amount that the project will cost. This amount will be adjusted later by Nourish according to guidelines and transaction fees. Smaller budgets make donors feel more like they have more impact. Keywords: Words that help search engines identify your project. 244 character limit. Project Resources: List up to four websites relevant to your project that will provide supplemental information. (For example: online articles, videos, etc.) Photos: Attach any photos to be included as the main project picture or to be included in the photo gallery (up to 10 photos). Project Leaders: Include “Project Leader’s” name, email address, home address, phone number. This is the person who will be the main contact for the project. Project Personnel: Include up to three credible “Project Personnel” entries with name, title, bio, credentials/awards/degrees. Explain the roles that these people play in achieving the goals of the project. *Please include the Chapter contact’s name and email address (may be Chapter Leader, International Projects Coordinator, Project Leader, or another chapter member)*