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The role of public relations offices at the University of ...
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The role of public relations offices at the University of ...


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  • 1. The role of public relations offices at the University of Ljubljana and its faculties: theory vs. practice Goran Tomšič Monika Lapanja Alenka Jelen
  • 2. Understanding PR
    • Over 800 definitions
    • Cutlip, Center and Broom:
    • “ Public relations is a management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and the publics on whom its success or failure depends.”
    • Ruehl:
    • “ Public relations is what public relations does.”
  • 3. Why do we need a PR office?
    • Helps an institution to develop effective relationships with many different key publics in order to achieve its goals
    • Contributes to mutual understanding among an institution and surrounding groups ( “ PR is building bridges ” )
    • Acts as a counselor to management and as a mediator, helping to translate private aims into reasonable, publicly acceptable policy and action
    • Inside department or outside counseling firm?
  • 4. PR Models and Roles
    • Models (Grunig and Grunig ):
    • Press agentry (one-way asymmetrical)
    • Public information (one-way symmetrical)
    • Two-way asymmetrical
    • Two-way symmetrical: excellence in PR
    • Roles:
    • Manager (“sit at a management table”)
    • Technician (“following orders”)
  • 5. Tasks of PR Office
    • Internal relations
    • Publicity (internal and external media)
    • Media relations
    • Advertising
    • Public affairs and lobbying (public policy)
    • Issues and crisis management
    • Relations with local communities
    • Fundraising and sponsorship
    • Counseling
    • Research
    • Spokespersons
  • 6. Knowledge and Skills
    • Basic knowledge:
      • Communication
      • Sociology
      • Psychology and social psychology
      • Political science
      • Social research
      • Economics and management
      • Arts and e thics
    • Skills:
      • Public issue analysis
      • Media relations
      • Advertising and publications
      • Fim and video productions
      • Speeches and presentations
  • 7. PR in Public Sector ( U niversities)
    • Often monopolies with stable stakeholders
    • Can avoid some challenges
      • F ast changing environment and profits
      • P roduct development and b randing
    • Confront difficult questions
      • Flexible work in a bureaucratic environment
      • Working with stars
      • Which stakeholders take priority?
      • How to respond to political pressures?
      • How to retain democratic accountability?
  • 8. Mission of the University PR
    • T o enhance the image and visibility of the university through the various functions of media relations, publications, advertising, marketing, special events, and strategic public relations planning, thereby assisting the university and its administrative and academic departments in achieving the university's goals.