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  • 1. COURSE SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE : Hospitality and Tourism Management in Thailand Faculty / Program : Hospitality and Tourism Management NUMBER OF CREDITS : 3 (2-2-5) credits DURATION : July 13 – August 7, 2009 COURSE CO-ORDINATORS : Asst.Prof. Montakan Lancaster Dhurakij Pundit University : Assoc.Prof. Chanan Vongvipak Silapakorn University COURSE DESCRIPTION: The first part of this course will begin by introducing themes relevant to the trends of Thai Hotel industry. It will provide concept of Thainess in the hospitality industry, the special characteristics that make Thai hospitality world renown. Topics of health and wellness service, service quality management, hotel distribution management, as well as the management of crisis will be included. Subsequently, given the worldwide identity of Thai cuisine, the course will outline the continued potential of Thailand’s culinary heritage to the world’s hospitality industry. The second part of the course will cover the role of tourism in economy and society from political- economic approach and functional approach; dimensions of tourism in Southeast Asia and Thailand; discourse on cultural heritage management and tourism. COURSE OBJECTIVES : After completion of this course students should be acquainted with 1. Modern hotel and restaurant management practices 2. Thai cuisine, from typical ingredients through to signature dishes 3. Reasons for the growth of the tourism industry in Thailand 4. Factors explaining the prestigious appeal of Thailand as a global destination 5. Sustainable and community-based tourism management practices in Thailand LECTURES AND EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES Methods of delivery include lectures, demonstrations, cookery classes, group activities, fieldtrips, reports and presentations. REQUIRED READINGS Lecturers’ hand-outs and recommended materials EVALUATION Hospitality Management Class attendance & participation 20 % Examination & Project presentation 30 % Tourism Management Assignment 25 % Field Report 25 % Total 100 % Students are required to attend at least 80% of classes.
  • 2. Course Outline Hospitality Management July 13 - AUGUST 7, 2009 Week Topics Lecturer Room WEEK 1 Monday CHE TBA 13 July 2009 • Overall group orientation by CHE Tuesday 14 July 2009 • Orientation on DPU campus Assoc.Prof. Dr Tatree TBA 08.30-09.30 Nontasak • An overview of the Thai hospitality industry Asst.Prof. Nongnuj TBA 10.00-12.00 - Components Sritanaanant - Historical development - Industry size & figures - Hotel classification - Hotel standard - Situation & Trends • Thainess in the Hospitality Dr. Aswin Saengpikul TBA 13.00-14.30 - Background - Introduction of Thainess to the hospitality industry - Key elements of Thainess in the hospitality industry - Thainess and marketing implications - Sharing and learning experience of Thainess among UMAP participants Wednesday - Service Quality Management Ms.Daosook (Trip to 15 July 2009 ( Industry Speaker) Boonyasarn Grand 08.30-14.30 to accompany Hyatt or Inter Continenta l Hotel) Thursday • Management of Hotel Distribution Channels Asst.Prof. Montakan TBA 16 July 2009 - Hotel distribution channels Lancaster 08.30-11.30 - Factor effecting distribution channels
  • 3. productiveness - Distribution channels evaluation methods - Trends and issues relating to hotel distribution Channels • Health and Wellness Service Mr.Tirasak TBA 10.30-12.00 Management Termsubsarn - Introduction to Health and Wellness Industry - Classification and Important of Services in H&W - Emotional Experiences and Customer Satisfaction Levels - Products and People=Services - Case Study / Chivasom Friday • Crisis Management in Hospitality Dr. Kom Campiranon TBA 17 July 2009 - Introduction to crisis management 10.30-11.30 in the hospitality Industry - Crisis that affect the hospitality industry - Crisis vulnerability in the hospitality industry - Crisis management model - Crisis management strategies in the hospitality industry WEEK 2 Monday Food and Culture Mr. Rachadej Suksin TBA 20 July 2009 - The Thai kitchen in the past and the present and Team 08.30-11.30 - The Royal Palace-The origin of typical 11.30-13.00 Thai dishes - Thai rice – sustaining and shaping Thai Rice - Characteristics of Thai people’ s Diet - Thai cuisine-mastering the art of versatility - Thai food and Thai superstitions Tuesday • Thai Cuisine to the Global Market TBA TBA 21 July 2009 Visit to famous local food market 08.30-10.30 10.00-12.00
  • 4. Wednesday • Thai cookery Mr. Wiboonsak Pigul DPU 22 July 2009 - Methods of cooking and Team Place 08.30-10.30 - Main ingredients for Thai food Lobby & 10.30-12.00 - Basic Thai Herbs & Spices Bar - Thai Kitchen Utensils - Famous Thai dishes (middle region) • Thai food Preparation & Practical Classes Practical Classes : - Thai Grilled Chicken - Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves - Tom Yum Soup - Som Tum Salad Thursday • Alcoholic Beverage in Thailand Asst.Prof. Chonticha TBA 23 July 2009 - The importance of beverage service Bunnag 08.30-11.30 - Aperitifs : Wines 12.30–16.00 - Spirits : White / Colour Spirits,Brandy - Wine : Wine serving - Beer Field Trip to a Beverage Company Friday TBA 24 July 2009 - 08.30-11.30 • Examination 13.00-16.00 • Student Project Presentation Brief Course Outline Hospitality and Tourism Management in Thailand ( Hospitality portion to be conducted at Dhurakij Pundit University, Thailand) July 13 – August 7, 2009 (25 Students)
  • 5. Week1 Topic Lecturer Room Monday 13 July Overall group orientation by CHE TBA 2009 CHE Tuesday 14 July 2009 - Orientation by DPU Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tatree TBA 08.30-09.30 Nontasak 10.00- - Overview of the Thai Asst.Prof. Nongnuj TBA 12.00 Hospitality Industry Sritanaanant 13.00 - - Thainess in the Hospitality Dr. Aswin TBA 14.30 Industry Saengpikul Wednesday 15 Ms.Daosook (Trip to July 2009 - Service Quality Management Boonyasarn Grand 08.30-14.30 (Industry Speaker) to accompany Hyatt or Inter Continental Hotel) Thursday 16 TBA July 2009 - Management of Hotel Asst.Prof. Montakan 08.30-11.30 Distribution Channels Lancaster 13.00-14.30 - Health and Wellness Mr.Tirasak TBA Service Management Termsubsarn Friday 17 TBA July 2009 - Crisis Management in Dr. Kom 08.30-11.30 Hospitality Campiranon Week2 Topic Lecturer Room Monday 20 July TBA 2009 - Food and Culture Mr. Rachadej 08.30-11.30 - Lunch – Kan Tok Style Suksin 11.30-13.00 and Team Tuesday 21 TBA July 2009 - Thai Cuisine to the Global TBA 08.30-11.30 Market 13.00-15.00 Visit to famous food market Wednesday 22 TBA July 2009 - Thai Cookery Mr. Wiboonsak Pigul 08.30-10.30 - Thai Cooking and Team 10.30-12.00 Demonstration and Practice Thursday 23 TBA July 2009 - Alcoholic Beverage in Asst.Prof. Chonticha 08.30-11.30 Thailand Bunnag 12.30–16.00 - Field Trip to a Beverage Company
  • 6. Friday 24 TBA July 2009 - Examination Project Committee 08.30-11.30 - Student Project 13.00-16.00 Presentation As of 18/02/2009 Tourism Management in Thailand 2009 Silpakorn University
  • 7. Course Syllabus for Tourism Management in Thailand Course Description: Role of tourism in economic and society from Political-Economic approach and Functional approach. Dimensions of tourism in Southeast Asia and Thailand. Discourse on cultural heritage management and tourism. Course Objective : To intensify attendances for general knowledge about tourism and to help students to clarify benefits and impacts of tourism. Course Highlights International Tourism Course 2009 at Silpakorn University is an integrated designed for students who require advanced training in tourism management with emphasis on cultural tourism. The program provides students with not only observable experience, but also active involvement in applying the knowledge into organizing and managing their own tours in Thailand. Lectures, class activities and field trips are conducted and supervised by Silpakorn University academics who are experts in the fields of arts and culture, history, anthropology, intercultural communication, etc. It is hoped that the program will enhance better understanding of cultural tourism among students attending the course. Subjects Description 1. Tourism in Thailand Inform the development of tourism since World War II. How and why tourism business get going by conceptualizing tourism's place in development. Tourism impacts on economic, environment, society and culture are focused. 2. Nostalgia and Tourism Deal with tangible and intangible heritage and heritage management in global perspective and in the context of Thailand. Public sectors and non-government organization's role in cultural heritage management is emphasized. Discussion about the possible relationships between tourism and cultural heritage management is the main discussion issue. 3. Tourism Marketing Focuses more closely on the actual tourist component. Reviews the major market trends that have influenced the tourism sector since World War II. Discusses the destination selection process undertaken by potential tourists. Considers the importance of tourist market segmentation. 4. Thai culture and society Examines the formation of Thai culture and society from Sukhothai period till present time. The influence of ancient Indian civilization, ancient Khmer civilization, Chinese civilization and Western civilization are the main topics of the study not to mention social and cultural change in the country since colonization period to present. 5. Thailand's World Heritage sites and historical tourism. Considers important heritage sites that attract tourists most especially historical parks e.g. Ayutthaya historical parks. Why tourists aim to visit national historical heritages. What motivate international tourism to intangible culture of Thailand.
  • 8. 6. Thai Way of Living and Cultural Tourism Compare Great Tradition and Little Tradition. Festivals national wide, agricultural festivals, traditional events Buddhist Ceremonies and invented traditions are examined. Ways to manage living culture for tourism are directed. 7. Excursion to Grand palace Bangkok and excursion to Historical Park Ayutthaya All excursions are field trips to stimulate trainees to understand the important role of cultural heritage in tourism. 8. Ecotourism and Cultural tourism. Survey ecosystem and national parks. Discuss basic concepts of ecotourism and cultural tourism. Different nature of ecotourism and cultural tourism is main issue of discussion. Answer the question how to maintain ecotourism and cultural tourism to achieve sustainable management. 9. Home stay at Nakornsawan. Aim to increase direct experiences about alternative tourism; home stay. Trainees participate all activities after the host.
  • 9. Teaching Staff CHANAN VONGVIPAK Academic Title:Associate Professor Nationality: Thai Education: 1972 B.A. (Anthropology) Silpakorn University 1978 M.A. (Anthropology) Australian National University, Australia Occupation: 1974-2004 Lecturer at Dept. of Anthropology Silpakorn University. Experience: 1986 Research on Socio-economic of a village in mangrove 1988-1992 Research on Thai traditional textiles 2003 Research on Urban Tourism Publications: 1977 Community Study of Sukhothai Province. 1991 Thai Lüe Textiles 1998 Urban Anthropology: Our Neighbors, A Study of A Social Organization of Busarin Village. Bang Bua Thong. 2000 Local Thai Wisdoms 2004 Tourism in Bangkok 2006 Cultural Tourism 2008 “Leaving on the Jet Plane : Cultural Tourism across Southeast Asian Countries.” Pornpimol SENAWONG Academic Title: Associate Professor HOME ADDRESS: 71/4 Soi Nonthaburi 14, Nonthaburi I Rd. Nonthaburi 11000, THAILAND PHONE: 66+2+525+0779 MOBILE PHONE: 66+81+832+1132 OFFICE: Department of Western Languages Faculty of Archaeology Silpakorn University Na Phra Larn Rd. Bangkok 10200, THAILAND PHONE: 66+2+221-5875 EMAIL: senawong@su.ac.th DATE OF BIRTH: November 22, 1947 MARITAL STATUS: Single
  • 10. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Year Institution Field of Studies Degree/Certificate 1985-198 Monash University Linguistics Ph.D. 9 Victoria, Australia 1978 SEAMEO Regional Linguistic Analysis Certificate Language Centre, Singapore 1971-197 Indiana University Teaching English as M.S. ((in Ed.) 2 Indiana, Bloomington, a Second Indiana, USA Language 1964-196 Chulalongkorn University English B. Ed. 8 Bangkok, Thailand EMPLOYMENT RECORD: June 1973 - Present Department of Western Languages Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University Na Phra Larn Rd. Bangkok 10200, THAILAND May 1968 – RajamanglaUniversity of Technology Isan June 1973 744 Suranarai Rd. Nakhon Ratchasima 30000 THAILAND PAST EXPERIENCE: 1996- Present Member, Academic Committee, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University 1990-1992 Member, National Co-ordinating Board for SEAMEO Regional Language Centre 1990 Member, Board of the Thai-Australian Studies Program (TASP) 1977-1981 Head, Department of Western Languages, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University 1980-1981 Chair, Working Group for the Development of Foreign Language Instructional Materials, Silpakorn University 1975-1979 Secretary, Faculty Board, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University ACADEMIC TITLE: 1984-Present Associate Professor 1979-1984 Assistant Professor 1973-1979 Lecturer SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED: 1985-1989 The Australian Government Scholarship 1979 The Australian Government Scholarship 1978 SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore 1971-1972 Thai-American Educational Foundation (Fulbright) Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship
  • 11. PUBLICATIONS: Book: Thai Ties: Social customs and cultural traits that tie all Thais together, 2006, Bangkok: Samaphan. Research:  “Native English Speaking Instructors: A Key Element in the Quality Assurance of English Learning and Teaching in the State Higher Education Institutions”, 2004, Silpakorn University Research and Development Institute Fund.  “Intercultural Communication in the Thai Social Context: Strategies and Variation Patterns”,1999, Silpakorn University Research and Development Institute Fund. THANIK LERTCHARNRIT Academic Title: Associate Professor Office Home Department of Archaeology 49/132 Sanambinnam Road Silpakorn University Bangkraso, Muang District Na Pra Lan Road Nonthaburi 11000 Bangkok 10200, Thailand Thailand Phone: (66-2) 224-7684 Phone: (66-2) 968-2207 Fax: (66-2) 226-5355 Fax: (66-2) 527-1272 E-mail: thaniksu@gmail.com E-mail: thanik@su.ac.th EDUCATION 2001 Ph.D. (Anthropology), Washington State University, Pullman, USA 1997 M.A. (Anthropology), Washington State University, Pullman, USA 1985 B.A. (with Honor) (Archaeology), Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENT  Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Bangkok (2006-present)  Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Bangkok (2003-2006) • Lecturer, Department of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Bangkok (1995-2003) • Cultural Officer, Office of National Culture Commission, Bangkok (1993-1995) • Archaeologist, Center for Southern Thailand Studies, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani (1986-1993) • Archaeologist, Division of Archaeology, Fine Arts Department, Bangkok (1985-1986) RESEARCH INTERESTS Cultural Resource Management, Archaeological Method and Theory, Human Evolution, Ceramic Analysis, Lithic Analysis, Early Complex Societies; Thailand and Southeast Asia TEACHING EXPERIENCE Undergraduate Courses: History of Archaeological Thought and Theory Cultural Resources Management English Readings in Archaeology Archaeological Science World Civilizations Human Evolution Archaeological Excavation
  • 12. Dr. M.R. Suriyavudh Sukhasvasti Academic Title: Professor Nationality: Thai Education: - Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies en Etudes Indiennes (Historie et Archaeologie) (Mention Tres Bien), Universite de Paris III (Sorbonne-Nouvelle), Paris, France - Doctorat de 3e cycle en Etudes Indiennes (Historie et Archaeologie) (Mention Tres Bien), Universite de Paris III (Sorbonne-Nouvelle), Paris, France Experience: - Ancient Capitals of Thailand (Bangkok : River Books, 1995) NUSARA WINITCHAIYANAN Academic Title: Lecturer Nationality: Thai Birthday: September 17, 1971 Education: 2539-2541 Roetampton Institute London, Univeristy of Luke - UK M.A. in Sociology and Anthropology of Travel and Tourism 2533-2536 Silpakorn University - Bachelor of Art in History of Art Experience: 2550- Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Management Science, Silpakorn University 2549 International College - Rajapat Suansunanta University - Visiting Lecturer 2546-2549 New Hampshire Insurance - Secretary to Senior Vice President 2545-2546 Rose Garden Aprime Resort - Business Development Manager 2542-2545 Department of Hospitality Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sripatum University - Lecturer Mr. Rheut Nakchuen Academic Title: Lecturer Profile: My name is Rheut Nakchuen I’m currently a freelance tourist guide. For high school I had graduated from Suankularb wittayalai school and for University I had graduated from Silpakorn university faculty of archaeology, major in archaeology and minor in art history. Now I’m working in the field of travel business and had got a tourist guide licence from T.A.T by 17 march 2008. Experience: - Freelance Archaeologist, Surasak company; sakaeo — 2006 worked on an excavation site at sadok kok thom sanctuary as a freelance archaeologist.
  • 13. - Operation assistant, Petra travel; bangkok — 2007 worked on the tour operation system for the Petra travel company that involved Developed of tour program, Co-ordinate with travel suppliers such as hotels, tour operators, and travel agencies, Booking process and sales volumes. - Guide assistant, University mobility in asia and pacific project (Umap);bangkok - 2007 worked as an assistant tour guide of the UMAP project. - Assistant tour guide, thaicraft company; bangkok — 2008 worked as an assistant tour guide on a cultural tour to the northern part of Thailand, which included Nan Lampang and Chaingmai. - Student coordinator and tour Guide , University mobility in asia and pacific project (Umap);bangkok - 2008 worked as a tour guide and a coordinator for international student of the UMAP project. - Freelance tour guide, thaicraft company; bangkok — 2008 worked as a freelance tour guide on a cultural tour at Surin. Education: Bachelor of arts in archaeology, Faculty of archaeology, Silpakorn University. Graduated : March 5,2006
  • 14. UMAP Project ’2009 Course Outline "Tourism Management" Hospitality and Tourism Management in Thailand Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Thailand Date time Topics Lecturer Place Mon. 27 09.00 - 12.00 Welcome to July 09 a.m Silpakorn University Orientation 01.00 - 04.00 Service Psychology Lect Nusara R. p.m. ure Winitchainan 3201-2 Tue. 28 09.00 - 12.00 Tourism in Assoc. Prof. R. July 09 a.m Thailand: an on- Chanan 3201-2 going evolution Lect Vongvipak 01.00 - 04.00 The Thai Way of ure Assoc. Prof. R. p.m. Living and cultural Pornpimol 3201-2 tourism Senawong Wed. 29 09.00 - 12.00 Thailand’s World Lect Prof. Dr. R. July 09 a.m. Heritage sites and ure M.R. 3201-2 historical tourism Suriyavudh Sukhasvasti 01.00 - 04.00 Excursion Grand Field Prof. Dr. R. p.m. Palace Wat Phra Stud M.R. 3201-2 Kaeo y Suriyavudh Sukhasvasti Thu. 30 09.00 - 12.00 Nostalgia and Assoc. Prof. R. July 09 a.m. Tourism Dr. Thanik 3201-2 01.00 - 04.00 Culture & Thai Lect Lertcharnrit p.m. Society ure Assoc. Prof. R. Chanan 3201-2 Vongvipak Fri. 31 07.00 Excursion (e.g. Field Rheut Ayutth July 09 a.m.-06.00 cruise) Stud Nakchuen aya p.m. Ayutthaya Province y Provinc e Mon. 3 09.00-12.00 - Natural and eco- Lect Assoc. Prof. R. Aug. 09 a.m. tourism ure Chanan 3201-2 - Cultural Tourism Vongvipak - Home-stay & Varapon Long-stay Montrivade
  • 15. Tue. 4- 06.30 a.m. Home-stay Field Assoc. Prof. Nakorn Thur. 6 Nakornsawan Stud Chanan sawan Aug. 09 Province y Vongvipak Provinc Varapon e Montrivade Fri. 7 09.00-12.00 Tourism Marketing Lect Sasithorn R. Aug.09 a.m. ure Rujirawisit 3201-2 01.00-04.00 Report/Presentation Assoc. Prof. R. p.m. Exam. Chanan 3201-2 Vongvipak Varapon Montrivade Note: Evaluation 1. Assignment (25 marks) 2. Field Report (25 marks)