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Security – Opportunities and Challenges
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Security – Opportunities and Challenges


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  • 1. FP7 Security Michael Murphy Presented at University of Limerick 9 th Oct 2008
  • 2. Contents
    • FP7 Security – Necessary Background
    • How is Ireland doing ?
    • How to Participate
  • 3. FP7 Security – Necessary Background
  • 4. What is the Scope of FP7 Security
    • It deals with terrorist acts and organised crime up to the point of a crisis
    • After a crisis has occurred be it natural or man-made, the response is covered by FP7 Security
    • It does not fund projects that are concerned with safety
    • It does not fund research into weapons
  • 5. Security in FP7 6.100 Health 1.935 Food, Agriculture & Biotechnology 9.050 Information and Communication Technologies 3.475 Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Processes 2.350 Energy 1.890 Environment (including climate change) 4.160 Transport (including aeronautics) 0.623 Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities 1.430 Space 32.413Bn€ COOPERATION Security 1.400
  • 6. Underlying Strategy – The ESRAB Report
    • The European Security Research Advisory Board was facilitated by the EC to produce a strategic European Security Research Agenda called the ESRAB report
  • 7. How the ESRAB Report Feeds Into the Final Work Programme Advisory Board 20 individuals are drawn from 10 supplier companies & 10 end-users List of Topics for the Work Programme selected by the Advisory Board is proposed to the Programme Committee of National Delegates by the EC FINAL WORK PROGRAMME DRAFT 1 DRAFT 2 DRAFT …
  • 8. The Work Programme
    • 26 Topics in the current Call for Proposals which will close on 4 th December 2008
  • 9. Topics in the Security Work Programme
    • Logistic and supply chain security
    • Sensors for detection of pathogens
    • Sensors for detection of drug precursors
    • Advanced digital and physical forensics
    • Integrated protection of rail transportation
    • Comprehensive approach to airport security
    • Built infrastructure protection
    • Main sea port security system
    • Sea borders surveillance system
    • Continuity, coverage, performance - secure data link for UAVs, etc
    • Crisis Management – First responder of the future
    • Neutralisation of CBRNE effects following a terrorist act
    • Bio-dosimetric tools to manage radiological casualties
    • Simulation tools for management of crises and complex emergencies
  • 10. European Security Research Innovation Forum (ESRIF)
    • The ESRAB report was well-received but it quickly became apparent that a deeper, broader and less supplier dominated strategy is required so the European Security Research Innovation Forum ( ESRIF ) was established in 2007
    • 64 core personnel, around 600 registered participants divided among 11 Working Groups
    • Strong Irish participation and there is now an Irish ESRIF Forum which meets to define key messages for input into ESRIF
    • Inputs are welcome
  • 11. How is Ireland Doing?
  • 12. Successful Participation by Irish Organisations in FP7 Security to date 1 European Biometrics Forum 1 Columba Global Systems 1 Univ. of Limerick – Elfed Lewis 1 Skytek Computing 1 Dublin Airport Authority 1 Trinity College – Nick McDonald 2 An Garda Síochána Number of FP7 Security Wins Organisation
  • 13. How do I participate ?
  • 14. Irish Security Research Network
    • Irish Security Research Network (serenity) established in March 2004
    • It is an all-island network (Republic and Northern Ireland)
    • Now has over 425 participants from industry, academia, end-users and others
    • It distributes information on FP7 Security and promotes security R&D activities in Ireland generally
    • It networks closely with leading European security organisations
  • 15. Taking a Strategic View
    • Contribute to ESRIF to have your ideas and capabilities included in future Work Programmes
  • 16. Contribute to the Work Programme
    • Original Work Programme Text
    • Topic SEC-2007-3.3.3 Solutions for ensuring end-to-end communication availability, relying on physical and logical technologies, on diversity of hybrid systems
    • Technical content / scope: The task is to develop suitable novel broadband services which guarantee the required quality of service and data integrity making use of multimode communication solutions (mainly focused in wireless/mobile communication with security (end to end) features for voice, data information and access.
    • Revised Work Programme Text
    • Topic SEC-2007-3.3-03 Solutions for ensuring disruption-tolerant end-to-end communication availability, relying on physical and logical technologies, on diversity of hybrid systems
    • Technical content / scope: The task is to develop suitable novel communication services which guarantee the required quality of service and data integrity making use of multimode communication solutions, even in the face of disruptions that may occur due to security incidents. These will mainly be focused on wireless/mobile communication making use, where appropriate, of disruption-tolerant networking schemes. Solutions should include appropriate end-to-end and hop-by-hop security features for voice, data information and access.
  • 17. Participation
    • You can coordinate a proposal
    • You can participate as a partner in a consortium
    • In either case you need to identify capable partners but
      • (a) who are the main players in FP7 Security ?
      • (b) what Topics are they interested in ?
    • And it’s an additional challenge if you have not taken a strategic view of FP7 Security….
  • 18. Key Messages
    • There are opportunities in FP7 Security across many academic domains from hard to soft sciences
    • EI can assist you at the proposal stage to identify partners, by providing grant aid and with sound advice
    • It’s not easy, you need a compelling proposition driven by genuine end-user requirements
    • There is scope for opportunistic success but a strategic approach is far better
  • 19. Contact Details
    • Michael Murphy, Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Phone: +353 1 727 2516
    • Mobile: +353 86 816 2588 (any time)