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  1. 1. TOURISM MALAYSIA TOURISM MALAYSIA PROMOTION BOARD MINISTRY OF TOURISM NOTICE OF OFFER Experienced Public Relations Agency registered with professional organization is invited to submit offer for the following: Tender No : MC/701/TENDER/10 Public Relations Agency Tender will be closed on : Date : 18 February 2010 Time : 12.00 pm Tender document must be submitted to the: Venue : Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board c/o Embassy of Malaysia Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa 50, Moscow 117192 Please note that the Board will not abide to the lowest tenderer or any tender. * Effective two weeks from the date of advertisement.
  2. 2. TERMS AND CONDITION OF PRESENTATION BY THE PARTICIPATING TENDERER 1. Agencies that have been short listed to make a presentation will be notified of the date, palace and time by MTPB. 2. Agencies that are selected will adhere to the schedule set by MTPB and will not entertain any changes or appeal by agency as to date presentation. 3. Each presentation must be within the time limit. 4. Agencies may make necessary preparation in the presentation room within 30 minutes before the presentation time. 5. All expenses for the presentation will be at no cost to MTPB either directly or indirectly. 6. Agencies are required to present in a straight – forward manner. 7. Tender Board / Coordination Committee has the right to accept or reject any proposal / presentation without having to give any reasons. Coordination Committee decision is final.
  4. 4. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, it comprises of two regions, namely; Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo separated by the South China Sea. Malaysia is a colorful amalgam of Asia’s major cultures (Malays, Chinese and Indian as well as rich array of other ethnic races). It truly reflects the promotional tag line ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ which had been adopted by Tourism Malaysia. It is a fascinating land of hospitable and friendly people, a kaleidoscope of interesting and colorful places, customs, festivals, arts and delicious cuisine. Malaysia is indeed a fascinating and diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, many traditions and natural resources to suit everyone’s desires as a holiday destination. The country is well endowed with white sandy beaches, beautiful diving sites, marine parks, cool mountain resorts, verdant rainforest containing a rich variety of flora and fauna unique to this part of the world. Malaysia is also a destination to experience the incredible variety of shopping opportunities, entertainment, theme parks, adventure and sports in a safe environment. B. THE BOARD Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board or Tourism Malaysia is a statutory body under the Ministry of Tourism, established under the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act 1992. The objective is to promote Malaysia as a leading and an outstanding tourist destination. Through its activities, it is aimed at attracting the world’s attention to the splendor and beauty that is uniquely Malaysia with the main objective to increasing the flow of tourist traffic to Malaysia, extending the average length of stay and increasing the foreign exchange earnings. Tourism Malaysia is headed by the Director General (DG) and two Deputies Director General (DDG).
  5. 5. It is structured in to 11 Divisions which co-ordinate the promotional and marketing activities respectively. Mission Statement “Marketing Malaysia as a destination of excellence and to make the tourism industry a major contributor to the socio- economic development of the nation” The main functions of Tourism Malaysia are listed as follows: - a) To stimulate and promote tourism to and within Malaysia; b) To stimulate, promote and market Malaysia as a tourism destination; c) To co-ordinate any tourism related marketing or promotional activities conducted by any Government department and agencies and organizations; d) To make recommendations as to the methods, measures and programmes to be adopted to facilitate and stimulate the development and promotion of the tourism industry in Malaysia. In line with its function as a promotional organization, the following objectives have been drawn up: - a) To increase foreign tourist arrivals; b) To extend the average length of stay of tourists and increase revenue from tourism; c) To stimulate the growth of domestic tourism; d) To increase benefits from the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions market (MICE).
  6. 6. For more information about Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia please visit C. JOB SPECIFICATION OF THE MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY The agency shall, at the commencement of each promotional year, assist Tourism Malaysia in establishing future marketing objectives, taking into account any new developments in the market and the opportunities they present for Malaysia’s tourism industry which include incentive and convention businesses. The agency shall be responsible for the Russia and CIS market. D. ANNUAL INTERGRATED MARKETING PROGRAMME The agency shall, i) assist in drawing up and formulate the annual marketing programme within one month from the date of appointment for Tourism Malaysia which is likely to achieve the established marketing objectives mentioned above; ii) advise on market trend and performance; iii) provide comprehensive intelligence report on the trend performance and situation of the travel market plus actions to deal with; iv) implement specific marketing programme identified and approved by Tourism Malaysia. v) Provide power point presentation and talking points for General Market Promotion, MICE promotion and etc as and when required. E. INTERGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, MEDIA COMMUNICATION, PRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS The Agency shall,
  7. 7. i) undertake public relation activities that may be necessary or as requested by Tourism Malaysia incorporating such as specific projects approved in the marketing programme; these activities include: - a) online newsroom and public relations b) crisis management c) brand communication d) website public relations e) public relation control ii) assist Tourism Malaysia in press relations, event, product and destination publicity, corporate publicity, lobbying and counseling; iii) organizing seminar, workshop and event at travel related agencies and companies, leading institutions, schools, community centers, association and MICE related. iv) provide contacts and arrange introduction to important trade journalists and travel writers; v) Submit regular releases/features to tour operators, agents, trade and consumer media, MICE planners and organisers, airlines and opinion leaders at a minimum of 12 releases/features a year; vi) arrange public relations coverage for all Tourism Malaysia’s promotional activities; vii) assist in organizing selected press visits to Malaysia and develop feature articles in consumer and trade press. Copies of the feature articles (original) to be submitted to Tourism Malaysia using specific format;
  8. 8. viii) negotiate and co-ordinate for television companies and film producers to do location shooting and produce popular television documentaries, video films and feature films on Malaysia; 2 copies of the develop materials are to be submitted to Tourism Malaysia. ix) assist Tourism Malaysia in securing and organizing press conferences and arranging meetings with representatives of the media at any time; x) arrange for interviews and to draft speeches and messages as and when required; xi) assist and plan special assignments or PR projects as and when requested by Tourism Malaysia; xii) provide advice and counseling on critical issues and crisis which may affect tourist arrivals and Malaysia’s image; xiii) help counter any adverse publicity related to tourism to Malaysia; xiv) submit weekly business review consist of trends, competitors activities, airlines/aviation development crisis, trade publicity, politics development and articles on Malaysia; xv) submit special report as and when required by the client; xvi) arrange fam trip for media and agents; xvii) establish good working relationship with airlines especially for the purpose of fam trip and marketing purposes;
  9. 9. F. GENERAL CONSULTATION The Agency shall make available to Tourism Malaysia at all times its executives, to advise on any promotional projects and to attend regular meetings and be available for important discussions as and when required. G. TRADE CONTACTS AND RELATIONS The Agency shall provide contacts and arrange introductions to important travel organizations in the market such as tour operators, group and incentive travel organizations, convention organizers, transportation companies and those related to tour and travel industries in the market. For this, the agency is required to provide Tourism Malaysia with up to date full details of trade contacts including name, position, company address, telephone, fax and email addresses. H. DIRECT MAIL AND DATABASE MARKETING The Agency shall, i) compile and update mailing lists for Tourism Malaysia’s direct mail campaign comprising of travel trade ii) advise Tourism Malaysia on the suitability of the mail shots for the country iii) establish the most effective system of distribution I. WEBSITE
  10. 10. The Agency shall, i) Advise the Client on the most effective method to enable Tourism Malaysia’s website to be among the most interactive in the market ii) This is inclusive of continuous maintaining and upgrading of Tourism Malaysia website iii) The Agency is required to maintain and project the image to the Client’s interest by continuous maintenance of MTPB or Tourism Malaysia’s website and to use this medium as a promotional tool in synergy with other resources available. J. PROMOTIONS The Agency shall, i) advise Tourism Malaysia on the styles and contents of promotions best suited to each segment of the market such as consumer, trade or media ii) determine for Tourism Malaysia the appropriate times and location for promotions in the market segment. iii) assist Tourism Malaysia with invitation lists for promotions, organizing, RSVP and related activities. iv) advise Tourism Malaysia on any obvious feedback existing in respect of brochures, posters, displays, films, audio-visuals, transparencies and any other promotional items in the country.
  11. 11. v) assist Tourism Malaysia with the production of news materials as required. vi) subject to the approval of Tourism Malaysia, arrange a variety of visual opportunities and documentaries for distribution through cinema, electronic media, IT and online medium/website. vii) advise Tourism Malaysia on new trade, consumer and niche market shows and events. K. ADVERTISING The Agency shall, a) propose to the Client with the annual advertising recommendations. i) The Agency agrees that the terms ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Marketing Consultant’ in addition to the factors abovementioned imply that the Agency is required to monitor the Media so as to maintain and project the image beneficial to the Board’s interests and undertakes to so act which includes rebuttal of adverse publicity on Malaysia in the mass media where the effects of such adverse publicity is to be minimized. This is inclusive of continuous maintaining and upgrading of MTPB & Tourism Malaysia website. L. AD-HOC PROJECTS
  12. 12. a) The Agency shall agree to undertake ad-hoc projects not included in the schedule of responsibilities as mentioned hereinabove as and when required by the client. b) The Client agrees to pay the agency for ad-hoc projects undertaken upon written approval by the client on the proposal submitted. M. THE SUBMISSION CONDITIONS The Agency is required to submit the followings: - i) A certified true copy of certificate of the company formation registration with the relevant local authority and affiliations. ii) List of experience in tourism activities with supporting documents. iii) Agency’s profile inclusive of qualified manpower. Please provide organization chart and communication channels/decision making channel. iv) The company executive planning on “how to promote Malaysia” in Russia and CIS countries (2 separate summary) of not more than 10 pages. v) Biodata and personal profile of company’s management (Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director/General Manager) and project team (i.e. project manager, copy writer, editor etc.) with photo. vi) Case study on how to deal with crisis, VIP media interview and organizing roadshow for Malaysia (3 pages).
  13. 13. vii) Membership in Russia and CIS travel trade associations, government bodies, airlines etc, if any. viii) Fee structure and Terms of Payment N. GENERAL i) The Agency is required to maintain and project the image to Tourism Malaysia’s interests and the Agency undertakes to do so. ii) Preference shall be given to agencies that have experience in tourism promotion or tourism related activities in Russia and CIS market. iii) Short-listed agencies are requested to present their proposals to a Selection Committee at their own expense. O. REPORTING i) The Agency is required to submit to Tourism Malaysia: - a) monthly activity report b) travel articles on Malaysia c) non travel articles/features on Malaysia d) Electronic media coverage on Malaysia i.e. advertisement, documentary etc. e) Annual Report f) Photograph/video regarding Malaysia
  14. 14. g) Weekly contact report P. ADDENDUM I. FOCUSSED MEDIA COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING STRATEGIES Objectives:- i) To position Malaysia as premier holiday destination using the Tagline “Malaysia Truly Asia” ii) To promote Malaysia as a preferred holiday destination ii) To increase the level of awareness of Malaysia in Russia and the CIS markets iii) To increase the visibility of Malaysia as holiday destination in Russia and the CIS Markets iv) To strengthen the image of Malaysia as multi-racial, multi-cultural and modern society but preserve its culture and heritage v) To identify targets groups according to the preferences of travel to Malaysia / tropical countries vi) To build up a strong network and rapport with the present large and medium sized tour operators packaging holidays to Malaysia vii) To increase the number of large and medium sized tour operators packaging holidays to Malaysia viii) To formulate strategies to educate the travel agents (front liners) on the product Malaysia ix) To advise, formulate and implement plans during crisis situations
  15. 15. II. BUDGET ALLOCATIONS The Budget allocations for the PR and Marketing Agency will be defined into 3 categories:- i) Retainer Fee on a monthly basis (please state the main areas of responsibilities for retainer fee) ii) Out of pocket expenses iii) Project based costs The agency is requested to submit an outline budget based on the above categories: The budget requirement must commensurate with achieving the objectives set up as above. Q. APPENDIXES Appendix A – Instructions to Tenderers Appendix B – Termination of Contract Appendix C – Loyalty to Client
  16. 16. APPENDIX A (INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS) All proposals should include a report covering Russia and CIS market outbound travel market taking into account the following: - 1. Economic indicators, outlook and trends 2. Market - Description - Overall pattern - Travel Trends - Segmentation - Potential for Malaysia
  17. 17. 3. Airlines frequency and seat capacity into Malaysia vis a vis other Asean Countries. 4. Malaysia’s position in the market-its strengths and weaknesses. 5. Recommended marketing programs - Advertising – media, frequency etc. - Public relations activities - Promotional Activities - Website maintenance APPENDIX B TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT 1. Termination by the Client a) Default of the Agency: In the event the Agency without reasonable cause:- i) Suspends the services and fails to proceed regularly and diligently with the performance of its obligations under this Agreement; ii) Fails to execute the services in accordance with this Agreement or persistently neglects to carry out its obligations under the Agreement;
  18. 18. iii) Defaults in performing the duties under this Agreement; or iv) Breaches any of its obligations or fail to comply with any other terms and conditions of this Agreement, then the client shall give notice in writing to the Agency specifying the default and requiring the Agency undertake a reasonable/satisfactory remedy such default within (30) days after the date of the notice. If the Agency fails to remedy the relevant default within such period or such other period as may be determined by the Client, the Client shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time thereafter by giving notice to that effect. c) General Default If at any time during the contract period – i) An order is made or a resolution is passed for the winding- up of the Agency, except for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation not involving the realization of assets in which the interest of creditors are protected. ii) The Agency goes into liquidation or a receiver is appointed over the assets of the agency or the Agency makes an assignment for the benefit of or enters into arrangement or composition with its creditors or stops payment or is unable to pay its debts: or iii) Execution is levied against a substantial portion of the Agency’s assets, unless it has instituted proceedings in good faith to set aside such execution, then the Client shall have the right to terminate this Agreement forthwith by giving notice to that effect.
  19. 19. d) Consequences of termination by Client: Upon termination of this Agreement under Clause 11.1 (a) or 11.1 (b) i) The power and rights granted by and the obligations in this Agreement shall terminate immediately The agency shall:- (A) forthwith cease all the services (B) Submit to the client the detailed reports of the cost of the services and other payments which has become due and owing from the Client prior to the termination for verification and approval by the Client (C) Terminate all third party contracts entered into by the Agency in respect of carrying out the services. The Client shall:- (A) Claim against the Agency for any losses and damages suffered as a result of the termination of this Agreement; and (B) Be entitled to appoint Agency to perform the services and the Agency shall pay to the client all costs and expenses which would have been paid to the Agency to complete the services had this Agreement not been terminated.
  20. 20. PROVIDE ALWAYS that the termination shall not affect or prejudice the rights of any party which have accrued prior to the date of termination of this Agreement shall continue even after the termination of this Agreement in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing happening prior to such termination of this Agreement. 2. Termination by the Agency (a) Default by the Client; i) If the client without reasonable cause fails to perform or fulfill any of its obligations which adversely affects the Agency’s obligations under this Agreement, then the Agency may give notice in writing to the Client shall remedy the relevant default within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice or such other extended period as agreed by the Parties. ii) If the Client fails to remedy the relevant default within such period or such other extended period as agreed by the parties, the client shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving notice to that effect. b) Consequences of Termination by the Agency:
  21. 21. Upon such termination, the Agency shall accept the following undertaking by the Client as full and complete settlement of all claims for payment under of arising out of this Agreement: i) The Client shall pay the Agency all monies due and payable to the Agreement and which have not been paid provided that the client shall be entitled to deduct such sum due to the Client from the Agency under this Agreement; and ii) The Agency shall cease to supply the services to the Client. 3. Termination on Malaysia national interest i) Notwithstanding any provision of the Agreement, the Client may terminate this Agreement by giving not less than thirty (30) days notice to that effect to the Agency (without any obligation to give any reason thereof) if it considers that such termination is necessary for Malaysia national interest, in the interest of national security or for the purposes of Government public policy. ii) For the purposes of this Clause, what constitutes “national interest”, “interest of national security”, Malaysia Government policy” and “public policy” shall be solely made and determined by the Government of Malaysia and such determination shall for all intent and purposes be final and conclusive and shall not be open to any challenge whatsoever. 4. Notice
  22. 22. Termination of this agreement requires three (3) months notice by either party. Any notice required be given hereunder shall sufficiently be given to the Agency if forwarded by registered post, recorded delivery service, email or facsimile to the last known postal or email address of the Agency or its last known facsimile number and shall be sufficiently given to the Client if similarly forwarded to its registered office. APPENDIX C LOYALTY TO CLIENT 1. The Agency undertakes that it shall act loyally and faithfully to the Client and shall act in such a manner as they reasonably consider to be most beneficial to the Client’s interest. 2. The Agency shall continuously maintain and project an image not detrimental to client’s interests. 3. The Agency undertakes that it shall not act for any other party which could conflict with the interests of the Client.