National Drought Mitigation Center
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National Drought Mitigation Center






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National Drought Mitigation Center National Drought Mitigation Center Presentation Transcript

  • National Drought Mitigation Center Mission, Objectives, and Products Dr. Donald A. Wilhite, Director National Drought Mitigation Center International Drought Information Center School of Natural Resource Sciences University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Drought differs from other natural hazards
    • slow onset, “creeping phenomenon”
    • absence of a precise, universal definition
    • impacts are nonstructural and spread over large areas—makes assessment and response difficult
    • mitigation interventions are less obvious
    • impacts are complex, affect many people, and vary spatially and on temporal timescales
  • Common Types of Drought Impacts
    • Economic
      • Agriculture, Forestry, Industry, Tourism and recreation, Energy, Financial, Transportation
    • Social
      • Stress and health, Nutrition, Recreation, Public safety, Cultural values, Aesthetic values
    • Environmental
      • Animal/plant, Wetlands, Water quality, Soil erosion
    1995 FEMA Estimate $6-8 billion annual losses/costs $20 billion in 2002
  • Crisis vs. Risk Management
  • Characteristics of Crisis Management
    • reactive, post-impact
    • poorly coordinated
    • untimely
    • poorly targeted
    • ineffective
    • decreases self-reliance  greater vulnerability
  • The Cycle of Disaster Management
  • Components of Drought for Risk Management (social factors) Hazard (natural event) Risk x = Vulnerability Climatology, Probabilities, Forecasts Population growth and shifts Urbanization Technology Land use practices Environment degradation Water use trends Government policies Environmental awareness
  • National Drought Mitigation Center Mission: To lessen societal vulnerability to drought by promoting planning and the adoption of appropriate risk management techniques.
  • Principal Activities of the NDMC
    • Integrated Climate/Water Monitoring System
    • Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)
    • NDMC “Drought Watch” section of web site
    • U.S. Drought Monitor (USDA, NOAA, NDMC)
    • Collaboration with other agencies
    • Drought Information Clearinghouse
    • Electronic textbook/portfolio
    • User hits (4 million hits in 2001)
    • User hits expected to reach 10 million in 2002
    • 10% of sessions from international users
    • Research
    • Drought indices and drought risk assessment tools
    • Use of climate information in decision making
    • Drought planning methodologies
    • Risk/Vulnerability assessment
  • Principal Activities of the NDMC
    • Drought Planning Activities
    • Facilitate drought plan development
    • Inform officials on drought planning and risk assessment
    • methodologies
    • Provide technical assistance on drought monitoring, indices,
    • triggers, mitigation actions
    • Review and evaluate drought plans
    • Advise Policy Makers
    • Federal and state agencies
    • Regional and national initiatives
    • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
    • U.S. Congress
    • International organizations
    • Foreign governments
  • Principal Activities of the NDMC
    • Workshops and Seminars
    • Regional drought contingency planning workshops
    • National/regional conferences
    • International training seminars
    • International conferences
    • International Drought Mitigation Activities
    • Country drought planning projects
    • Country and regional projects
    • International initiatives
    • Regional networks on drought preparedness
    • Drought Network News
  • Faculty and Staff
    • Mike Hayes, Assn’t. Prof. and Climate Impact Specialist
    • Mark Svoboda, Climatologist
    • Tsegaye Tadesse, Research Associate
    • Deborah Wood, Publications Specialist
    • Kim Klemsz, Web Programming Assn’t.
    • Ann Fiedler, Secretary
    • Hong Wu, Research Associate
  • Funding
    • USDA/CSREES Special Grant
      • Annual base operating support (1995)
    • NOAA International Affairs Office
      • Drought Network News
      • Regional Drought Preparedness Networks
    • NOAA Office of Global Programs
    • USDA Risk Management Agency
    • National Science Foundation
    • USAID
    • DOI/Bureau of Reclamation
  • Products
    • U.S. Drought Monitor (5 million hits)
      • Map and web site
    • NDMC web site (10 million hits)
    • Workshops, conferences, seminars
      • 16 organized since 1998
    • Publications (since 2000 and “in press”)
      • 15 journal articles
      • 2 books edited
      • 22 book chapters
      • Scientific/professional meetings
    • Media contacts
      • More than 600 in 2002