List of common acronyms


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List of common acronyms

  1. 1. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 Acronym Meaning 124B 1247 169th St. Building (formerly known as ECTR) AA Affirmative Action OR Academic Affairs ADA Americans with Disabilities Act ABF Academic Budget & Finance (Department)(formerly known as Resource Management) AED Automatic External Defibrillator - a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient,[1] and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. ADR Adult Registration Day ADVISOR QUERY A software application that advisors, faculty and other members of the staff utilize to look up student information. AIMS Account Information Management System – AIMS is accessed via OnePurdue and serves as the interface through which financial data is reported. ALCT Academic Learning Center Building (Merrillville) ALT Academic Leadership Team ANDR Edward D. Anderson Building ANNX Millard E. Gyte Annex Building A/P Staff Administrative and Professional Staff APSAC Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee AQIP Academic Quality Improvement Program AR Accounts Receivable ARP Academic Recovery Program AV Audio Visual AS Administrative Services AY Academic Year B&B Best & Brightest Scholarship program BANNER PUC’s Student Information System used to manage student data. BASS Business Administration for Student Services (Department) BEx Business Explorer – reporting tool used in conjunction with SAP for extracting data and formatting into reports BINGO sheets Course requirements - plan of study Blackboard Vista PUC’s Online Course Management System BW Business Warehouse – electronic holding area for all human resources and financial data CACUBO Central Association of College and University Business Officers CCC Calumet Conference Center CCLD Center for Career and Leadership Development CD01 Cost Distribution Change Form CENTER, The Calumet Conference Center (but we also have the Academic Learning Center, the Center for Student Achievement, the Center for Student Development, etc.)
  2. 2. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 CHC Old building designation for the Central Heating and Cooling building CHRONICLE, The The Student Newspaper CIT&G Department of Computer Information Technology and Graphics CLEP Credit Credit awarded on the basis of achievement CLO Classroom Office Building CMT Crisis Management Team - The Purdue Calumet Crisis Management Team is composed of same campus leadership who are charged with managing the campus during non-crisis operations. CNTR Calumet Conference Center Building COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation CODO Change of Degree Objectives COE Council for Opportunity in Education COEUS Software Application used by Sponsored Programs Services -- developed by MIT COPI Co-Principle Investigator CPT Computerized Placement Test CQI Continuous Quality Improvement CRN Course Request Number CSA Center for Student Achievement CSC Customer Service Center Career Services Center CSRV Community Service Center Building CSSAC Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee CSOL Department of Construction Science and Organizational Leadership CTIS Computing, Technology and Information Services (Department) CUPA College and University Professional Association DEEL Distance Education and Extended Learning (Department) Distribution E Outlook e-mail distribution list that is sent to ALL PUC employees. Distribution Open Forum Outlook e-mail distribution list that is sent to all employees that have subscribed to the list. This distribution is used for discussions and other content not appropriate for Distribution E. DTED Distance Education EAP Employee Assistance Program E-Center Entrepreneurship Center (Department) ECC Emergency Call Center ECTR Old building designation for Entrepreneurial Center Building EEO Equal Employment Opportunity EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (federal agency charged with ending employment discrimination) EMS School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science ENTR Entrepreneurship EOC Emergency Operations Center – the center that the crisis management team convenes in the event of a crisis to determine logistics and operations. EOP Educational Opportunity Programs – There are four departments at PUC that comprise the EOP Programs: 1. Educational Talent Search 2.
  3. 3. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 McNair Achievement Program 3. Student Support Services 4. Upward Bound ESC Enrollment Services Center (Comprised of Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid and Student Accounts) ESL English as a second language ESS Employee Self Service ET Engineering Technology (Department) ETS Educational Talent Search (Department) ExL Experiential Learning F &E Finance and Economics FASA Financial Aid and Student Accounts (Department) FERPA Family Education Rights and Privacy Act FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act FM Funds Mgmt FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act FNRC Fitness and Recreation Center Building (formerly the PER building) Form 1 University Vehicle Request Form 17 Request for Authority to Travel on University Business Form 25 Travel Reimbursement Request Form 33 Request for Absence from Campus Duty form FRC Fitness and Recreation Center FREH Frehafer Hall – Administration Building on West Lafayette Campus FSA Flexible Spending Accounts FTE Full Time Equivalent FWS Federal Work Study FY Fiscal Year FYE Freshman Year Experience GLACIER Immigration software application (need for description here) GNS General Studies - GNS is the code used by admissions to denote the General Studies School and its courses GSA General Study Achievement Academy GYTE Millard E. Gyte Building HINC Hammond Incubator HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HLC Higher Learning Commission HR Human Resources HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management I-9 Form frequently used by Human Resources to certify an individual’s eligibility to work in the United States ICHE Indiana Commission on Higher Education IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IPFW Indiana Purdue at Fort Wayne IRA Institutional Reseach and Assessment (Department) IS Information Systems ITaP Information Technology at Purdue IUPUI Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis
  4. 4. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 IV Invoice Voucher JV Journal Voucher LAN Local Area Network LAWS Lawshe Hall Building LASS School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences LTD Long Term Disability LTL Limited Term Lecturer MAcc Master of Accountancy MBA Master of Business Administration MBAE Master of Business Administration for Executives MCCC Multi Cultural Campus Council McNair McNair Achievement Program (Department) MGMT Management MHRM Marketing, HR and Management NACUBO National Association of College and University Business Officers NEO New Employee Orientation NIRO Northwest Indiana Robotic Observatory NPSAS National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey NSO New Student Orientation OBHR Organizational Behavior Human Resources Onboarding All the tasks and processes involved in bringing a new employee “up to speed”. Starts from acceptance of an offer of employment and usually lasts through the first two months of employment. OnePurdue The name given to the suite of software applications that comprise the University’s Human Resources and Financial systems. OSA Office of Student Activities (Department) PA Personnel Action PAA Purdue Alumni Association PAAC Purdue Alumni Association Calumet PAR Personnel Activity Report PER Old building designation for the Fitness Center Peregrine Path A walking pathway that connects the north and south ends of the campus. Most of the peregrine pathway is within buildings. PERF Purdue Employees Retirement Fund – retirement fund for clerical and service staff Person ID Unique number assigned to all employees PERNR Personnel Number – Unique number assigned to a person in a position. A person with more than one position will have a unique PERNR number associated with each position. PI Principle Investigator PIP Performance Improvement Plan PIR Project Initiation Request – a form completed for the purpose of initiating a project PKG1 Parking Garage 1 Building PMT Performance Management Team – Performance Management Teams are comprised of Purdue Calumet staff and 3rd party vendors (Chartwells &
  5. 5. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 Follett) who ensure the long-term viability of the enterprise through a constant focus on win/win. PNC Purdue University North Central PO Purchase Order PORT Porter Hall Building POTT Potter Building PRF Purdue Research Foundation PUC Purdue University Calumet PUID Purdue University Identification Number – unique number assigned to all students, faculty and staff PWRS Powers Building QRC Quick Reference Card (usually associated with OnePurdue training) R Designation for “Thursday” R&R Repair & Rehabilitate R&R&R Repair, Rehabilitate & Replacement REM Radiological and Environmental Management OR Remuneration Statement RHI Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (now known as HTM – hospitality and tourism management) RIF Reduction in force. Common acronym that describes an action taken to reduce the workforce. RILY Riley Child Center Building S&E Supplies and Expenses S&W Salaries and Wages SAB Schneider Avenue Building (formerly Woodmar Clini) SADC Skills Assessment and Development Center SAP Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing – SAP is the software product that Purdue utilizes to manage it’s Human Resources and Financial data. SAPGUI SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) Software application that must be installed on a users computer in order for that user to be able to launch the SAP software. SAPGUI is used primarily by members of the Human Resources and Business Offices. Most other users have limited access to HR and financial data through the OnePurdue portal. SAS Old building designation for Shops and Stores building SAT College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test SFLC Old Building designation for the Student and Faculty Library Building SFS Supervise for Success – Mandatory training program for all employees with administrative supervision authority SHP1 Student Housing Phase 1 Building SHP2 Student Housing Phase 2 Building SHSC Student Health Service Center SI Supplemental Instruction SIS Student Information System – the group of individuals SLT Senior Leadership Team – Comprised of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, and the Assistant to the Chancellor for Engagement
  6. 6. [LIST OF PUC COMMON ACRONYMS] Last Update June 2, 2009 SOE School of Education SOM School of Management SOT School of Technology SPS Sponsored Program Services SRIP Summer Research Internship Program SRM Supplier Relationship Management – a module in the suite of OnePurdue applications that houses procurement (purchasing) data and transactions SSACI State Student Commission of Indiana SSF Student Service Fee SSN Social Security Number SSS Student Support Services (Department) STD Short Term Disability SULB Student Union Library Building (formerly known as SFLC building) SWS State Work Study TCTR Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana Building (Merrillville) TDA Tax Deferred Annuity TEC School of Technology TIAA/CREF Teachers Insurance Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund – the retirement plan for Faculty and Administrative/Professional staff TRIO Three of the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOPs) UB Upward Bound Program (Department) UMR United Medical Resources. This is the organization that administers the Purdue 500 and the Purdue PPO Health plans. UND Undecided UNPD University Police Building (formerly CHC building) UNSV University Services Building (formerly SAS building) USS User Support Services (Department) UV University Village VCA Vice Chancellor for Advancement VCAA Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs VCAS Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services VCSA Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs VEPR Voluntary Early Partial Retirement View Purdue Events sponsored for potential students to learn about program and degree options at PUC, student life and completing the admissions process. Vista See “Blackboard Vista” VSP Vision Service Plan WARE Warehouse Building Woodmar Woodmar Clinic Building (now known as Schneider Avenue Building SAB) WL West Lafayette