Effective Crisis


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Effective Crisis

  1. 1. MANAGE RISK Kingswell EXCEL IN SERVICE Implementing Successful Crisis & Reputation Management London 8-10 December 2008 Preparing for all eventualities – Gain a thorough insight into planning for crisis, brand and reputation management A specialist workshop adapted and targeted for all managers who could face crisis situations on behalf of their organisations, with particular emphasis on brand and reputation management. Designing A Successful Crisis Response & Reputational Management Strategy Discover a methodical & practical approach to identifying why and when crisis appear in your organization and the consequences of the crisis Learn how to develop a more holistic crisis contingency plans and the right approach to manage crisis which can be applied to all industries Understand the various techniques and time frame to help you manage crisis smarter before, during and after the crisis Leverage your organization’s current processes/rules to help you to be prepared and ready Gain insights into scenarios where organizations buy-in as one of the success factors in mitigating crisis Formulate effective strategies and time taken to mitigate crisis Achieve a state of crisis preparedness Learn how to deal with all the media and get their buy-in to your crisis press releases Develop a better understanding on crisis response in place at the local, regional, state and national level. Discover methodology that allows your spoke persons to deliver messages using their own unique personality: improve credibility and confidence in talking to the media. Establish effective internal and external communications Discover the most applicable strategies to build your brand in times of crisis. Learn how to minimize the business impact and financial damage to the brand’s name. Discover the most applicable reputational risk protection strategies which can be applied to almost all industries. Learn how to further develop and design a more holistic Reputational Risk Protection Framework Learn Best Practice from Exercises, Case Studies and Videos Delegates will receive FREE! Crisis Management FrameworkTM
  2. 2. Three-Day Interactive Seminar Designing A Successful Crisis Management Strategy Crisis Management is part of good governance. Don't let a crisis manage your company, but learn how to design a strategy and build the team that can successfully manage the crisis. In this seminar the latest standards in the field will be reviewed and new and innovative techniques will be demonstrated. You will systematically learn and practice ways to create, train and exercise a crisis management team (CMT) in your organisation. You will be able to: Understand the Anatomy of a Crisis Develop effective Crisis Management Strategies and Crisis Mitigation Plans Create effective media and communications skills Protect your brand and reputation Build and implement a complete Reputational Risk Management Framework • The importance of pre and post crisis Introduction And Workshop Objectives management strategies • Crisis recovery strategies and development Anatomy and Types of Crisis Building Optimal Crisis Mitigation Plans • Crisis Analysis: classification of Crisis • Reasons for Crisis • Appropriate action to mitigate crisis before it • How Crisis evolves: current, emerging and becomes an issue dormant • Strategies to prepare for the unexpected crisis • Physical crisis that may arise / Techniques to achieve a state of • Environment crisis crisis preparedness • Product counterfeiting / contamination / recall • Timeframe taken to mitigate crisis • Reputation crisis • Crisis Impact Assessment Coordination With Public Authorities • Example of national arrangements for responding Case Study - A Real-Life Crisis to a disaster • International response to a disaster Crisis Management Team (CMT) Selection • Build enthusiasm for crisis management through Case Study / Scenario Exercise: Developing Crisis awareness Management Plans • Make each executive want to be part of the team • Work within the executive ranks to select the best Developing Effective, Quick and Practical Media team and Communication Skills Siting, Selection And Outfitting The Emergency • Learn how the media work and how to work with Management Centre (EMC) media • What to look for in a good EMC and what to avoid • Strategies to communicate to the media • How fancy does an EMC have to be? (traditional and new), stakeholders and the public • The EMC in a box • Handling fast communications on the internet: • The virtual EMC New media - bloggers, cellphone and Google • Executive and EMC security during a crisis journalists • Convincing stakeholders that your company can Real-life Scenario Exercise - Crisis Management, be trusted Incident Control And Communication • Training communicators (director / spokepersons) to get them quoted accurately Developing Effective Crisis Management and get the message across Strategies • Rebuilding the confidence and trust among employees by effective communications • Developing accurate guiding principles and processes for effective crisis preparedness Brand Building: Strategies in times of crisis • Recognize the opportunities for converting catastrophic events into manageable situations • Techniques to recapture brand and reputation • Strategies to deal with crisis quickly (before, value for your organization during and after the crisis) • Strategies to build brand’s name - before, during • The Golden Hours: Managing the first hours after and after crisis - that will build corporate brand the crisis breaks before key stakeholders and the identity, renew public trust and renew public learn of it from the media stakeholder value
  3. 3. • Develop a plan to minimize disruption and • Building a comprehensive Reputational Risk damage to the brand Protection Framework and Design. Strategies to build and implement a complete reputational risk protection framework Crisis Management Plan Testing And Audit • How to review the plan • Tools and methods to establish and improve on a • Plan audit more holistic reputational risk protection • How to develop, run and manage an exercise strategies which can be applied to almost all industries Case Study: Training And Exercising Introducing Your Expert Seminar Leader Andrew Hiles Andrew Hiles, BA, FBCI, MBCS, MIMIS, has some 25 years business experience ranging through administration, systems analysis and design, operations, project management, business process reengineering, business analysis and consultancy to crisis management and business continuity planning. He was founder and Chairman of the first international user group for business continuity and disaster recovery. Andrew was also founding Director and is a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute, the business continuity world’s international professional association, and a founder of the World Food Safety Organisation. He is an adviser to the Continuity Forum and to Contingency Planning and Management magazine. In 2004 he was inducted to the BC Hall of Fame in Washington DC. Andrew is a Director of Kingswell International consultants, who specialise in Enterprise Risk Management. Activities include crisis management, risk and impact assessment, business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning. Clients include major blue chip companies and smaller, dynamic organisations both in the private and public sectors around the world. Andrew is a published writer and international speaker on business continuity and contingency planning. He is the author of: • Business Continuity Management – Best Practice ISBN 0-9641648-3-3.and Enterprise Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis – Best Practices ISBN 1-931332-12-6. The first book explicitly covers all the ten areas of business continuity competence required for membership of the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the book is endorsed by both bodies. Both are published by Rothstein Associates www.rothstein.com. • Guide to Risk Management, published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. • He is also the editor and main contributor to The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management, 2nd Edition, ISBN 078-0-4750-51638-6 (HB) published by Wiley & Sons Limited • Andrew also contributed to the Confederation of British Industry’s Business Guide to Business Continuity Handbook. He has had some 250 articles published on the subject. Andrew’s books are required or referenced reading at universities across the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
  4. 4. Event Venue: Bonhill House 1-3 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX Tel: +44 (0)20 7599 2334 Fax: +44 (0)20 7599 2326 bonhill@etcvenues.co.uk Workshop organised by: Kingswell International Ltd Sanders Gate Churchfields Stonesfield Witney Oxon OX29 8PP UK Tel: +44 (0) 1865 822010 Fax: +44 (0) 1993 898833 e-mail: info@ kingswell.net www.kingswell.net In conjunction with: SOFT MELLOWS CONSULTING GROUP # Suite 214 ' B ' Block Ameer Estates Besides ICICI Bank SR Nagar Hyderabad-500038 Andhra Pradesh India Tel: +91-40-66139546 Fax: +91-40-23734492 Mob:+91-93905-77444 (10 am - 6 pm IST) Mob:+91-92464-29802 ( 6 pm - 10 am IST) email: smcghyd@aol.in Accommodation Details Price GBP £ 1,100 per delegate – includes comprehensive workbook; Crisis Framework CD; refreshments and lunch each day. Contact, Reservation and Payment: Bonhill House now has a TraveLodge on its doorstep: Ravi Kumar Vemulapalli, Corporate Trainer & 7-12 City Road Chief Advisor - Credential Evaluation at Soft Mellows London EC1Y 1AE Consulting Group (see contact details above). Tel: +44 (0)871 984 6333 Fax: +44 (0)207 628 2503 Cancellation Delegates should make their own arrangements direct with If you are unable to attend, a substitute is acceptable. the hotel of their choice: accommodation is not included in Otherwise fees are payable in full. In this case a credit the delegate rate will be made for any future course. Yes, I want to Register for the workshop, Implementing Successful Crisis and Reputation Management, 8-10 December 2008 at Bonhill House, London. My name is: Please note this is how it will appear on your Attendance Certificate Address: Telephone: Mobile: Email: Thank you for booking with Kingswell International