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  1. 1. Crisis Management Executive Programme Date December 18-19, 2008 Time 9:00 am—5:00pm Venue A five-star hotel in Gubei district, Shanghai Organizer Venture E (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Target General Managers, Directors, Department Managers, Professionals and SME Audience Owners. Language English Fee RMB 2950 per person (including material, lunch and refreshments, etc.) (two days) Background A crisis situation can emerge very rapidly and destroy a vibrant organization within a matter of months, weeks, days or even hours. Natural calamity, infection, malicious intent, complex and interdependent systems, accidents and negligent acts are some of the major and common drivers of crisis in organizations. While some crisis can be prevented, it is inevitable that a significant number of them need to be managed once it happens.It is common for organizations to rely on their own staff to manage a crisis situation. This is particularly true when the crisis first hits or when the facility is miles away from professional assistance. Apart from the work that the police and civil defence agencies do, organizations are accountable to their shareholders, their customers, their employees and their immediate neighbours to ensure that the crisis gets resolved completely and within the shortest time possible. A company with a RMB 100 million revenue can lose up to RMB 1.92 million revenue in a week. The company can also lose their reputation, market share, listing fee and pre-committed advertising expenditure on top of their revenue loss. This workshop program will help you develop your management leadership in crisis management and is probably one of the most valuable investment you can make to protect your company. Register now! Executive Day 1 Module Title: Foundation Program in Crisis Management Summary This program equips the participant with the necessary foundation to understand the basis for crisis management and the primary concepts and processes employed to prepare for a crisis. This practice based module includes interactive practice sessions to help participants internalize the learning process. The themes covered in this module include “Enterprise risk management”, “Introduction to crisis management”, “Crisis Management Global Standards”, “Crisis perspectives and crisis stakeholders” and “Risk Analys”. Day 2: Module Title: Develop Your Crisis Management Plan
  2. 2. This program provides the participant with an opportunity to understand and practice how to assemble the primary components of a crisis management plan. This practice based module includes interactive practice sessions to help participants internalize the learning process. The themes covered in this module include “Teams and infrastructure”, “Incident team structure and roles”, “Emergency Response”, “The Crisis Operations Plans” and “Disaster Assessment”.
  3. 3. Agenda Time: Day One Day Two 9:00 - 9:15 Introduction to Program Recapitulate day 1 program Director and Workshop Logistics 9:15 - 9:45 Enterprise Risk Teams & Infrastructure Management Project teams; Project team time The nature of the risk- commitments; Crisis return relationship;management team structures; Organization structures and crisis management team roles types of industry; Risk (terms of reference). Transition management processesfrom routine to crisis structures. within large organizations; Assemble your Team and The concept of risk; The Infrastructure relationship between risk, crisis and continuity management; Why is it important to know the risk management structures in their own organization? Project Work: Group discussion on risk mgt structures. 9:45 - Introduction to Crisis The Incident Command 10:30 Management System (ICS) Definition of a crisis; The Crisis response outcomes; evolution of crisis mgt; Functional requirements; Outcomes expected from a Principles of the ICS; Command crisis mgt program; Global Roles; Response Roles. trends in crisis mgt; Issues Project Work: Develop your in crisis mgt; Legal Incident Command System obligations to shareholders, investors and to the public; Compliance requirements; Analyzing business losses. Project Work: What are the impacts of a crisis on your business? 10:30 - TEA BREAK 11:00 11:00 - Crisis Management Escalation and Mobilization 11:45 Global Standards Why are global standards Recognizing and communicating important? Global a crisis; who to contact? How to guidelines and standards on contact? Templates and
  4. 4. PROGRAM M Thiyagarajan (Rajan) spent 12 years in the Ministry of Defence with key DIRECTOR appointments in the areas of public affairs; intelligence; and policy making. In all of these departments, one of his primary responsibilities was crisis management and providing training and conducting exercises for senior officers on crisis management. Participants of such exercises are the Defence Minister, Chief of Defence Force, Service Chiefs, and senior commanders. Apart from crisis management, Rajan has also provided training to senior commanders on media management during a crisis. Some of the crisis situations he had handled are the El Nino Crisis, Change of Political Regime in Indonesia, Rescue Plan for Singapore Soliders during the Taiwan Strait Crisis, Rescue Plan for Singaporeans in Cambodia, and various others sensitive missions. Currently Rajan works as a senior consultant with Training Edge International. As a trainer , Rajan believes in creating a relaxed atmosphere that condones and, in fact, encourages committing mistakes. He is of the view that one can learn more from mistakes than by trying to avoid them. The free expression of ideas, views, and opinions is encouraged and expected for effective learning to take place. Laughter, in his sessions, is a strict requirement and not an optional extra. In his free time, he conceptualises, scripts, directs and hosts television programmes aired on Mediacorp’s TV12. The genre of programmes he has covered in the past 20 years includes variety, cookery, drama, business, current affairs, and children's talk show. He has won the Best Presenter Award twice for his TV performance. Rajan’s areas of specialization include Crisis Management, Media and Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, News Writing, Feature Writing, Video Production, and Professional Preparation. Rajan has his Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Arts in Southeast Asia from the University of London. He also holds the Certificate in IT for Teaching (Foundation) and the Certificate in Teaching (Higher Education) accredited with the University of Sheffield. About Venture E (Shanghai) Co, Ltd is a consortium of educational institutions made Venture E up of multi-national management experts of Singapore, North America and China. Our company focuses on training and consulting.
  5. 5. Application Please fill up the below form for application and then fax + (86) 21 62256760 or e-mail to (Please use full name of your company and actual name of participants) Company name:______________________;Number of Participants: ______ Contact Name:__________ ; Phone:_____________ ; Fax:_______________; Mobile Phone:________________;E-mail:_________________________; Name of Participants: ____________________________________________ Methods of Payment: Wire transfer (one week before the seminar) Contact Venture E (Shanghai) Co, Ltd Information Contact: Miss Gao Tel: + (86) 21 6225 8260 Fax: + (86) 21 6225 6760 E-mail: Website: Address: No.1016 Ding Xi Rd. Building North Yin Tong Centre Room 1010 Please reply only to