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Speetch of by Cecilia Pagliarani FIAT/IFTA 2012 - LONDON
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Speetch of by Cecilia Pagliarani FIAT/IFTA 2012 - LONDON


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  • 1. Introducing speech of Nosarchives by Cecilia Pagliarani London, 29 september 2012 FIAT/IFTAWe are honored to tell our story in this archive’s conference, guardians of global is just a little voice in this throbbing heart, but we havedecided to share our experience because we have created this smallstructure that deals with amateur film and pictures of all formats from1928 for film and from 1895 for pictures. We know how much ineditsmaterials are important for the broadcasters it works and sell!My associate Manuel Kleidman and me had been through a lot for thecreation of this archive, because in Bracciano, the wonderful place wherewe have decided to live and work, there is no optical fiber, though is just30 km from Rome, and because the media business was focused in thebig cities.Finally we turned this difficulties in opportunities: through a contest from Regione Lazio, we have obtained a big office in a very useful business center;
  • 2. Bracciano is a country full of memories, where there is the only medieval castle still inhabitated by the same family (Odescalchi). Here, our idea and company’s mission were widely accepted; After only 6 months our collection had 4000 reels and now, two years later, we have exceeded 13000. This means this is a hard work for a small company with 8 people, where everyday new footage are described and published and where new collaboration are was born by the family collection, by neighbor, byfamily around us and through speaking with people is growing. Theauthors and their heirs give to us their memories, we restore anddigitalize them in Full HD. After that we return to the authors or their heirsthe established economical share.The creation of website is like an adventure film. WithFabio Torchetti, now ours IT manager, we have created a consulting ande-commerce platform and we are very satisfied with it, because it is incontinuing transformation so that has been named “ Penelope’s canvas”.Thanks to this experience we can now organize others archive and FabioTorchetti will explain the passionate path that as lead to Leda Memory.But our work isn’t just storage and digitalization: in September 2012, withthe patronage of the town of Bracciano and in collaboration with somelocal association, we have arranged “Il Gusto Della Memoria” (The Tasteof Memory), the first festival of the common memory through amateur
  • 3. footage. This festival will travel from city to city like in the 60’s.Furthermore, in June 2013, we will replay the Festival in ChatenayMalabry in France and NeusaB in Germany, the two partner town ofBracciano. And we‘re playing to transform it in a travelling festival , duringthe 2014.This year we have presented the archive at Venice Festival where wehave obtained an important visibility. raises curiosity:producers, documentary filmmakers and reserchers but also private whowants to join us and become a “memory’s agent”.In conclusion, the future: in the next month has a lot ofparallel project to develop: organization an amateurs XXI° century film Festival with film from our collection with voting on the web. In collaboration with an Italian cinematographic information portal. growing of ours collaboration with the Universities of Perugia, RomaTre, and Bicocca of Milano for visual anthropology project and we are working to make wider ours abroad collaborations we will participate with our picture’s collection of 1900 of Mujik pilgrimage to Jerusalem for “Soggetti Migranti” at Pigorini Museum of Rome at last, the most ambitious project, our will is to nullify the gap from the original object to the web publication. This may appear just like a detail, but it’s an hard work!Now I give the word to Manuel Kleidman and Fabio Torchetti, thank you.
  • 4. nosarchives.comOffice Bracciano – via Valle Foresta, 6 00062Website www.nosarchives.come-mail info@nosarchives.commobile +39 392 44 88 179 +39 392 44 87 821;Seguici su