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  1. 1. It is rather exciting to own this particular technology since Asus used loads of new technologies on this specific notebook.Asus transformer prime
  2. 2. While there are promising competitors, N61 N61JQ-X2 even now amazeseveryone with its trendy pattern along with the rest I possibly could say thisparticular notebook which we have been analysing could be a nominee for thebest 2010 notebooks The notebook doesnt weigh very much when comparedto other notebooks in its category, we can easily express that it is quite llightweight Along with long hours of power life, you will be able to make use of thisnotebook as you like all day long This N61 N61JQ-X2 notebook provided byAsus persists to impress every body with its great style, advanced overallperformance and amazing flexibility
  3. 3. Since Asus released N61 N61JQ-X2 we all had been looking forward to thisparticular second and it is now there, at last we can easily set our hands onbrand new Asus N61 notebook It is very exciting to possess this unit due tothe fact Asus used a great deal of new systems on this notebook I amconvinced that every person will certainly love this notebook as it isoutstanding in most aspect Thermal management in the Asus N61 N61JQ-X2appeared to be slightly less than normal while under load The model coolingfan, while working under Asus transformer prime a number of situations,appeared to stream less air than needed to keep the notebook cool underquite heavy needs
  4. 4. We wouldnt say the higher pixel density (the actual quantity of pixels per inchof screen) causes it to be notably troublesome to use, it has a perfectresolution to achieve this particular measurement of display In fact better isthe caliber of the actual display screen alone It is a notch-above equally pricednotebooks Horizontally watching angles are in fact rather inadequate bynormal standards, yet they are greater than constructed for by the superiorcolor production and contrast provided Excellent details within movies andphotographs are brought out perfectly, a well known fact more increased withthe sharpness of the resolution over a somewhat minor screen and also thegreat blacks
  5. 5. The processor used on Asus N61 N61JQ-X2 notebook is among the finestamong latest cpus Because of the latest cutting edge engineering applied tothis particular processor it is possible to perform multi-tasks with no trouble,needless to say together with the massive aid of RAM which provides torque tothis monster notebook Audio speakers used on N61JQ-X2 notebook tend tobe considerably weaker, however they are very good for one notebook Thegraphics processor utilized on this notebook allows you to work more likelighter games -I imply it might not manage the modern games- without issues
  6. 6. The touchpad is a shiny one together with some help for multitouch gesturesThe touchpad typically is responsive accompanied by not much lag Theyveshallow feedback and require modest pressing to activate which happens to bebasically more at ease The touch pad buttons are uncomplicated to touchwhen using the side of your thumb and produce a tiny click while pushed
  7. 7. The keypad of Asus N61 N61JQ-X2 notebook is known as an chiclet-stylevariant, the keys feel completely strong for the tips of the fingers Personally Ido not love chiclet-style keyboards, nevertheless I have to confess they lookfairly luxurious If you like the look and feel of the chiclet-style keyboards, youwill end up pleased while using N61 N61JQ-X2
  8. 8. Asus transformer prime