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  • 1. Antenna is Used to Receive Signalsdiploe antenna
  • 2. Hunan being invented the antennas long time ago and it has beenproduced by antennas manufacturer and used by us for a long timeperiod Usually, we use it to receive the signals for our TV and radios For TV and radio, we have to use the antennas to transmit andreceive electromagnetic waves, otherwise, our TV set and radio setcannot pick up signals from the stations As a matter of fact, thestrength of the antenna as well as how to pick up the signals aregreatly decided how many channels you TV set and radio set areable to pick up Besides that, where your antenna locate, its qualityand the weather also can exert the influences on the quality of thetransmission and the number of channels your TV set and radio setcan receive
  • 3. Working Principle of TV Antenna We can see the TV antennas thatare set indoor and outdoor Usually, the indoor antenna is alsoreferred to half wave dipole antenna which features small sizeThese indoor antennas make full use of its "ears"to adjust thelengths to improve the strong signals But the fact is that theseindoor antennas are not good as those mounted on the rooftops oroutdoors
  • 4. The outdoor antennas are usually bigger in size and can receivestrong and better signals The only disadvantage of these antennasis that the weather can easily affect the signals For instance, thestrong wind outside would change the location of the antenna so thatthe signals would be disrupted In this case, you can set the TVantenna on the highest diploe antenna windows of the building or onthe attic to cope with the problem
  • 5. You would spend more to take the downside of outdoor antennasAlso, the distance of your location and the transmitter would affectthe quality of the signals You would pick up better and strongsignals if you stay close to the transmitter Working Principle ofRadio Antenna The working principle of a radio antenna and a TVantenna is roughly similar - change the electric currents into the radiowaves and vice versa
  • 6. It also has a transmitter and a receiver just like TV Its transmitteruses radio frequency current to the terminals of the antenna whichradiates these radio waves (referred to electromagnetic waves too),so the signals can be transmitted The reception process of the TVantenna and the radio antenna is similar - using the terminals todetect the signals and receiver decodes can be amplified You couldfind more information on antennas on the web site:
  • 7. diploe antenna