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  1. 1.  The lack of adequate sleep during a sleep period requires an integrative solution  The solution must address the four critical *areas that affect sleep – the Environment, Psychology, Physiology and Time  The solution is the SleepEasy application for your smart-phone…see the new features before you download this App……*
  2. 2. The SleepEasy App works as follows: Prompts you to insert all the passive data associated with your sleep cycle The App then goes “live” and will prompt you for active information throughout your day to monitor and adjust your sleep plan The App will systematically work through sleep options until you achieve the desired 8 hours of continuous sleep
  3. 3.  Passive data includes all 4 critical areas of your basic rhythm of daily life The data forms the “baseline” and background for assessing the problem areas The data is factual and no assumptions are made at this point (Observation Phase)
  4. 4. SleepEasy EnvironmentEnvironment Bed detailsPhysiology Room detailsPsychology LightingTime Climate specs Smells Noise Insects OtherUpdated 11/27/1 4:51PM i Updated 11/27/1 4:51PM i
  5. 5.  Active data is gathered from your personal data input (eg: details of meals and time of meals) Data is sourced from cyber-links with training equipment and heart rate monitors Changes in daily rhythm will be collected via voice prompts and phone notifications Data from phone alarm settings and reactions (snooze response) is automated
  6. 6. When did youlast empty your bladder? At 3:30
  7. 7.  All information is stored and recorded Graphs of weight, heart rates, calories, sleep and preparation routines, etc are generated as visual aides Anomalies from the ideal sleep characteristics tailored by your age, weight, sex etc are identified The live information alters the database for immediate analysis
  8. 8.  The App designs alterations that reframes your life rhythm by eliminating anomalies The instructions will be voice and alarm generated to nudge you to change The many sleep-affecting variables are tested on you and analyzed for success The process requires patience as the trigger for your change may be a collection of very specific variables
  9. 9.  You can set the set the stage and be responsive to it but you cannot intentionally “go to sleep” You need help, get the App! You will sleep better immediately
  10. 10.  Your life will change beneficially in many respects if you sleep well (work & play) The App will record diet history which will assist in medical diagnoses Exercise information can be compared to your health statistics and adjusted The App can assist with exercise routines if you upgrade to HealthEasy