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Not-for-profit organization NY de Volunteer
Annual Report 2010

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NYdV Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. Annual Report FY2010(January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010) NY de Volunteer10K5, 601 West 110th Street, New York, NY 10025 USA Tel: 212-932-7208 Fax: 212-678-5365 www.NYdeVolunteer.org staff@nydevolunteer.org 1
  2. 2. Table of Content P.3 From Our Executive Director P.4 Overview of NY de Volunteer and Mission Philosophy P.5 FY2010 – List of Activities P.6 Top News of 2010 ・Volunteer Appreciation Award ・Coverage in Humanity Column of Asahi Shimbun ・Coverage by a Local New York Paper – Our Time Press P.8 Main Activities of 2010 ・Explore Japanese Culture: After-School Program on Japanese Cultural Exchange ・Japan Day in Central Park ・Happy Hour Fundraiser ・Lectures in Japan by Our Executive Director ・Paper Lantern Ceremony for 9.11 Victims ・Clean Up New York: Japan-US Beautification Program ・Japanese Spa Day: Community Volunteering through Beauty P.13 Our Volunteers P.14 List of Our Donors for 2010 (January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010) P.15 Accountant’s Report Our newsletters were published twice a year, and from 2011 our newsletters will be published at our blog (http://ameblo.jp/nydvnoriko/) to inform everybody of our activities sooner. Our blogs will have a URL on the bi-monthly e-mail newsletter. Separately, we will send an annual report once every year. 2
  3. 3. From Our Executive Director We are continuously grateful to everybody’s support for NY de Volunteer (NYdV). Please find herewith our annual report for FY2010. Year 2010 marks the 7th anniversary of NYdV and its activities, and this past year was a year ofmany good news. In June, we were graced with the Volunteer Appreciation Award, which is given toorganizations of New York City that make substantial contributions through their volunteer activities,and our contribution by Explore Japanese Culture (EJC), which is our afterschool program onJapanese cultural exchange for inner city children of New York City, was well received. Additionally, amajor newspaper in Japan, Asahi Shimbun, covered a story on us in their “Hito (Humanity)” columnof their international edition, and our activities were reported overseas to the people of Japan. With the global recession since 2008 still looming, 2010 was too a difficult year for NYdV. EJC is aregular program that is held every year, but due to budget cuts from serious finance issues of NewYork City, our program that was scheduled for October could not be performed in the year 2010 duringthe new school year that began in September. EJC is the only foreign culture exchange anddevelopment program among the official afterschool programs of New York City, and because thepopularity of this program grew year on year and the number of participating schools had also grownin number, we truly regret the cancellation of this program for 2010, particularly after this programreceived the Volunteer Appreciation Award two years standing in 2010 and 2011. This program not only provides a pathway to immerse in Japanese culture, this program provideschildren who are less fortunate, who grew up in small communities with limited opportunities, andwho have almost no opportunities to see the other parts of the world, to take a step out into the broaderworld. We are very frustrated when we think for the children who must lose this opportunity justbecause of tight budget problems of New York City. What must we do now in this state? What should be the activities of our organization going forward?There are many issues ahead of us that we must seriously manage today. On embarking in a new year, we welcome comments and feedback from everybody, and we willcontinue to make more efforts to develop as an organization and make more contributions for thepeople. We thank you again for your generous support and your confidence in our activities. NY de Volunteer Executive Director Noriko Hino 3
  4. 4. Overview of NY de Volunteer NY de Volunteer is a non-profit organization that began its activities in 2002, and was granted a501(c)(3) status (tax exemption) from the IRS in 2003.Organization (as of December 31, 2010) Founder & Executive Director: Noriko Hino Honorary Director: Naoko Taniguchi Members Directors: Andrew Meehan Takeharu Kato "The Overseas Safety Council" of the Japanese Carl Taeusch Consulate of New York Takahisa Juba "Japanese Medical Support Network" of the Kazumi Terada Paul Golin Japanese Medical Society of America Founder & Executive Director: Noriko Hino “Alliance for Business Professional Services” Advisors: 5 Staff: 28Contact Information 601 West 110th Street #10K5, New York, NY 10025 USA Tel: 212-932-7208 Fax: 212-678-5365 E-mail: staff@nydevolunteer.org URL: http://www.nydevolunteer.orgMission Philosophy NYdV was consummated by an experience that the founder, Noriko Hino, had during her first visit toConey Island in 1994. Our founder was disheartened by the garbage strewn around the beaches, andwhen she was picking up the garbage alone, one by one, others joined her to clean up the garbage. Thisone experience gave her the confidence that many share her feelings, and although one person’scontribution is minimal, when people join hands, the contribution become great, and this led to thefounding of NYdV to share this experience and the great feeling with as many people as possible. Since the founding of this organization, the principle policy is “to promote activities that anybodycan freely join and through which things can be learned and great feelings shared.” Furthermore, wegained many participants, coordinated and collaborated with corporations and volunteer organizationsto make contributions to society, and we promote volunteering through opportunities includinglectures to which we are invited. In a large city like New York, which is a cultural melting pot, our activities bridge differences insocial status that come from race and age and bring people together, bring people to understand oneanother, and build a society where people can cohabitate with others well and with hope. Specifically,Explore Japanese Culture (EJC), which is a program that introduces Japanese culture to local children,and Japanese annual lantern boat memorial ceremony for 9.11 victims, and make-up and beauty eventat seniors home are some of the volunteering events that we run annually for many years in New Yorkas a Japanese volunteers organization to promote cross cultural sharing between Japan and America. 4
  5. 5. FY2010 – List of Activities Date ProgramJan 6th to Feb 3rd Explore Japanese Culture After School Program (EJC) Jackie Robinson Recreation Center (Manhattan)Jan 15th to Apr 23rd EJC Red Hook Recreation Center (Brooklyn)Feb 17th to Apr 21st EJC St. James Recreation Center (Bronx)Apr 9th to Jun 18th EJC Herbert Vonking Cultural Arts Recreation Center (Brooklyn)Apr 28th to Jun 16th EJC Sorrentino Recreation Center (Queens)Jun 6th Japan Day in Central ParkJun 8th Happy Hour FundraiserAug 31st Lecture by Our Executive Director Noriko Hino in Ibaraki, Osaka, TokyoSep 2nd to 4th “Lecture by an active NPO pioneer in Japan and New York”Sep 11th Paper Lantern Ceremony for 9.11 Victims – A volunteering eventOct 23rd to 24th Clean Up NY – Japan-US Beautification ProgramNov 10th EJC Event: Japanese culture for children Thomas Jefferson Recreation CenterNov 13th NYdV Salon: Lecture by Honorary Director Naoko Taniguchi “Lesson learned from a pioneer with 30 years of experience”Dec 4th Japanese Spa DayMedia CoverageAsahi Shimbun Humanity Column, Page 2, June 8, 2010 Edition “Gathering Japanese Volunteers in New York”Our Time Press Page 1, Vol 15, June 20-26, 2010 EditionJob Labo No 62, November 26, 2010 2010 Edition “Gathering Japanese Volunteers in New York”NY Seikatsu Page 4, December 11, 2010 Edition “Community Service through Beautification”US Weekly Biz Page 16, Dec 18, 2010 Edition “Beautification Community Service to Seniors Home”Results for 2010 Volunteers: 353 (total) Mailing list subscribers: 1,746 (1,335 Japanese and 411 English subscribers) Website hits: 1,161,021 hits Beneficiaries total: 7,000 5
  6. 6. Top News of 2010* Volunteer Appreciation Award On June 3, 2010, NYdV received a Volunteer Appreciation Award from the City of New York. Ouractivities for Explore Japanese Culture After School Program (EJC), which has been running for threeyears since 2007, received praise. EJC is the only long-running cultural exchange program in NewYork City. It is a very innovative educational program, and each year almost 500 volunteers andJapanese cultural specialists volunteer in its operations. The City noted our results including how werealized spontaneous cultural exchange between the US and Japan. At the awards ceremony that was held on thesame day, sponsored by New York CityDepartment of Parks & Recreation, we receivedpraise from New York City members on ouractivities to date and excitement towards ourfuture activities, and furthermore we receivedcongratulatory remarks from many otherconcerned parties.* Coverage by Asahi ShimbunInternational Edition Our executive director, Noriko Hino, wasinterviewed for the “Hito (Humanity)” column onpage two of Asahi Shimbun of June 8, 2010(international edition). This article told the storyof how our executive director came to startvolunteering, recent activities, and receiving theVolunteer Appreciation Award. The picture thatwas selected was one from when the volunteers are working in the office. The impact of this articlewas tremendous, and we continue to receive inquiries from Japan and elsewhere about our activities.* Coverage by a Local New York Paper On May 14, 2010, we held our first EJC Ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement) event at HerbertVon King Cultural Arts Recreation Center in Brooklyn with the support of Ikebana International NewYork Chapter #7. All children who attended this event experienced Ikebana for the first time in theirlives, and both the boys and girls were seriously involved in creating arrangements and the final 6
  7. 7. artworks were very impressive. A local New York newspaper, “Our Time Press,” was at this event to cover this EJC program. Heinterviewed our Executive Director, and also tried some arrangements with the children. The activitiesat this event were covered in Volume 15 of its June 20-26, 2010 edition with large images. For a localpaper to cover this event was a wonderful opportunity for NYdV as we were able to teach both parentsof children and adults in the area about how amazing a cultural exchange can be. 7
  8. 8. Main Activities of 2010* Explore Japanese Culture: After-School Program on JapaneseCultural Exchange “After-School Program: Explore Japanese Culture! (EJC)” is one of the main activities of NYdV. Inthis after-school program, Japanese culture is introduced to the local children at a recreation center ofNew York City. The objective of this program is to open the minds of the children of New Yorkthrough contact with foreign culture, and educate the children to become global citizens. In thisprogram, the children are of ages 6 to 13, and this program is comprised of seven or eight classes andeach class covers a different theme, which can range from Japanese language, Japanese games,Japanese food, Japanese martial arts, Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese lifestyle and culture, andJapanese dance. In our activities for 2010, we held programsat four sites during January to June. Activitiesare held across the boroughs of New York City,and we met with many children and shared funtimes with them. By the request of New YorkCity, we had to add two more sites to our initialprogram plan, which doubled our program daysfrom once to twice weekly, and consequently webecame very busy, but, with help from manyvolunteers at each site, we were able tocomplete all days of each program. Meanwhile, activities from the new school term in September were cancelled due to budget cuts thatdid away with the after-school program, caused by the difficult finances of the City of New York. As aresult, no activities will begin this October, and we were unable to re-start this program in 2010.However, in this downtime, we were unable to hold our regular activity, but we instead held a one-dayonly event, “Japanese culture immersion for Children,” at Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center in EastHarlem on November 10th, because we wanted as many children as possible to experience thisprogram. In addition, even during this period when this program is suspended, we continue to be in contactwith the person in charge at the City of New York and have been requesting that this program bereinstated. As a result, this program will be started at two sites from February of 2011.To Our EJC PartnersThe following partners volunteered their time at each site as a specialist on Japanese culture, performedfor our children, and provided materials and food for our activities. We are grateful for their services. 8
  9. 9. Music Cobu, Taiko Masara, Carl Taeusch, Karaoke ChampSports Ken Zen DojoIkebana Ikebana International New York Chapter#7Calligraphy Mrs. Shizuka SnyderJapanese food Sunrise Mart, Mr. Masaki Nakayama, Mr. Yasukazu SetoJapanese magic toys Mrs. Yoshiko GonaiJapanimation Studio Pierro* Japan Day in Central Park On June 6, 2010, we held Japan Day, whichis an event to teach Japanese culture, inCentral Park of Manhattan, which marks thefourth consecutive volunteering event sinceJapan Day began in 2007. It was a hot summerday, and 2010 was the 150th anniversary ofthe Treaty of Amity and Commerce betweenthe Unites States of American and the Empireof Japan and many events were held from very early in the morning with attendance by many. NYdVgave a simple self-introduction in Japanese and worked as volunteers and staffs for this event.* Happy Hour Fundraiser On June 8, 2010, we held an event tosupport the activities of NYdV at a Karaokebar, Top Tunes, in Midtown East and calledthis Happy Hour Fundraiser. For this event,NYdV staffs worked as staffs of Top Tunes,and all tips were donated to NYdV. Almost100 different nationalities from manyindustries and age range attended this event.We also had a raffle, and people were having a very good time comingling. Because the plan is to put the tips from this day toward the funds for EJC activities and operations,we introduced the activities of EJC to the people who came to this event, and when we explained that20 dollars allows one child to benefit from the EJC program, everybody voiced their support for theEJC program, which led us to raise almost 2,300 dollars. Your donations are very valuable, particularly during a financially trying time of today. We will putyour donations carefully to our EJC activities, which will start again in February of 2011. 9
  10. 10. * Lectures in Japan by Our Executive Director From August 31st to September 4th, 2010, our Executive Director gave a keynote address atseminars and symposiums on “Pioneering the NPO industry in Japan and New York” at three sitesspanning Ibaraki, Osaka, and Tokyo, at the invitation of Palette, a special purpose NPO. At the symposium “Build a Happy! Relationship for Everybody to Bring Out Everybody’sPotential,” the daily activities and mission of NYdV were presented from the standpoint of how togrow an organization through building relationships with supports of activities, and how to utilizepersonnel and reach out to volunteers. Furthermore, at the seminar “Strategic Community Service toTouch People’s Hearts: Studying Social Marketing,” we presented how we engage in new businessmodels by citing our Happy Hour Fundraiser as an example, where a company collaborated with aNPO to tie social contributions to the core business of this company to build social value in thisbusiness collaboration, through this Karaoke program of EJC, which is a business collaboration withKaraoke Champ, and held at a Karaoke bar. In addition, a director of NYdV, Paul Golin, also participated as a panel member, and presented hisviews on the disparity between activities by NPO’s in Japan versus the US. The audience at all sites was excited, and opinions were actively engaged with many participantsduring Q&A’s and group discussions after the lectures. This allowed us to see new viewpoints andnotice what we hadn’t in the past, which served us well.* Paper Lantern Ceremony for 9.11 Victims In remembrance of the victims of 9.11 from 9 years ago, we held aJapanese spiritual ceremony of sending candle-lit paper lanternsdown a river in remembrance of the 9.11 Victims, to pray for peacein the world beyond all borders. This annual event by NYdV markedits 9th year. The weather was cool and the sky clear, and over 60volunteers helped. The volunteers built 108 paper lanterns, and called for people toput their message on the paper lantern. The messages expressingtheir mourning were written in many languages from English,Japanese, to Arabic, and reflected the prayers, wishes, and hopes ofeverybody. Some participants of this ceremony have attended every year tomourn for their loved ones who were lost to the event. After nineyears, people are still afraid of another event like 9.11, but this is animportant event for us to mourn for the victims and pray for a worldwithout war and peace, and NYdV will continue to hold this eventevery year. 10
  11. 11. * Clean Up New York – Japan-US Beautification Program “Japan Beautification Collective” was founded in November, 1993, as a collective of peoplewanting to learn about the philosophy of cleaning by Hidesaburo Kagiyama, founder of Yellow Hat,and this Collective held “Collective to Learn from New York Clean-Up (Shiogai Group CEO HisashiShiogai),” which is a beautification event at public sites of New York, now in its 8th year, held overtwo days at a weekend of October 23th and24th, 2010. In addition to the eight participants fromJapan (Shiogai Group, NIHONKIKAKU,Kanaken employees), from New York City,the participants were us, NYdV, andapproximately 30 staffs of New York GomiDai-Sakusen and Gommunication, whichengage in environmental issues, beautificationactivities, and volunteering activities on adaily basis, and we together worked hard withthe local children to clean public toilets. Some feedback from participants on the days were “It was fun to volunteer not only with theJapanese but with Americans through cleaning public areas,” “It was fun and felt wonderful to workon one thing together with everybody,” and “After the cleaning was finished, I felt mentally cleanedmyself too.”* Japanese Spa Day – A Community Service Beauty Event On Saturday, December 4, 2010, we held Japanese Spa day at Isabella Nursing Home in northernManhattan, as a community service event of beauty services. Japanese Spa Day is a popular annualevent that we have been holding since 2004, and this year we had 40 volunteers which includedmake-up professionals, and services from make-up, hair styling, manicure, hand massage to photoshoots were provided to more than 100 senior citizens. In the morning, we held a make-up workshopwith cooperation from make-up artist Yoshie Nezu and her professional hair and make-up staffs at 11
  12. 12. Bridal Doll, and the staffs and volunteers learned the basics of make-up and the tricks of applyingmake-up to seniors. The staffs at Isabella Nursing Home taught us how to use the wheelchairs, and in the afternoon allvolunteers changed into yukata, a traditional Japanese summer kimono, and the seniors at this homecame into the room one by one, just when the room was dressed up in a gorgeous mood. The seniorsreceived make-up and manicure services at their choosing, and were teary, telling us “It has been toolong since I had been this pretty” and “The hand massage feels so good.” We required cosmetics in great quantity for this day, and Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Pola, Nars, andother brands donated products to us in large quantities, which made for a luxurious make-up event. This event doubled as a cultural exchange event. The band UZUHI, singer and songwriter MaiKawamura, and pianist TSUBASA performed traditional Japanese songs and original songs,international soprano Asako Tamura performed Ave Maria and other pieces with Gohei Nishikawa onpiano, and the audience gave a big applause. Images from the day of this event were published in Shukan NY Seikatsu, page 4, in their December11, 2010 edition under “Beauty – Community Volunteering in NY through Beauty.” 12
  13. 13. Our VolunteersMichiyo Akiba (Pictured at center, Volunteer Staff) Michiyo has been central to EJC activities for over 2.5 years, ever since she came to America in2007 when her husband was transferred for work, and is a pillar of our EJC program. In Japan,Michiyo worked as a teacher at an elementary school and school for the disabled, and she is moredevoted to children and education than many teachers we know. In the EJC program, she handledalmost all areas of this program, from planning, preparation of materials, to leading our volunteers.Michiyo is kind to everybody, and many say that her company is a blessing and she is an upliftingperson. But she returned to Japan in June of 2010, and we were saddened when she had to go. Michiyois vocal about her desire to be always involved in work that concerns children. NYdV supportsMichiyo’s efforts, and will build upon the platform that Michiyo helped create for EJC.Mayuko Koike (Pictured at right, Volunteer Staff) Mayuko is a project facilitator and MC for our EJC program, and children adore her and call her byher nickname, Mayu. Mayuko moved to New York in the summer of 2009. Soon thereafter, she joinedthe EJC program in 2010 and helped us in many ways from her first year in this program. Mayukospent her middle and high schoolyears in America and is thereforeproficient in English, and previouslyhad taught English to children inJapan. She took advantage of hereprevious experience and brought newvalue-add’s to this program and hadthe children enjoy (Japanese) culturefrom new viewpoints. Also, Mayukois a fine illustrator and her adorableillustrations were very helpful for thechildren to learn Japanese Kanjicharacters and numbers. Activities ofthe EJC program is “a place that lifts my spirits!” says Mayuko. We look forward to making the EJCactivities more fun, together with our energetic and positively minded Mayuko.Our volunteers (alphabetical order):Chiaki Kaneko, Chie Evans, Chikako Tarner, Hiroko Kawai, Hiroko Anderson, Hitomi Nakamura, Kana Ishii,Kenji Nakano, Maki Yanagimoto, Marc Carroll, Mari Konno, Masami Kokubo, Mayuko Koike, Midori Mashiko,Michiyo Akiba, Mika Kuroda, Noriko Okubo, Ryoko Matsumoto, Sachie Miyashita, Shizuka Kamaga, Tomoe,Hands,Toshiko, Nakaura, Yasuo Kuroha, Yoko Okamura, Yumemi Kuriyama, Yukari Sasaki, Yurika Mizuno 13
  14. 14. Our Donors - Thank You!Activities of NYdV are made possible by the generosity of our donors to whom we are always thankful.$20,000 or moreThe United States-Japan FoundationNew York City Department of Parks & Recreation$3,000 to 19,999The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership$1,000 to 2,999Clean Tech Shiogai Tokyo K.K.Chizuko T. KornDentsu Holdings USA, Inc.Johnman U.S.A., Inc. DBA Karaoke champMetzger-Price Fund, Inc.Naoko TaniguchiR2 Systems, Inc. DBA at New YorkSumitomo Corporation of America Foundation $1 to 99 Kazuma MoritaZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund Michiko Terasaki Hirokazu Ishige ARUMA, Inc.$500 to 999 Atsushi TatsuokaPaul Golin Kevin & Tomoe Hands LAW OFFICE OF KEIKO KATOArc Media, Inc. Maiko KawamuraEXROYAL CO., INC. Michael Y. Chung Minoru MinamidaFunahashi International, Inc. Mitsuo HiraiThe Japanese Medical Society of America Inc. Ohashi & Horn LLP Riki ItoThe Ripplewood Foundation, Inc. Toshiko O. NakauraSuntory International Corp. Satomi Kitahara Yoshio & Mary Ito Jun Kojima Hiro MatsumotoTabata Oxford Personnel LLC Yuichiro Kuwama Ryoko MatsumotoTakahisa Juba Fumi Matsuki Advanced Wealth Solutions Group, LLC. Akihito Sunami Akiko Mikumo Ayako Sakurai$300 to 499 Shigeki & Yumiko Nakanishi I.E. PROJECT INC.Carl Taeusch Toshiko Sakane Nora Kohri Nobuko Sakurai Yoko FukudaChie Kobayashi Katsuya ArakiMiho Fujimura Hiroshi Sasaki Masaharu IsogaiMasahiko & Nadine Kasuga Hidetoshi Shiokawa Mugiko McCutcheon Zofia Stankiewicz Risa NakayamaMidori Mashiko Koh Tanaka Tatsuma KasamaThe Mitsui USA Foundation Kazumi Terada Masao Katagami Umi Yokota Sachiko Uozumi Yurika Mizuno Golin$100 - 299 Kazutaka Yamada Choux Factory Inc.Julie Azuma Takeshi Yamaguchi COSME PROUD USA, INC.Misayoshi Ebato Mike Chung Yoshinobu & Maki Yanagimoto Mizuho OkaKumiko Fox Isabella Geriatric Center, Inc. Stann NakazonoYukiyo Funabashi Judo Karate Center, Inc. Yoko SuganoKaoriko Katayama Midtown Planning Corp. Yuko NishidaHiroyuki & Mitsuko Kawashima Eizo Nakatsukasa NNB Enterprises Inc. Kenji NakanoEddie Kim PASONA NA, INC. Mick McGovernNobuaki Kinjo THE NEW YORK GO CENTER Yukari Sasaki TOBARI NEW YORK, INC. 14